BPC Meeting Minutes March 6, 2018

Town of Brookeville
Planning Commission Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, March 6, 2018
7:30 PM

Planning Commission Members:
Present: Harper Pryor, Chris Scanlon, Stefan Syski, Garrett Anderson, Miche Booz
Absent: None
Quorum: Yes

Additional Attendees:
Town Residents: None
Others: None

Call to Order: Meeting opened by Chair, Harper Pryor.

Minutes: 2/6/2018 meeting minutes approved.

Permit Approvals: None

Preliminary Consultations: 15 High Street.
Tim and Julie Hussman are investigating opportunity to purchase the property with the intent to create a small, family run café/market (without a commercial kitchen) that serves coffee, tea, baked goods and potentially offer yoga and/or art classes. Their operational timeframe of interest is post-bypass.

The property resides within Historical Village Commercial (HVC). This zoning allows for “Restricted Historic Retail” – without specific mention of a café/market. All properties in the HVC must obtain a Historic Use permit from the Planning Commission for any change in use.

Chris Scanlon to draft Historic Use permit. As architect for this project, Miche Booz is recused from BPC deliberation.

Comprehensive Plan:
•Schedule: Need deliverable and schedule guidance from Brookeville Commissioners – requested 1/18/2018. Sue Daley to provide update after discussion with Brookeville town attorney.

•Maryland Certified Local Government (CLG) grant application: Pursuant to Nell Zeihl’s suggestion at 2/6/2018 BPC meeting, BPC is advancing CLG grant opportunity in support of the Brookeville Master Plan. President of the Commissioners, Sue Daley, agreed the town would provide necessary matching funds if awarded. At BPC request, Sandy Heiler developed and submitted required information to the Preservation Office (PO) to meet the 3/9/2018 grant application deadline. The PO is researching the job posting process for evaluation with the grant schedule.

Meeting adjourned at 9:12p.m.
Cate McDonald, Town Clerk