October 9, 2017 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

Town of Brookeville
Commissioners Meeting Minutes
Monday, October 9, 2017

Present:  Buck Bartley, Sue Daley, and Jeff Johnson
Absent:  none
Quorum present? Yes

present during all or portions of the meeting:
Town Clerk Cate McDonald, Property Manager Andrea Scanlon
Town Residents: Bill Gaskill, Maggie Kay, Fiona Kay, Sandy and Duane Heiler
Others: none

 Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Commissioner Sue Daley.

Open forum for Town Residents:  no Residents opted to make comments.

Minutes:  The September Meeting minutes were approved.

Academy Rental Update:  The Events Manager is representing the Town at Community Night tonight.


  • The on-line Resident directory was previewed by the Commissioner.  The Commissioners also viewed the recent professional photos that were taken and made comments and suggestions about the direction of this project.
  • Town Lawyer: The Town Commissioners will formulate questions about how to updates the Town’s Charter in preparation for meeting with the Town Lawyer.
  • Bulk Trash:  the roll off contract was signed by Commissioner Daley.  The roll-off will be available to Town Residents October 27 – November 6, 2017.  Curbside bulk trash collection is scheduled for Nov. 1, contracted out to Our House.
  • Snow Removal contact for 2017-2018 was reviewed and signed by Commissioner Daley
  • Bagged leaf collection will be Nov 1.  There will be another bagged leaf collection later in November, pending scheduling with Our House


  • Acoustics:  Sandy Heiler’s son consulted with the Academy Managers about ways to make the acoustic more appealing.  The Academy Manager wants to know if the Commissioners want to move forward with making the acoustic better in the Academy.  She could ask MHT for assistance, but they may request an inside easement.  The 3 Commissioners agreed to allow the Academy Manager spending up to $1,500 for consultation on the Academy’s acoustics.
  • Refrigerator:  the Academy Manager presented product information for 2 refrigerators being considered (one model with an ice maker, one model without an ice maker).  Both refrigerators are approx. $2K.  The Commissioners preferred the model without an ice maker.
  • Electric:  no major electrical worked is planned; just upgrade to GFI breakers
  • Microwave:  needs to be mounted on a shelf.


  • HAWP has been submitted for the fence and brick patio installation.
  • Brick sidewalk:  the Resident at 209 Market requested that the brick sidewalk in front of her house be repaired or replaced.  The Property Manager will take a look; maybe some of the bricks can be replaced.
  • No new information about the Eagle Scout Service Project.

Streetlights:   Town owned lights

  • Damaged cast-iron streetlight in front of 308 Market:  the quote for replacement is $15,347.   Commissioner Bartley wanted to know what happens if the Town does not replace this light.  The Town Clerk will ask this question to LGIT and report back to the Commissioners.
  • Streetlight at the Schoolhouse parking pad has been relocated
  • High Street lights:  the sensor on the light in front of the Academy is failing and needs to be replaced.  The streetlight in front of the church has a different light bulb than the others in Town
  • Market Streetlights:  2 lights are out.  The one in front of the Heritage’s is Pepco issue, and the Property Manager will contact Pepco to come out to check the wiring.  The access panel on the light pole in front of the Montgomery’s needs to be replaced.  The light in front of Yinger’s needs a new sensor.


2 quotes for the installation of tar & chip for North Street were reviewed and discussed.  The Town would need CPH to come and stake out the areas that would need to be regraded in addition to the grading and tar & chip.  Estimated cost for North Street to be covered in tar & chip = $30K ($12,300 for grading, $11,800 for tar & chip, plus staking cost).  The Property Manager will ask for a preliminary consultation with HPC to change the road surface.

Other Business:

  • Next SHA meeting is unknown.
  • Next BPC meeting – Tuesday, November 7
  • Next Commissioners Meeting – Monday, November 13
  • Flag: 2 flags were ripped in a recent storm.  There was a discussion about when the flags are put up next year having them only on one side of the street and the need for longer poles.
  • The Cub Scouts who use the Academy for meetings will be in Town Oct. 15 for a fall clean-up around town.
  • Financial:  the budget was reviewed.  There was a discussion about the decrease in taxes and maintaining the reserves.   The questions that needs to be considered is what level of reserves does the Town need to maintain.
  • TBBP:  Commissioner Daley signed the TBBP for Scanlon (tree removal) and Haris (shed & barn installation).
  • The Commissioners authorized the Property Manager to spend up to $2,300 for a new refrigerator.

The meeting adjourned at 8:24pm
Cate McDonald
Town Clerk