March 12, 2018 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

Town of Brookeville
Commissioners Meeting Minutes
Monday, March 12, 2018

Present: Sue Daley, Bill Gaskill, and Jeff Johnson
Absent: none
Quorum present? Yes

present during all or portions of the meeting:
Town Clerk Cate McDonald, Property Manager Andrea Scanlon, Events Manager Brooke Curley
Town Residents: Buck Bartley
Others: Terry Hogan, GONews

Meeting called to order at 7:20 p.m. by Commissioner Sue Daley.

Open forum for Town Residents: no Town Residents opted to speak.

• Minutes: The February meeting minutes were approved.
• Budget: an updated budget was not available for review
• Website: the Town Clerk will work to transition and update the new website to become live.
• Academy update: Brooke reports there are a lot of rentals; She forecast $14K in revenue for this fiscal year.
• Meeting Request:
o MoCo Hazard Mitigation Plan meeting: The Commissioners discussed preferred dates / times to meet with the County representative to review and offer input to MoCo’s Hazard Mitigation Plan. The Town Clerk will schedule the meeting.
o Pepco Municipal Meeting: dates and times were discussed to meet with Tony Ruffin from Pepco. The Town Clerk will schedule the meeting
• Hertiage Days 2018: Sandy Heiler has agreed to run a program on both Saturday and Sunday, June 23-24. The Academy will need to be available both days as a central meeting spot. Mrs. Heiler plans on opeing the Madison House for scheduled tours and Bob Hines will have an archological display. The Town Clerk will fill out the Hertiage Days application and get a check for the Treasurer to cover the $50 fee.
• Recycle Bins: The Town is out of recycle bins. A quote of $231.15 for 15 – 18 gallon recycle bins was discussed. The Commissoners agreed to have 30 recycle bins ordered.

• Codifying/organize Brookeville Ordinances: The Commissioner are scheduled to meeting with the Town Attorney on March 26th to discuss this topic.
• Photos of Town / Academy: Photos are complete. The Events Manager will work with the photographer for pictures of any events.
• Town Directory: is a work in progress
• BPC update: BPC is in preliminary consultation for 15 High Street to be a mixed-use facility.

• Roof: the grant for the roof will be submitted to MHT this week. Commissioner Daley signed a letter to be submitted with the grant expressing the Town’s support of this project.
• Lawn: not a priority at this time
• Refrigerator: new one has been installed in the kitchen. The old refrigerator was donated to Our House.
• Acoustics: the acoustical report was reviewed and discussed. Due to budgetary concerns, the Commissioner will not act on any recommendations at this time.
• Microwave: Property Manager is working on a solution to hang the microwave in the kitchen.

• North Street: the regrading of North Street is complete; topsoil and grass seed is needed on the ROW areas.
• Water Street: bids are being sought to regrade all of Water Street.
• South Street: Property Manager will look into seeding the ROW areas
• Market Street: no work done in the past month. Estimated $15K-$20K for pothole repairs to Market St

• Scout Jacob Weinberger came out Sunday to discuss his Eagle Scout project with the Property Manager. The Commissioners reviewed the project drawings and determined the route the mulch paths will take. 4 inches of mulch will be laid on the newly created path. The work should start next week or mid-April, after Spring Break.

Public Works:
• Town Streetlights: the streetlight in front of 307 Market has not power; Property Manager will have Pepco look at the power supply. At least one streetlight needs a new sensor.
• Pepco Streetlights: several Pepco streetlights keep going out after being repaired. Property Manager will contact Pepco about this issue.

SHA has not sent the project out for bid. MNCPP has not issue their permits yet. Commissioner Daley will contact State Senator Zucker as well as MoCo County Exec and our County Councilperson to help move the ByPass project along.

Other Business:
• Next BPC meeting – Tuesday, April 3
• Next Commissioners Meeting – Monday, April 9. Commissioner Johnson will not be able to attend this meeting due to a prior commitment.
• The Annual Town Meeting was set for Monday, May 21 at 7:00pm

The meeting adjourned at 8:42pm
Cate McDonald
Town Clerk