April 9, 2018 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

Town of Brookeville
Commissioners Meeting Minutes
Monday, April 9, 2018

Present: Sue Daley, Bill Gaskill
Absent: Jeff Johnson
Quorum present? Yes

present during all or portions of the meeting:
Town Clerk Cate McDonald, Property Manager Andrea Scanlon, Events Manager Brooke Curley. Treasurer Susan Johnson
Town Residents: Barbara Ray
Others: Terry Hogan, GONews

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Commissioner Sue Daley.

Open forum for Town Residents: no Town Residents opted to speak.

Minutes: The March meeting minutes were approved.
MoCo Hazard Mitigation Plan meeting: Commissioners Daley and Gaskill met with Michael Boldosser from MoCo Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security to offer the Town’s input on the updating of the County’s Hazard Mitigation Plan. The draft report will be available for preview on April 16th at the Gaithersburg Library.
Budget: questions were asked about the budget:
Line 6205 Payroll Taxes: there was an error in this budget category for 2017
Line 6007 Grants Received: is the $1,875 reported for the Schoolhouse lot improvement grant?
Line 6120 Brookeville Academy: the $2,900(acoustical survey) should be moved to Capital Improvements
Line 6400 Capital Expenses: the -$1,321.75 is from the LGIT streetlight reimbursement. This amount should be moved to Line 6279 Street lighting
Inn At Brookeville: BPC Chair requested Commissioner Daley contact the Inn at Brookeville’s owner to inquire about the work being performed at the Inn. BPC Member Garret Anderson has tried to contact the owner with no results.

Codifying/organize Brookeville Ordinances: Commissioners Daley and Gaskill met with Sue Ellen Ferguson to discuss various topics. Any codes passed within the Town should be somewhere in the Town’s files and need to be located. The Treasurer will advise how long the financial documents stored in the Academy need to be kept. Commissioner Gaskill will spearhead moving the codification project forward.
Photos of Town / Academy: Photos are complete. The Events Manager will work with the photographer for pictures of any events. There was a discussion about promoting events on Facebook
Town Website / Directory: is a work in progress
BPC update: no update.

Roof: the grant for the roof was submitted to MHT this week. The grant announcements will be in May.
Lawn: on hold
Microwave: no update

Roadways: there was a discussion about alternative road surfaces other than tar & chip. It will cost approximately $15K-$20K to tar & chip North Street; the Town will need to determine the cost of repair works for tat & chip. Property Manager estimates $3K to repair North Street and will try to have Water Street work done at the same time. The Town will need to rethink winter road maintenance solution.
Quotes for Water & North Streets repairs are in progress
Quotes for topsoil and seed for areas on North Streets range from $890 – $1800. The small section on South Street will be added to the quotes.

The Scouts did some work recently and cleared the pathway and buried the downspouts. The Scouts will be back in April to complete the job. It is unclear if the Scouts will clear the area along the fence line or if the Town will need to clear the fence line. The property will get a quote to clear the fence line. Quote of $650 to auger the post holes prior to installation was received. There may be Town Residents willing to auger the post holes. Town Residents, headed by Duane Heiler, will install the fence.
The pathway between Water and North Streets needs mulch chips. The Scouts will be asked if they can spread the chips on the path.

Public Works:
Street repairs: The Academy Manager proposed shorting Water Street to end at 108 Water’s driveway. There was a discussion about if the Resident of 108 Water can screen the fence line across the street from his home, which is public ROW. The Commissioners have no issue with the Resident planning on the ROW. Market Street, in the area adjacent to 203 Market Street: a quote of $400 to clean scrub and plant grass in that area was approved by the Commissioners.
Street lights: 4 Pepco lights are out; Property Manager will discuss this with Pepco at the April 25th meeting with Pepco.
Schoolhouse Appraisal: LGIT revised their estimated cost of the Schoolhouse to $116,400 ($113,400 building and $3,000 contents). The Town has 30 days to accept or contest the decrease in replacement value.

ByPass: a recent email from SHA Cornelius Barmer advised the Town that ByPass project ad should be released April 10th with bids opening in May 2018. Also, M-NCPPC has signed the required permit needed to start this project.

Other Business:
The Treasurer and the Commissioners will start preparing the Budget for FY ’18-’19. The Treasurer was asked to make a summary of Income Tax Revenue for the past several years and projected Income Tax Revenue.
Next BPC meeting – Tuesday, May 1
Next Commissioners Meeting – Monday, May 14.
The Annual Town Meeting – Monday, May 21 at 7:00pm

The meeting adjourned at 8:42pm
Cate McDonald
Town Clerk