September 11, 2017

Town of Brookeville
Commissioners Meeting Minutes
Monday, September 11, 2017

Present:  Buck Bartley, Sue Daley, and Jeff Johnson
Absent:  none
Quorum present? Yes

present during all or portions of the meeting:
Town Clerk Cate McDonald, Property Manager Andrea Scanlon, Treasurer Susan Johnson, and Events Manager Brooke Curley
Town Residents: Rebecca Yount; Bill Gaskill
Others: Terri Hogan

 Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Commissioner Sue Daley.

Open forum:

  • .Rebecca Yount, the property owner of 104 Water, addressed the Commissioner with the following comments:  it has come to Dr. Yount’s attention that her property and the adjacent property of 301 Market were reported for code violation to MoCo.   She learned the exact code violations for her property by calling 311.  She does not have a problem with someone reporting the code violations if the violations are valid.  She does not have concerns about how her tenants chose to decorate the property, etc.… only concerned with the code violations.  Dr. Yount also asked the status of the permit for 301 Market’s barn and shed.  She says she has not been getting updates from the BPC regarding the permit process.  There was a discussion about the permit, setbacks, and the ingress / egress easement on her property.  Dr. Yount requested a copy of all TBBP be submitted prior to the next BPC meeting on October 3, 2017, in a timely manner to review.



Minutes:  The July Meeting minutes were approved, as edited.

Financial:  The Town’s financial reports were emailed prior to the meeting for review.

The cost of QuickBooks Online is increasing to $50 per month.    The Treasurer will look at options to get a discount with Costco and other sources.

The projected Income Tax Revenue from the State should be correct.

Academy Rental Update:
The Events Manager reports that the Academy is busy with activities every night of the weeknight with a drama class, Scouts, Hebrew School and lecture series.

Brooke is working on a flyer to post advertising the Academy.

There was a discussion about the need of photos of Town and Academy for the website and promotional material for rentals.  Luca Casareto, Ikona Photography, will be contacted to take pictures.

The Events Manager was asked to organize some activities for Town Residents to get together, like an ice cream social.


  • Codifying/organize Brookeville Ordinances:  the commissioners will make an appointment with the lawyer to get this process of updating the Town Charter and ordinances started
  • BPC: the September 5th meeting of the BPC was recapped.
  • Fall clean-up/Dumpster location:  the dumpster will be made available to Town Residents this Fall at the Schoolhouse parking pad.  The Town Clerk will contact Our House to organize curbside pickup of items to Residents who sign up in advance while the dumpster is in Town.
  • There will be 2 bagged leaf collections this year.  Our House will be contacted about handling the collection.


AcademyProperty Manager Reports

  • Academy Roof:  this project is on hold.  Property Manager is waiting to hear back from MHT about the roof and the lawn project.
  • Kitchen:  the donated microwave is an under the counter model; a shelf will need to be built in the kitchen.  GFI and a new refrigerator are still needed.


Schoolhouse: Property Manager Reports

  • Floor refinishing and painting is needed
  • What to do with the exterior sign?
  • Eagle Scout: clearing the lot and creating a path.  This is a work in progress.  The Eagle Scout will be meeting with Heritage Montgomery and Sandy Heiler to discuss the project on Sept. 21.


Streetlights:   Dennis Bogin has been coming on Saturday’s to work on the Town-owned streetlights.

Mr. Bogin gave an estimate of $18K to replace the streetlight that was run down in front of 308 Market.  Property Manager will have Mr. Bogin break the quote down before it is submitted to the insurance company.


  • Property Manager is meeting with a contractor tomorrow about tar & chip.  CPH may have to be contracted to stake out the roadway reshaping according to topo survey that was done and supervise the reshaping of the roadways.
  • SerraStone: $1,500 per day quote to temper per day on the gravel roads.  The Property Manager will try to find out who was MoCo contractor for Brookeville Road, which was resurfaced to tar & chip several years ago.
  • The patchwork recently is done on eastern Marker St. washed away with a recent rain storm.  The Property Manager is getting more quotes to repair eastern Market St; work is estimated to be complete before winter.  There are no current plans to replace the speed bumps.

Other Business:

Other Business: 

  •            Next SHA meeting is unknown.
  • Next BPC meeting – Tuesday, October 3
  • Next Commissioners Meeting – Monday, October 11.  The meeting will be held on Columbus Day.  The Events Manager will not be in attendance; she will be representing the Academy at Community Night.
  • Town picnic – September 17.  Set-up will start at 1pm.  Salem UMC will have supervised games and a crossing guard this year.
  • The auditor will be in the Town Office tomorrow conducting the annual fiscal audit.

The meeting adjourned at 8:38pm
Cate McDonald
Town Clerk

BPC Meeting Minutes September 5, 2017

Town of Brookeville
Planning Commission Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, September 5, 2017
7:30 PM

 Planning Commission Members:

Present: Andy Spagnolo, Chris Scanlon, Stefan Syski, and, Miche Booz
Absent:  Harper Pryor, Garrett Anderson, and Fred Teal
Quorum present? Yes
Town Resident Present: Commissioner Buck Bartley, Chris Haris
Others Present:  none

 Proceedings:  Meeting called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Chair, Andy Spagnolo

203 Market Street:  BPC Chair signed a permit for trees that were removed from 203 Market

Minutes:  The August BPC Meeting Minutes were reviewed

ByPass:  There was a brief discussion regarding the progress of the ByPass, which is still in the pre-bid / permitting phase.

301 Market Street:  Miche Booz recused himself; he is the architect for this project; BPC does not have a quorum for this discussion / review of documents presented.  Chris Haris is requesting approval to the size of his barn and shed permit.  A revised application has been submitted to HPC but has not yet been approved.  The barn will be in the same spot, with a 20 ft. set back from the property line with 104 Water but the barn will be 30 x 26, and the shed 12 x 24.  The BPC approved a 32 x 28 barn and 17 x 21 shed.  Chris Haris did not submit a revised TBBP for approval.  BPC will consider this request at the October meeting once a revised permit is filed.

210 Market:  A fence permit for 210 Market is on the HPC agenda for Sept. 6th.  The residents of 210 Market have not submitted a TBBP yet.    The HPC staff recommends approval for the 4ft picket fence.

106 Water:  A TBBP has been submitted for a shed; a HAWP has been applied for but is not on the HPC agenda yet.  106 Water is not a contributing resource, and the shed will be placed behind the garage.   Once the HAWP is approved, the BPC will approve the TBBP.

StreetscapeBPC members were asked to submit questions to the BPC Chair to better draft a proposal for streetscape designs.  Harper Pryor sends in a few questions to be considered.  The main questions:  what would the BPC like to see the roads and what MoCo requires?

 Meeting adjourned at 8:32p.m.

Cate McDonald, Town Clerk

August 1, 2017

Town of Brookeville

Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

7:30 PM


Planning Commission Members:
Present: Andy Spagnolo, Chris Scanlon, Harper Pryor, Garrett Anderson, and, Miche Booz
Absent:  Stefan Syski and Fred Teal
Quorum present? Yes
Town Resident Present: Commissioner Sue Daley, Commissioner Buck Bartley, Barbara Ray, and Debbie Wagner

Others Present:  Joe Bell, Harry Kass, and Josh Bryant


Proceedings:  Meeting called to order at 7:40 p.m. by Chair, Andy Spagnolo


1 High Street:  Joe Bell of Bell & Frech, the current owner of 1 High Street, introduced a potential buyer of 1 High Street, Harry Kass.  Mr. Kass owns Kass Design & Build and gave an overview of his business to the BPC.  His business would be compatible with the Town’s zoning.  The sale of 1 High Street is expected to take place the end of August.


2 High Street:  Garrett Anderson, owner of 2 High St, submitted a Town of Brookeville Building Permit for exterior renovations to his property.  A HAWP has been approved for this project.  The owner is restoring the original porch, removing the brick and replacing with cedar shingles, replacing windows, replacing the railing around the front porch, replacing gutters, and removing one tree.  After the plans were reviewed and discussed, the permit was signed by BPC Chair Andy Spagnolo.  Since the Town Commissioners are not meeting until September, Commissioner Bartley signed the permit at the BPC meeting.


ByPass:  There was a brief discussion regarding the progress of the ByPass.  The construction bid is scheduled to be released in October.   Work is anticipated to start in April 2018 if all permits are signed.


Streetscape:  Commissioner Bartley invited Josh Bryant (CPH) to presents some redesign ideas for post-ByPass eastern Market Street and heard feedback from the BPC.  Josh Bryant gave an overview of the work CPH has done for the Town and the services his company can provide the Town post-ByPass.  CPH can also work with SHA and help with finding grants.  There was a discussion about what the Town will be post-ByPass, who will own what streets, sidewalks, how to narrow the road, greenspace for plantings, what type of roadway  (tar & chip, gravel, asphalt).   The BPC would find it helpful to have a base map with CAD files from SHA with the topographic survey to get an overview.    The BPC will send specific questions and goals to Josh Bryant so he can draft a proposal of the cost.


Inn at Brookeville: Jody Kline, the lawyer representing the Inn at Brookeville, call Miche to advise the owner wants to move all 11 cottages onto the parcels located within the Town’s boundaries.   The Inn has not given the BPC a formal proposal to review.    The Inn’s plans, as presented to the BPC, have been vague.


One-room Schoolhouse proposed use and easement:   the Town Commissioners did not approve gifting an easement on the Schoolhouse property, if asked, to MHT.  The Commissioners and Heritage Montgomery are in agreement that the Town will pay for capital improvement at the Schoolhouse and Heritage Montgomery will get a grant for the educational program during the next grant cycle.



Meeting adjourned at 9:27p.m.

Cate McDonald, Town Clerk