July 10, 2017

Town of Brookeville
Commissioners Meeting Minutes

July 10, 2017


Present:  Buck Bartley, Sue Daley, and Jeff Johnson
Absent:  none
Quorum present? Yes

present during all or portions of the meeting:
Town Clerk Cate McDonald, Property Manager Andrea Scanlon, and Events Manager Brooke Curley
Town Residents: none
Others: Dan Graham, local area resident; Office Katie Beard

 Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Commissioner Sue Daley.

Open forum:

  • Office Katie Beard, Community Service Officer for Montgomery County Police (4th District) introduced herself and gave an overview of her job in our community.  The Town Commissioners would like Officer Beard to call upon the Town if there are situations that the Town can help with: hosting a collection drive, use of the Academy for a community event.


  • Dan Graham, a local area resident employed by Verizon, is an armature metal detector.  He would like his contact information sent around to the Town in case Residents are interested in finding goodies on their property.    The Commissioners will have his contact information in the upcoming Times.



Website:  the Town’s website is being updated and redesigned.  The new front page was reviewed.


Minutes:  The June Meeting minutes were approved, as edited.


Financial:  The year-end FY 2016-2017 budget to actuals was reviewed and discussed.

How to educate Residents about how the decrease in Town tax revenue will affect the future Town expenditures was discussed.    Also, a line item to put a certain percentage into the reserves was discussed for unexpected expenditures.


Academy Rental Update: Events Manager Reports

  • June was a busy rental month
  • Events Manager will post flyers around Town to help increase rentals
  • A lot of people request to come in early to set up prior to their event; Events Manager has been charging an extra fee of $150 for early access.
  • Events Manager will look into social media as a way to advertise rentals.
  • Drama Camp of MoCo will be using the Academy the last week in July
  • Chabad of Olney extended their contract for Hebrew School.
  • The Commissioners asked the Events Manager to thinks of ways to engage the Town Residents with events at the Academy
  • The Town will not participate in NNO on Aug. 1 but will donate a rental for the raffle.




  • The Town Commissioners will make an appointment with Suellen Ferguson of Council Baradel to review the current Town Charter and discuss updates.  Also, the procedure to change Zoning will be reviewed.
  • Commissioner Johnson has not heard back from MoCo Housing Code Inspector regarding 309/311 Market St.   This will be a lengthy process and may be until the end of the year before any action.
  • The proposed redevelopment of the Inn at Brookeville was discussed.
  • Heritage Days 2017 was successful.  The Academy has been blocked for Heritage Days weekend 2018.





AcademyProperty Manager Reports

  • Academy Roof:   No new bids have been received.  Property Manager will approach MHT about the roof and lawn and ask about grant money.
  • Kitchen:  will need to have GFI installed; purchase a shelf for the new microwave; will look at new refrigerators.


Schoolhouse: Property Manager Reports

  • The trees that were tagged to be removed from the Schoolhouse lot are gone; the 2 silver maples adjacent to 209 Market St have been pruned.  Also, some bushes and trees were trimmed along the Market Street sidewalks.
  • Property Manager is getting cleaned up tomorrow, and she will get a quote about normal lot maintenance.
  • Floor refinishing and exterior painting are in the quote process.


Streetlights:  the electrician has received the parts and will begin repair work to the Town’s streetlights at the end of the month.


Eastern Market Street:  Manfred will give a price quote for repair work for eastern Market Street’s pothole repair.


Commissioner Bartley will talk to SHA about sidewalks and pothole repairs to High Streets.  Also, what options does the Town have to modify the streets that are more pedestrian friendly (modify the speed limit, crosswalks).


Grant money for Schoolhouse:  Heritage Montgomery did not receive grant money from MHT for the capital improvements to the Schoolhouse.  The current plan is for the Town to pay for the capital improvements, and Heritage Montgomery will apply for another grant for the educational program.


Other Business:

Next SHA meeting is July 20th from 1:00pm – 3:00pm.

Next BPC meeting – Tuesday, August 1

Next Commissioners Meeting – September 11

Town picnic – September 17


LGIT: the Town did not receive the Loss Control Credit for FY 2018.  The Commissioners reviewed the letter from LGIT regarding Loss Control Survey recommendations.   Since Brookeville is a tiny Town, some items are not feasible.  The discount offered is not a significant amount.  The Town Clerk will look at what suggested items are workable for the Town.




The meeting adjourned at 9:05pm

Cate McDonald

Town Clerk


July 6, 2017

Town of Brookeville

Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

Thursday, July 6, 2017

7:30 PM


Planning Commission Members:
Present: Andy Spagnolo, Chris Scanlon, Harper Pryor, Garrett Anderson, Fred Teal, Miche Booz Absent:  Stefan Syski
Quorum present? Yes
Town Resident Present: Commissioner Sue Daley, Commissioner Buck Bartley, and Commissioner Jeff Johnson.  Harry & Karen Montgomery, Roland & Shirley Bowker, Barbara Ray, Sandy Heiler, Chris Haris, Mary Kay Spagnolo, Kathryn Farquhar, Debbie Wagner, Leszek Syski

Others Present:  Philip Sardelis, his business partner, Nicole Sardelis, Olvia Demetriou, Jody Klein, Diana Weinrich, and Melinda Butterfield.


Proceedings:  Meeting called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Chair, Andy Spagnolo



Permit:  301 Market TBBP for new construction of a shed and a barn.  The application was asked to submit the following items at the June BPC meeting before a TBBP would be granted:

Push the proposed barn back a minimum of 20 feet from the property line with 104 Water

Show dimension setback from the lot line for both the proposed barn and shed:

Barn = lot line with 307 Market and 104 Water

Shed = lot line with 104 Water and Water Street

The applicant submitted the required information to Chris Scanlon.  Miche Booz recused himself from the permit approval.  Motion to approve called by Chris Scanlon; the permit was approved and signed by Andy Spagnolo.  The applicant was advised that he needed to resubmit his HAWP since he changed the location of the barn since the HAWP was approved.




Inn at Brookeville   Jody Klein, lawyer for the Inn’s owners, advised his clients took the BPC’s input from the March 2017 meeting and follow up correspondence to the architect and the Inn’s owners have a preliminary design to share with the BPC.  Olvia Demetriou, the architect for this project, shared the vision for the Inn’s redevelopment:  villas designed to look like houses cluster around a swimming pool on the plot of land within the Town’s boundaries.  The vision is to retain the rustic, farm-like feel but make the lodging classy.  The plan would be for 10 cottages for a total of 22 beds.
The Inn’s renovation and development would be completed in phases, probably over several years:

Phase 1: Renovation of the existing building housing the Inn at Brookeville; build a 20×60 addition onto the Inn as a venue to host events.

Phase 2:  the development of 10 cottages for overnight guests.  The cottages would be located within the Town’s boundaries and will have a residential feel.    A pool is also planned for the cottage development.

Phase 3:  build an event building in style to look like a rustic barn. This building would be behind the Inn.


There were several questions / comments:

The proposed pool would have a grass deck; there will not be a lot of hardscapes.

The event barn would hold 300-350 people.

The cottages would not be ‘cookie cutter’ styled but will be natural earth tone.

Will the cottage rentals have limits to the length of stay; how will they be used?  The owners have not thought that far out about length of stay limits; the cottages will be rented like hotel rooms and are not intended to be long term rentals.  The primary renters would be wedding guests, families.

Parking:  will be considered in later phases.  There will be 2 additional parking lots in addition to the existing parking.

Jody Klein provided color coded zoning and easement maps.  There are several easements on the Inn’s property and the lot within the Town is zoned residential.  There would need to be zoning changed if the Inn is redeveloped.

Cottage:  the footprint for each cottage would be between 1,000 sq. ft. to 1,200 sq. ft.

Town Residents were asked for their thoughts:

Barbara Ray is in favor of the Inn’s proposed redevelopment.

Increased traffic may be an issue; the Inn’s current capacity is between 170-200 people, and the redevelopment will increase traffic within the Town.  Parking will be a problem if the Inn is used to capacity.  The Inn replied that parking would be per MoCo density rules.

The Inn’s restaurant is currently not open to the public; the owners may open a farm-to-table restaurant.

Karen Montgomery is in favor of this redevelopment plan; she does not want overflow parking on the streets.

Kathryn Farquhar, who owns a B&B, says guest like the quiet feels of this area.

Question was asked if the Inn would allow membership to Town Residents for the pool.

Leszek Syski requests that the Inn allow people to walk the trails around the Inn.    The Inn plans to include hiking and walking paths in their plans.

The addition to the existing building will be 20 x 60 = 1,200 sq ft.

Concerns were raised about losing green space for parking.  The proposed addition is not small and would double the capacity of the Inn.  The Inn needs to clarify where the additional parking will be located and where the existing parking is located.    The Inn’s owner stated that the proposed addition was in the original redevelopment of the Inn but was never built.  The current parking area was constructed to handle the proposed addition.

The BPC requested the Inn submit phasing plans and timeline.

The Inn would like the BPC’s approval for Phases 1 and 2 and will send the phasing plan for the BPC’s comment.  As of yet, the Inn has not approached MoCo.



1 High Street:    Diana Weinrich, with her real estate agent Melinda Butterfield, would like to redevelop 1 High Street into luxury apartments.  Ms. Weinrich has read the Town’s zoning, which allows B&B’s and accessory apartments.  A building that houses apartment might be a gray area within the Town’s zoning.   Ms. Weinrich would do little to the exterior of the building – change a window to a door and maybe take out the chimney.   The 1,500 sq. ft. interior space would be turned into 3 – 500 sq. ft., high-end modern apartments.  There would be no increased traffic or parking needed.   The renters would use the existing parking areas of the lot.  Ms. Weinrich owns several rental properties, and her research shows she could charge about $1,300 monthly for the apartments.  She would like the BPC’s cursory approval before she comes up with design ideas.

Ms. Weinrich was advised that the Town’s zoning would need to be changed; the BPC would need to talk about if apartments are what the Town would like to see within its boundaries.  Also, that a zoning change is a lengthy process.   There was a discussion about accessory apartments within Town; not all are owner occupied buildings.

Karen Montgomery states she is in favor if the leases are 2-year leases but is opposed to having 3 apartment in the building.  She is ok with 2 apartment, but not 3 apartments.  She feels there will be too many cars if there are 3 apartments.  She does not like the concrete parking lot.

There was a discussion about parking:  1 High parking lot was only used during business hours, leaving the parking lot unused at night time by the business.  Ms. Weinrich was asked if she would be willing to issue parking permits and limit each unit to 2 cars spaces total.

Commissioner Johnson: Having a vacant property does not benefit the Town; having high-quality renters would be a tax benefit to the Town in the time of decreased income tax reimbursement.

There was more discussion about 2 vs. 3 apartments, parking, limiting the number of occupants, and use of the parking lot.

The BPC will discuss Ms. Weinrich proposed use of 1 High Street.  Ms. Weinrich will attend the next BPC meeting as Ms. Weinrich representative.



One-room Schoolhouse proposed use and easement:  Sandy Heiler wants to update the BPC on the proposed use of the Schoolhouse.  Ms. Heiler made a presentation at the March 2016 BPC of this proposal, which had that full support of the BPC at that time.  The Town and Heritage Montgomery have a signed MOU to create a partnership to provide an interpretive program for the schoolhouse.  Heritage Montgomery applied for grant money from the Maryland Historic Trust (MHT).  The grant application was submitted for capital improvements and educational programming bundled together.  MHT required the grant application be separated into 2 grant request, one for capital improvements and one for the education programming.   MHT will only allow capital improvement grants if the owner agrees to provide a preservation easement if asked.  The preservation easement would be in perpetuity.    The requested preservation easement is a hang-up:  the capital grant, total $10K, will be given if the Town Commissioner agree to the a preservation easement, which the Town Commissioners are not willing to agree to,  the Commissioners are reluctant to give up sovereignty on the Schoolhouse.   If the easement is granted, 3 items would need to occur:

1 – to make any significant changes to the property, the property owner would need MHT and HPC approval.  MHT and HPC have the same approval process and guidelines.

2- any property with a preservation easement qualifies for 50/50 grant funding for projects.

3 – MHT pays for any damage due to accidents; MHT also provides technical assistance including to climate change assistance.

Mrs. Heiler advised unless the Town donates an easement, if required, to MHT for the Schoolhouse, there will be no grant money for the capital improvements need to the Schoolhouse.

There was a discussion about the pros / cons for the preservation easement.    The preservation easement would be on the exterior of the building and the lot, but not on the interior of the building.  There is no way to know in advance if MHT would request a preservation easement; MHT usually asked for a preservation easement when there is more than one building on the lot.  A preservation easement was requested for the Academy due to the extensive amount of renovation needed.

The grant request from HM to MHT asked for $10K for capital improvements and $10K fir the educational program.

Question was asked if the Town pays for the $10K for the capital improvements would HM still be granted $10K for the educational program.  Mrs. Heiler is unsure of the answer.  She asked that the preservation easement be looked at as a protection of the Schoolhouse, not a liability.

Mrs. Heiler will get a copy of the wording for a preservation easement for the BPC, Commissioners, and the Town’s attorney to review prior to any commitments.    Today was the deadline for the letter from the Town to donate the easement to MHT. 



Open Discussion:  none


Meeting adjourned at 10:00p.m.

Cate McDonald, Town Clerk

June 12, 2017

Town of Brookeville
Commissioners Meeting Minutes

June 12, 2017


Present:  Buck Bartley, Sue Daley, and Jeff Johnson
Absent:  none
Quorum present? Yes

present during all or portions of the meeting:
Town Clerk Cate McDonald, Property Manager Andrea Scanlon, and Events Manager Brooke Curley
Town Residents: none
Others: none

 Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Commissioner Sue Daley.
Commissioner Bartley will be late and will join the meeting around 7:30pm.


  • Brass plates for 2 Windsor chairs:  they have not been ordered yet.  The estimated cost is $15 per plate; Property Manager will order in time for them to be presented to the Heilers’ at the Town Picnic.
  • Academy Roof:  Property Manager is still waiting to receive more bids
  • Large / bulk item disposal:  the Town will have dumpsters for large items in October.  Town Clerk will arrange for Our House for curbside removal for Resident who signs up for this service in advance.  The Cub Scouts who use the Academy gratis will be asked to participate in a Town clean-up
  • Commissioner Johnson is waiting to hear back from Valerie Whitby, MoCo Housing Code Inspector
  • The new Town lawyer will be given our Town Charter to review
  • Next SHA Partners Meeting is next Wednesday; Commissioner Daley will be in attendance.



Academy Rental Update: Events Manager Report

  •  June is busy with rentals.
  • A drama camp will be using the Academy for a couple of weeks this summer.
  • Events Manager wants to make flyers to post around the area with a tear off at the bottom with rental information
  • Events Manager is considering setting up a Facebook page
  • Events Manager is working with Miche to get outside photos of the Academy and the Tea being held June 28th.  If Miche is not available on the 28th, she will take pictures with her camera.



Schoolhouse: Property Manager Report

  • The grant that Sandy Heiler is working on is due tomorrow.
  • Carpentry is complete; ramp has been replaced.
  • Next steps:  refinish the wood floors; clean and repaint the exterior; more work on the lawn area. This work can be deferred until July 15th to be eligible for grant money.
  • There is some tree work on the Schoolhouse lot, along North St, and one tree on South St. that will be deferred until July 15th.  Estimate cost for tree work is $2500 from Pogo.


Gravel Roads Property Manager Report

Serra Stone quoted $3500 for a new layer of gravel for North Street and approximately $2000 to rough up the surface and smooth it over with a power rake.  There was a discussion about how much vibration this will cause; minimal vibration is estimated.  Property Manager would do the entire length of North Street and possibly South Street.

Gravel road maintenance timeline:

Regrade according to the plans sometime this fall; let the regrading sit for a year to make sure the grading is correct; then price tar & chip surface for installation sometime in FY ’19.


Market Street (eastern portion) Property Manager Report

She is receiving bids for a range of repair services.  There is a discussion about how much money the Town wants to invest to repair Market Street pre-ByPass.    It was decided to repair the lower speed bump and fill the large pothole for now.


Streetlights:  The Resident of 198 Market St has complained about the Pepco light and not being able to see at night.  There was a discussion about how to approach Pepco about swapping the bulb, but the Town would need to absorb the cost of replacing the light fixture.  A new light fixture at this location will be part of the post ByPass era and part of a planned capital expense

The Town will also consider a speed camera at this location post ByPass.


Commissioner Bartley joins the meeting at the point, and the meeting was reviewed.  Commissioner Bartley will contact SHA to see if the Town can have 2 crosswalks: one in front of the Academy and one to the cemetery.  He will also see about getting the pothole repaired in front of 1 High Street.

Commissioner Bartley agrees that the Town needs to limit the scope of roadwork on Market Street to what is absolutely necessary.

The 3 Commissioners agreed to the following: $1638 to power rake and rough up North Street but no new gravel.  If the cost is $2500 or under, Water and South Street can be power raked and roughed up.  Work will be started on or after July 1st.

The Commissioners will ask the BPC what they envision for Eastern Market Street post ByPass.  The 3 Commissioners agreed to the following:  the Property Manager can spend up to $1500 to repair the speed bump, pothole, and clean up the curb.

Town owned Streetlights:  the electrical contractor has the ballasts and will start the work.  Some lamps may need new sensors




Minutes:  The March, April, May, and Annual Town Meeting minutes were approved.


Financial:  the Treasurer was not present; the financial reports were emailed prior to the meeting.  The FY ’17-’18 budget needs to be reviewed and signed.


There was a discussion about the Town’s local income tax distributions from the State.  Commissioner Bartley is not satisfied with the States response and how they determined our local income tax distributions; the State claims miscounting caused the overpayment.  The overpayment issue is not resolved, and the Commissioners will work on getting the appropriate answers from the State.



Other Business

  • The Town Picnic is September 17th.  State Senator Zucker plans to attend.  Town Clerk will invite the rest of the D-14 team and Congressman Sarbanes.
  • Next Commissioners Meeting is July 10th.  The Commissioners will not meet in August and will resume September 11th.
  • The microwave donated to the Town will be mounted in the kitchen.
  • Property Manager has not heard back from MHT about the regrading of the Academy lawn.


The meeting adjourned at 8:52pm

Cate McDonald

Town Clerk