BPC Meeting Minutes September 5, 2017

Town of Brookeville
Planning Commission Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, September 5, 2017
7:30 PM

 Planning Commission Members:

Present: Andy Spagnolo, Chris Scanlon, Stefan Syski, and, Miche Booz
Absent:  Harper Pryor, Garrett Anderson, and Fred Teal
Quorum present? Yes
Town Resident Present: Commissioner Buck Bartley, Chris Haris
Others Present:  none

 Proceedings:  Meeting called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Chair, Andy Spagnolo

203 Market Street:  BPC Chair signed a permit for trees that were removed from 203 Market

Minutes:  The August BPC Meeting Minutes were reviewed

ByPass:  There was a brief discussion regarding the progress of the ByPass, which is still in the pre-bid / permitting phase.

301 Market Street:  Miche Booz recused himself; he is the architect for this project; BPC does not have a quorum for this discussion / review of documents presented.  Chris Haris is requesting approval to the size of his barn and shed permit.  A revised application has been submitted to HPC but has not yet been approved.  The barn will be in the same spot, with a 20 ft. set back from the property line with 104 Water but the barn will be 30 x 26, and the shed 12 x 24.  The BPC approved a 32 x 28 barn and 17 x 21 shed.  Chris Haris did not submit a revised TBBP for approval.  BPC will consider this request at the October meeting once a revised permit is filed.

210 Market:  A fence permit for 210 Market is on the HPC agenda for Sept. 6th.  The residents of 210 Market have not submitted a TBBP yet.    The HPC staff recommends approval for the 4ft picket fence.

106 Water:  A TBBP has been submitted for a shed; a HAWP has been applied for but is not on the HPC agenda yet.  106 Water is not a contributing resource, and the shed will be placed behind the garage.   Once the HAWP is approved, the BPC will approve the TBBP.

StreetscapeBPC members were asked to submit questions to the BPC Chair to better draft a proposal for streetscape designs.  Harper Pryor sends in a few questions to be considered.  The main questions:  what would the BPC like to see the roads and what MoCo requires?

 Meeting adjourned at 8:32p.m.

Cate McDonald, Town Clerk