Commissioners Meeting Minutes – June 11, 2018

Town of Brookeville
Commissioners Meeting Minutes
Monday, June 11, 2018

Present:  Sue Daley, Bill Gaskill, and Jeff Johnson
Absent:  none

present during all or portions of the meeting:
Town Clerk Cate McDonald, Property Manager Andrea Scanlon, Events Manager Brooke Curley. Treasurer Susan Johnson
Town Residents:  none
Others: none

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Commissioner Sue Daley.

Closed Meeting:  Discussion of  hiring a new Treasurer

Open forum for Town Residents:  no Town Residents were in attendance.


  • Minutes: The May meeting minutes and Annual Town Meeting minutes were approved.
  • Budget: the 2018 budget was discussed.  Commissioner Johnson would like to start using a zero budget or financial forecasting; he would like the Town to look at what significant capital expenses are needed in the next several years. Beginning in July, the Commissioners will be analyzing the budget and ways to cut cost.    Local income tax revenue was discussed; the Commissioners would like the Treasurer to go back several years to chart how much local tax revenue was paid to the Town by the State.  Commissioner Daley will try to contact other small municipalities that were overpaid to devise strategies.
    The Academy Manager advised that the wooden window sills will need to be replaced at an estimated cost of $3500.  The Commissioner would like to see written estimates for the work.


  • Codifying/organize Brookeville Ordinances: Commissioner Gaskill located some ordinances; no Word or PDF’s were found or anything with a signature.   The Zoning needs to be updated with reference to the current MoCo Zoning.  Commissioner Johnson will update the Zoning with the correct code.
  • Photos of Town / Academy: all photos are complete and will be used in advertising the Academy
  • Online Directory: still a work in progress
  • Dumpster for bulk trash: the dumpster will be at the schoolhouse lot until June 18
  • Heritage Days: Sandy Heiler will have the Academy and her home open both days; everything is in order


  • Roof: the MHT grant award has not been announced yet.
  • Lawn: on hold
  • Microwave: the shelf installation to hold the microwave will be next FY
  • Roadways: work on the gravel roads will begin Thursday or Friday of this week.
    Property Manager will have the old light post removed from in front of 308 Market


  • Fence: the fence has not been installed yet due to lack of volunteer labor.  The post holes that were dug are filling in with sediment due to all the rainy weather.  The Commissioners approved a request for $750, so the Heiler’s can have 3 workers from CASA to help with the Schoolhouse project.  Duane Heiler would like assistance to help supervise the work.
  • A Town Volunteer day in September was discussed to help finish up the Schoolhouse project
  • No decision yet on the second Heritage Montgomery grant

Public Works:

  • Street repairs: No quotes for repairs to Market St. Property Manager will check with MoCo about piggybacking on their contract when Bright Dam Rd received repairs.
  • Protection One contract is due to expire. The alarm monitoring for the Academy will be out to bid.
  • A youth organization, Trailblazers, would like to use the Academy for meetings in exchange for service projects. The Events Manager will follow-up on this request.

ByPass:  The Bid Opening is scheduled for June 14th.   NTP has not been issued

BPC:  BPC will meet July 10, August 7, and Sept. 11

Other Business:

  • 309/311 Market: the owner has been given until June 18th to finish cleaning up his properties.
  • Next Commissioners Meeting – Monday, July 9

    The meeting adjourned at 8:41pm

Cate McDonald
Town Clerk

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