June 12, 2017

Town of Brookeville
Commissioners Meeting Minutes

June 12, 2017


Present:  Buck Bartley, Sue Daley, and Jeff Johnson
Absent:  none
Quorum present? Yes

present during all or portions of the meeting:
Town Clerk Cate McDonald, Property Manager Andrea Scanlon, and Events Manager Brooke Curley
Town Residents: none
Others: none

 Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Commissioner Sue Daley.
Commissioner Bartley will be late and will join the meeting around 7:30pm.


  • Brass plates for 2 Windsor chairs:  they have not been ordered yet.  The estimated cost is $15 per plate; Property Manager will order in time for them to be presented to the Heilers’ at the Town Picnic.
  • Academy Roof:  Property Manager is still waiting to receive more bids
  • Large / bulk item disposal:  the Town will have dumpsters for large items in October.  Town Clerk will arrange for Our House for curbside removal for Resident who signs up for this service in advance.  The Cub Scouts who use the Academy gratis will be asked to participate in a Town clean-up
  • Commissioner Johnson is waiting to hear back from Valerie Whitby, MoCo Housing Code Inspector
  • The new Town lawyer will be given our Town Charter to review
  • Next SHA Partners Meeting is next Wednesday; Commissioner Daley will be in attendance.



Academy Rental Update: Events Manager Report

  •  June is busy with rentals.
  • A drama camp will be using the Academy for a couple of weeks this summer.
  • Events Manager wants to make flyers to post around the area with a tear off at the bottom with rental information
  • Events Manager is considering setting up a Facebook page
  • Events Manager is working with Miche to get outside photos of the Academy and the Tea being held June 28th.  If Miche is not available on the 28th, she will take pictures with her camera.



Schoolhouse: Property Manager Report

  • The grant that Sandy Heiler is working on is due tomorrow.
  • Carpentry is complete; ramp has been replaced.
  • Next steps:  refinish the wood floors; clean and repaint the exterior; more work on the lawn area. This work can be deferred until July 15th to be eligible for grant money.
  • There is some tree work on the Schoolhouse lot, along North St, and one tree on South St. that will be deferred until July 15th.  Estimate cost for tree work is $2500 from Pogo.


Gravel Roads Property Manager Report

Serra Stone quoted $3500 for a new layer of gravel for North Street and approximately $2000 to rough up the surface and smooth it over with a power rake.  There was a discussion about how much vibration this will cause; minimal vibration is estimated.  Property Manager would do the entire length of North Street and possibly South Street.

Gravel road maintenance timeline:

Regrade according to the plans sometime this fall; let the regrading sit for a year to make sure the grading is correct; then price tar & chip surface for installation sometime in FY ’19.


Market Street (eastern portion) Property Manager Report

She is receiving bids for a range of repair services.  There is a discussion about how much money the Town wants to invest to repair Market Street pre-ByPass.    It was decided to repair the lower speed bump and fill the large pothole for now.


Streetlights:  The Resident of 198 Market St has complained about the Pepco light and not being able to see at night.  There was a discussion about how to approach Pepco about swapping the bulb, but the Town would need to absorb the cost of replacing the light fixture.  A new light fixture at this location will be part of the post ByPass era and part of a planned capital expense

The Town will also consider a speed camera at this location post ByPass.


Commissioner Bartley joins the meeting at the point, and the meeting was reviewed.  Commissioner Bartley will contact SHA to see if the Town can have 2 crosswalks: one in front of the Academy and one to the cemetery.  He will also see about getting the pothole repaired in front of 1 High Street.

Commissioner Bartley agrees that the Town needs to limit the scope of roadwork on Market Street to what is absolutely necessary.

The 3 Commissioners agreed to the following: $1638 to power rake and rough up North Street but no new gravel.  If the cost is $2500 or under, Water and South Street can be power raked and roughed up.  Work will be started on or after July 1st.

The Commissioners will ask the BPC what they envision for Eastern Market Street post ByPass.  The 3 Commissioners agreed to the following:  the Property Manager can spend up to $1500 to repair the speed bump, pothole, and clean up the curb.

Town owned Streetlights:  the electrical contractor has the ballasts and will start the work.  Some lamps may need new sensors




Minutes:  The March, April, May, and Annual Town Meeting minutes were approved.


Financial:  the Treasurer was not present; the financial reports were emailed prior to the meeting.  The FY ’17-’18 budget needs to be reviewed and signed.


There was a discussion about the Town’s local income tax distributions from the State.  Commissioner Bartley is not satisfied with the States response and how they determined our local income tax distributions; the State claims miscounting caused the overpayment.  The overpayment issue is not resolved, and the Commissioners will work on getting the appropriate answers from the State.



Other Business

  • The Town Picnic is September 17th.  State Senator Zucker plans to attend.  Town Clerk will invite the rest of the D-14 team and Congressman Sarbanes.
  • Next Commissioners Meeting is July 10th.  The Commissioners will not meet in August and will resume September 11th.
  • The microwave donated to the Town will be mounted in the kitchen.
  • Property Manager has not heard back from MHT about the regrading of the Academy lawn.


The meeting adjourned at 8:52pm

Cate McDonald

Town Clerk