February 7, 2017

Town of Brookeville

Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

Tuesday,  February 7, 2017

7:30 PM


Planning Commission Members:
Present:  Chris Scanlon, Andy Spagnolo, Harper Pryor, Garrett Anderson, Fred Teal, Miche Booz and Stefan Syski
Absent:  none
Quorum present? Yes
Others Present:  Commissioner President Sue Daley; L. Syski


Proceedings:  Meeting called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Chair, Andy Spagnolo


  • 210 Market St:  new owners want to put up a fence.  Miche Booz talked to them about the permitting process.  Town Clerk also talked to the new owners about Brookeville and permits.
  • The new owner of the Inn at Brookeville will attend next month’s BPC meeting with their lawyer, Jody Klein.
  • 16 High St:  house is being bought by the current occupants.  There was a discussion about owner-occupied houses and accessory apartments, which are allowed in Brookeville’s zoning,


Minutes:  The January Meeting minutes were approved.


Inn at Brookeville:  the land that the Inn owns within the Town is approved for a 4 unit subdivision per HPC permit.  The Town has not issued any permits for the property.  The actual Inn at Brookeville is not located within the Town’s boundaries.


Post Bypass:  the post ByPass era is a priority item for the BPC.  

  • Streetscapes
  • Road surfaces / road width
  • Post ByPass:  how the Town’s character will change
  • Walkability
  • Trees / greenspaces
  • Regarding of the gravel roads

Roads post-bypass:  the current plan is not to change any ownership of the roads – SHA will still retain the ROW for High St / western Market St.  The Town does not have the resources to take ownership of this part of MD97.  The Commissioners hope to work with SHA to make it more of a rural road.  MoCo does not maintain any roadways in Town.  The State has more design resources to help with the road post-ByPass – Context Sensitive Solutions.


There was a conversation about permits, violations, and tax credits.


Comprehensive Plan: The BPC will work on updating the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.  The current plan was enacted in September 2010 and will need to be updated by 2020.  The BPC will divide up the Comprehensive Plan into sections.  There are 12 parts of the plan. Transportation will be a large part of the updated Comprehensive Plan: streetscapes, roads, bicycle and pedestrian features.  There was a discussion of bus access to Brookeville. There is money in the Town’s budget for the BPC to use to hiring outside resources.  Routine Town maintenance   is not part of the Comprehensive plan but any major capital improvements the Town plans to do would be included (i.e., – repaving Market St).  The Comprehensive Plan sets the vision for the Town.

Walkability should be a large part of the post-ByPass era:  sidewalks, walking paths.

Why was eastern Market Street never repaved?  Apathy, money or both?  The vision for eastern Market St:  should the road be narrowed with bump out for parking, what other traffic calming measures need to be considered, lower the speed limit, more signage, and sidewalks.

There was a discussion about the ornamental street lights and maintenance and New Market, MD new streetlights.  New Market just redid their whole cityscape.

The Comprehensive Plan needs to broken down into smaller sections, and the work needs to be completed outside of the BPC’s regularly scheduled meeting.  Take a map of the Town and make a note of places where we would like things to occur to make a “big picture.”     BPC should look at the results of the Survey Monkey from a few years ago.  It might be time to redo the survey.  There need to be public hearings during the Comprehensive Plan updates:   Town Residents will need to provide feedback to BPC about the vision set forth in the Comprehensive Plan.    Do we want Brookeville to be high profile?  The Town will be quite once the ByPass is open, and the Town will be less busy.  Does the Town want to be a historical destination?  We will notice when visitors come post ByPass.   Does the Town need political clout once the ByPass is complete?  Best to keep open the ties for a strategic plan.


The current Comprehensive Plan has 5 goals:

  1. Preserve and enhance Brookeville’s historic rural village character
  2. Direct land use in a manner that will reinforce Brookeville’s historic, rural village character
  3. Protect Brookeville’s natural environment
  4. Identify and provide for the Town’s long-range public facility, capital improvements, and service needs and to meet those needs in a manner sensitive to the historic nature of the community
  5. Provide and implement mechanisms and programs that will assist the Town in preserving its historic, rural village character

Preserving the historic, rural village character should still be the priority of the updated plan.  Brookeville should not be too commercial.  The Town only has 2 commercial properties, and the 2010 Comprehensive Plan is what set the vision that Brookeville would not become commercialized like other Towns.

Post ByPass concerns: How “precious” the Town will be, especially with less traffic.   What the mood will be towards each other. Being a historic district gives the Town regulatory control over development.  Brookeville will not become ‘McMansion-ey” due to zoning.  The Town is at a crossroads with the coming post-ByPass era.  The Comprehensive Plan will set that vision:  foster a sense of community, heal divisions that MD97 causes, foster a village, casually groomed village, walkability/ trails, public grounds.  Foster community, not isolation, but be able to keep individuality.  Circular walking trails should be in the updated Comprehensive Plan and ways to seek funding.  Also, making the Academy lawn more usable (level the lawn to make it flat) – that plan is in the process but MHT has to review the plan.


Schoolhouse: The Town has an agreement with Heritage Montgomery but is waiting for hear from Park and Planning for the proposed educational use of the schoolhouse.  After the renovations, the Schoolhouse will be available for rentals.  Traffic is not anticipated to increase traffic on North St.; buses will use the church parking lot.   Making the Town more walkable for school groups should be included.


Maybe include the heritage of the Mill; maybe signs on the walking trails to tell the history of the Mill.    There is almost a circular walking trail around Town that are maintained by citizens.  Church plays a role in bringing the Town together – should be incorporated into the Comprehensive Plan and also the cemetery.

Fred learned about PACE = property access clean energy:  encourage the use of solar panels.  Maybe able to use PACE at the Schoolhouse or maybe at the Church.

Sustainability needs to be discussed.

The BPC will make a map of the walking trails.  Part of the mitigation of the ByPass is opening up some walking trails.


BPC members will bring their top 3 priority for Comprehensive Plan to the next meeting.  Chris will bring a map to mark up with ideas from BPC members.


Meeting adjourned at 8:59 pm
Cate McDonald, Town Clerk