The Brookeville Schoolhouse

The restored Brookeville Schoolhouse, winner of the 2004 Montgomery County Award for Historic Preservation. Miche Booz, AIA, a town resident also won as Architect for the Brookeville Schoolhouse restoration, in addition to winning Outstanding Architect for 2004.

Restoration Photos

Following the acquisition of the school building, the Town Commissioners applied for a grant from the Montgomery County Historic Preservation Commission for funds to develop a plan for restoration and to do line drawings of the structure.  Awarded a small grant in late 1997, local architect Miche Booz was asked to do the preliminary work on the project. That work was completed but progress on the project ceased for several years. In the interim, the Town had a tarp placed over the roof to protect against water damage and several donations were received pledged toward restoration work. In 2001, a small Save the Brookeville Schoolhouse Committee (SBSC) was formed that includes Miche Booz, Suzanne Friis and Richard Allan. They are to manage the project and ultimately develop recommendations for how the restored schoolhouse will be used. The Town Commissioners also hired A.E.S. Associates of Olney to conduct a boundary survey and plat of the schoolhouse property. The SBSC organized and held a very successful and energetic “volunteer day” in November 2001 to clean out the interior of the building, do site clearing, excavate around the foundation, and meet other volunteers. Volunteers came from not only within town but also from all over the greater Olney, Sandy Spring, Brookeville area.

Brookeville Schoolhouse Watercolor by Miche Booz

Brookeville Schoolhouse Watercolor by Miche Booz

The Town Commissioners used Miche Booz’s plans, drawings, and preliminary structural observations as a basis for a grant application to the Maryland Project Open Space Program for $17,000. The Town received approval from The State’s Office of Public Works in 2003. At the same time the Town has budgeted a total of $27,000 in capital funds toward the project in last year’s and the 2003-2004 budget. Phase 1 of the project is expected to amount to an estimated $50,000 and to be completed by Summer 2003. Town and County building permits have been issued and restoration/construction has begun.

The rehabilitation was completed in 2004 with some work stretching into 2005. In 2004, the restored Brookeville Schoolhouse won a Montgomery County award for historic preservation.  Miche Booz, AIA, a town resident provided pro bono architectural services for the rehabilitation.  He was awarded the Outstanding Architect Award for 2004 by Montgomery Preservation, Inc.

The schoolhouse is now functioning as a one room schoolhouse museum and is open each year for Heritage Days as well as other special occasions.