Governing Documents

Town Charter
Zoning Ordinance
Subdivision Ordinance
Parking Ordinance
Forest Conservation Ordinance
Comprehensive Plan 

Text Amendments
Text Amendment to Zoning Ordinance TX 2022-01 
Text Amendment to Zoning Ordinance TX 2018-01
Text Amendment to Subdivision Ordinance TX 2018-02

Resolution 24-01_Clean Energy
Resolution 24-02_ Energy Reduction
Res No 19-01 Adoption of MoCo Hazard Plan 2018
Res 20-01 US Bike Route

Tree Rebate form
This coupon is worth $25 off the purchase of one tree with a retail value of $50 or more.

NRI FSD review application
Preliminary Subdivision Plan application
Building Permit
Historic Use Permit
Tree Removal Permit