BPC Meeting Minutes June 5, 2018

Town of Brookeville
Planning Commission Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, June 5, 2018
7:30 PM

Planning Commission Members:
Present: Harper Pryor, Chris Scanlon, Stefan Syski
Absent: Garrett Anderson, Miche Booz
Quorum: Yes

Additional Attendees:
Town Residents: none
Others: none

Call to Order: Meeting opened by Chair, Harper Pryor.

Minutes: May 1, 2018 meeting minutes approved.

Permit Approvals: None

Preliminary Consultations: Parcel 770
Received follow up questions from CAS Engineering regarding Town of Brookeville Zoning Ordinance and the Forest Conservation Plan. Several elements of the Town of Brookeville Zoning Ordinance have not been modified to reflect updates to the Montgomery Country Zoning Ordinance. CAS Engineering to advance conceptual subdivision ideas while BPC seeks ordinance clarification.
Action – Coordinate with Brookeville Commissioners for approval to engage engineering consultant. Provide responses to CAS Engineering.
Action – Identify items to the Brookeville Commissioners where the Town of Brookeville Zoning Ordinance requires clarification updates.

Comprehensive Plan:
• Harper Pryor reached out to Nell Zeihl, MHT, for additional resources to fund a historic planner for the Comprehensive Plan update. No new suggestions were identified by the MHT. BPC will pursue Maryland Certified Local Government (CLG) grant application next year. Per BPC request, Sandy Heiler has discussed this plan with Rebeccah Ballo, Supervisor of the Historic Preservation Office, in order to facilitate enough time to apply for the grant.
Action – BPC to obtain CLG grant schedule and deadlines.

Other Business:
• Inn at Brookeville Farm: Discussed concerns of ongoing landscaping work permits and adherence with Conservation Easement regulations. Also, questions about sidewalk maintenance and tree removal.
Action – BPC to submit questions to Montgomery County Planning Department (part of M-NCPPC).
• 1 High Street: Discussed concern about owner’s placement of large vinyl For Sale sign and storage of boat on the property. BPC recommended the sign be lowered to the railing. BPC reviewed 8/1/17 discussion with property owner where he understood Light Commercial zoning did not support storage of materials or work trucks. BPC recommends removal of the boat from the property.
Action – Town Clerk to contact property owner with BPC requests to relocate the For Sale sign and boat removal.
• Maryland Planning Commissioners Association (MPCA) membership: Zero cost renewal membership dues for the BPC.
Action – Town Clerk to renew no-cost membership
• MPCA training: Local training session planned for October 2018.
Action – Town Clerk to distribute information to BPC
• ByPass: Bids are due June 14th with a live bid opening via Skype.
Action – Chris Scanlon to update BPC

BPC Meeting Schedule: To better accommodate summer schedules, next quarter meeting will be conducted:
o July 10, 2018
o August 7, 2018
o September 11, 2018

Meeting adjourned at 9:09pm
Cate McDonald, Town Clerk