The Town of Brookeville is an area of approximately 60 acres, consists of 55 individual properties, and has an estimated population of 135 residents. All residents in the municipal boundaries are residents of the Town of Brookeville and residents of Montgomery County. However, the surrounding area is also referred to as Brookeville, and may have Brookeville mailing addresses. Residents in those areas are residents of Montgomery County, but ARE NOT residents of the Town of Brookeville.

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Residents of the Town of Brookeville receive services (trash, recycle, snow removal) provided by the Town.

How to tell if you live with in the Town of Brookeville boundaries:  your street address will be on High Street, Market Street, Water Street, Church St., North Street, or South Street

Street Light Outages: If you notice a Pepco street light that is out, please look for a metal strip on the wooden pole that has the pole number and report the location of the street light to the Town Clerk.  If the wooden pole does not have a pole number, please report the location of the street light.  If you would like to report a Pepco street light outage:  24-Hour Outage Report Line – 1-877-PEPCO-62 (1-877-737-2662)  or report it to Pepco online.

The Town also operates several cast iron ornamental street lights and 3 wooden ornamental street lights.  These ornamental street lights do not have pole numbers. If you notice an ornamental street light that is out, please report the location to the Property Manager  at


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Cate McDonald, Town Clerk, is a Notary. Town Residents may make an appointment for documents that need to be notarized by sending an email to

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Snow Removal

The Town of Brookeville contracts with a snow plowing service for North, South, Water, the eastern portion of Market and the paved section of Church Streets. During a snowstorm, no plowing begins until an accumulation of 4 inches of snow has fallen on the streets. The Maryland State Highway Administration clears Georgia Avenue (Maryland Route 97) – the Town’s High Street and western Market Street.


Those residents and businesses with abutting sidewalks are responsible for keeping them litter free and are responsible for clearing their sidewalks, driveways and entrances within 24 hours of the end of a snowstorm. All residents are strongly encouraged to be good neighbors by clearing the sidewalks in front of their homes, as well as assisting those who may not be physically able to do so.

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Trash & Recycling

Trash Service

All trash must be placed at the curb by 7:00 a.m. on Thursday.

Recycling Service

Place all recyclables (mixed paper, plastic and glass) at the curb by 7:00a.m. on Wednesday.
The 90 gal. wheeled recycle bin is for paper recycling only. Please use the 21 gal. Recycle bin for commingled recyclables (plastic bottles, containers, and tubs; cans; glass bottles and jars; aluminum cans and foil products).

Need a new recycling bin? Contact the Town Clerk at 301-570-4465 or

There is no charge for Town of Brookeville residents for trash and recycle curbside pick-up.  This service is provided as a part of the taxes paid to the Town.

To report a missed Town of Brookeville-provided recycling or trash collection: 301-570-4465 or

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