Commissioners Meeting Minutes – April 11, 2016

Town of Brookeville
Commissioners Meeting Minutes
April 11, 2016

Present: Katherine Farquhar, Buck Bartley, and Sue Daley
Absent: none
Quorum present? Yes

Present during all or portions of the meeting:
Academy Manager Andrea Scanlon, Treasurer Susan Johnson, and Town Clerk Cate McDonald.
Town Residents: Barbara Ray
Others: Miles Vandre, Peter Vandre (BSA Troop 914)

Meeting called to order at 7:10 p.m. by Commissioner President Farquhar

Minutes: The March Commissioners Meeting Minutes were approved as edited.
Financial: Need to be conscious of spending levels for FY 2015-2016. Budget will be discussed later in meeting when Treasurer arrives. Trying to expend allocated funds to their appropriate purpose before the end of FY on June 30.

Academy Update: Academy report was emailed to Commissioners prior to meeting.
48 bookings in FY 2015-2016, which was average for a non-bicentennial year. Rentals are picking up so far this Spring. There is an inquiry for a summer rental for an arts camps run by 2 teachers. Target would be 20 students per week. Academy Manager will follow up on this inquiry.

Town Operations:
• Waste / Recycle collection: The Town awarded B&B Refuse the contract. Town Clerk is working with Waste Management for termination details. Projected start date for B&B is the first week of May.
• Town Election: Voter list will be emailed to Town on April 20 from MoCo.
Ballot will be printed with a line for write-ins.
As of today, no other nominations have been received

Budget Update: As much as possible, all budgeted items in FY 2015-2016 budget must should be spent before July 1, 2016. Need to spend down the budget for what we committed to in FY2015-2016.
Question regarding $124K from the State – what is the status? Treasurer emailed the State the other day about this the other day; we are $27K over what we budgeted. We do not need to start repaying the State for $$ due from “reallocation” (Local Income Tax overpayments) until 2019. The Town usually received a large disbursement from the State the May or June. The Town is already $32K over budget from the projected amount that the State pays the Town. This is Line 6025 – Local Income Tax
The Treasurer emailed the State today about this but does not have an answer and suggests we do not spend the money.
There was a discussion of Reallocation of Local Income Tax that Municipalities received from the State and the $274,029 that State says the Town was overpaid.
Action on Line 6025 – Treasurer will contact Jim Pascal from the State about the payments the Town has received.
Line 6045 – Property Tax: Treasurer said the Town should expect $20K more the end of May / early June.
Treasurer will inquire with Jim Pascal from the State about the funds the Town has and will be receiving from the State and work on a project amount Lines 6024 & 6045 for FY 2016 -2017 budget.

• Line 6007 Grants received: $2,228 is for new Town entrance sign
• Line 6105 Audit: $6K money was spent
• Line 6102 Accounting Fees: $1K budgeted; assume this will be spent for quarterly payroll & 1099 forms
• Line 6117 Banking Fees: $50 budgeted, $91 actual. $5 per month from bank and fee for letter for audit.
• Line 6110 Brookeville Angle: $250 budgeted, send check for this amount to Our House for removal of base
• Line 6122 Advertising: $1500 budgeted, $573.75 spent
This for Academy – use for rack cards?
GoNews bills for whenever the ads goes in. We have 13 ads for 2016. $125 or $145 per ads for April, May June – about $400. Spent the rest of the money on professional rack cards for Academy and professional photos One of the upcoming rentals is for a professional photographer (we will inquire with Luca Casareto, Olney photographer) Academy Manager had a conversation about having professional photos done and it was estimated to be between $400 – $800.
It was decided that Academy Manager will ask the photographer for a written bid. To have professional photos the building needs to be staged, which will cost money. This is projected to cost several hundred dollars for flowers, table clothes, rental tables & chairs. Portions or entirety of both rooms would need to be staged.
There are no upcoming events to ask the renters to take pictures.
Need a committee to support the Academy Manager for this project. Commissioner Farquhar suggested Sandy Heiler to help with Committee. This suggestion was not supported. Commissioners agree to spend $500 – $800 for staging of the Academy: downstairs for a party, upstairs for a lecture.
Academy Manager suggested having picture taken of the Charrette on May 21 since the projector and screens will be out. This was unanimous agreed to by the Commissioners and to have a professional photographer take photos. Academy Manager will ask photographer his opinion about the best way to stage the Academy.

Question regarding State Tax issue: anymore discussion with Dan Pratts from Laytonsville about legal action? No, not yet.
Commissioner Bartley: 2014 we collected $101K and the State says we were overpaid $99K for that year; the numbers do not make sense.
Dan Pratts taking the regional leadership on this issue. The Commissioners will ask for a lunch with Dan Pratts to discuss this issue.
Action item to Treasurer: need the amounts we have received from the State since 2010 and gave that information to Commissioner Bartley in the next week.

• Line 6185 Professional Services: $40K budgeted, $6742.50 spent
CPH contract not complete but some will be bill this fiscal year.
There was a discussion about the landscape architecture. The landscape architect that came out is not sure she is able to come up with a design that fit within our historic area. There was a discussion about the historic easement that MHT holds and what needs a HAWP. The Town needs a Master Plan for the Academy yard – where trees should be planted, location of lighting elements, etc.
Ash, Pine tree, flag pole, mulberry tree, and dogwood all can be moved. The concept is historically appropriate with simple, clean lines. A place an outdoor wedding could occur.

There was a discussion about where to move the Schoolhouse and how to move it. Moving the Schoolhouse onto the Academy grounds would need MHT approval. This is a discussion for the upcoming Charrette.
The defunct BTBTF developed a plan for the Schoolhouse’s use as part of an interpretive program with Woodlawn and Oakley Cabin. Sandy Heiler presented the plan to the BPC, which approves of this use for the Schoolhouse. Commissioners Bartley and Daley attended that meeting of the BPC. The Commissioners will ask the BPC Chair to formally send the recommendation to the Commissioners for the Commissioners to discuss at an upcoming meeting.

There was a discussion about the “Slow: Children at Play” and over signage in Town. Commissioner Farquhar will contact BPC Chair regarding the sign.

There was a discussion about improving communication between the Commissioners and BPC.

Barbara Ray opened a discussion regarding her perspective that someone from the Town needs to be at meetings that Sandy Heiler attends. Her opinion is Sandy Heiler is presenting herself as a representative of the Town at meetings. It is a communication problem and a serious problem. The Commissioners stated she attended the March 22 SHA stakeholders meeting with Anne Bruder– this was a closed, invitation only meting – at the Academy. Ms. Ray said the Sandy Heiler speaks for the Town and the Town does not know what she says. Ms. Ray feels this needs to be addressed. There was a discussion of MHT opinion regarding the Brookeville ByPass. The MHT supports the original design that leaves Brookeville Road open. The Commissioners noted Ms. Ray’s concerns. At the March 22 Consulting Parties meeting, there were 5 representatives from the Town (Commissioners and BPC members) who spoke counter to the recommendation by SHA that Brookeville Road entry to Brookeville be closed. Sandy Heiler is an historic expert and a consulting party to SHA via MHT, which recommended that the entryway be kept open to reflect the history of the Town as a market resource. The Commissioners spoke for their understanding of what many residents are seeking, based on public meetings in January and February 2016.

Review of current state of 2016 budget and expenditures:
• Line 6195 Planning Commission Expenses: $1000K; use for charrette supplies, any professionals needed would come under Line 6185
• Line 6227 Public Area Maintenance: $1500 budgeted; $1895.45 used. Overspent $395.35 for maintenance of public entrance signs
• Line 6231 Road Maintenance $16K budgeted
• Line 6235 snow removal $2500 budgeted; $1,775 used
• Line 6225 leaf removal $2500 budgeted; $3000 used

There was a discussion of Dennis Bogan’s contract for replacement of Town lights. Mr. Bogan will get back to Commissioner Bartley about reducing his proposal by 10%. If so, the contract will be awarded to Bogan. All 3 Commissioners agreed
• Line 6256 Tech Equipment: $1500 budgeted, $1026.26 spent for new laptop for the Town Office.
• Line 6260 Web Site: $2000 budgeted, $41.91 spent. Use the remaining money for the Academy photographer. Will put funds in FY 2016-2017 for a new web design.

Wynne Case: the monthly payments for the Town will be $192.33. The total amount the Town owes is $1,731

Pepco reimbursement for to owners of 308 Market for the Town light that is wired through their electric panel: The treasurer said the average cost per street lights per year is $100 per year. The Commissioners unanimously approved a $100 check to be issued to 308 Market every July. A check for $200 will be sent for back reimbursement.

East Coast Lawn Care: cost about $40-$50 per application. The Town Clerk will use this amount to determine how much pesticide free lawn care will cost

Town Property
Academy Grounds: Academy Manager presented summary of tree works.
3 companies: Pogo, Arbor Care, Care of Trees

3 tree items that need attention:
Mulberry tree need pruning
Ailanthus: one is dead and needs removal
Norway maple: prune branches hanging over Academy

Ash tree: all 3 companies had different opinions
Pogo – remove. Tree is a danger and not worth saving
Arbor Care – not sure it needs to go or stay
Care of Trees – tree should stay

Commissioner Daley would like the Ash pruned and not in favor of removal
Commissioner Bartley: prune the Ash and worry about the other stuff (insecticide for Ash bore) after pruning.
The insecticide quote is for the ash bore. It would need to be applied every year for the next 6 years.
All 3 Commissioners agreed to have insecticide applied and pruned to reduce liability. They would like to keep the tree until we have a landscape plan: maybe 1-2 years. Have Pogo prune and apply insecticide. If Pogo won’t prune, have someone else prune the Ash tree. If Pogo agrees, have him trim the rest of the trees at the same time.
If the Ash tree is to be removed, the wood would not be able to be hauled away. It will need to remain on site to reduce the risk of spreading the ash bore.

Fire Alarm and elevator were inspected this month. The Fire Marshall will also perform his inspection this month. All 3 went well.

Fire Alarm panel: The old panel most likely causing the error message to the alarm company. Bogan will install a new panel. Academy Manager is waiting for Bogan to confirm price and permit. The Academy Manager is activity working on this issue.

• Critter assessment of Academy was performed when he came to remove bat. No obvious areas for critters to access the building
• ATHENA award: The Town Commissioners were invited but cannot attend
• Olney Chamber Scholarship fund: ok to donate the same amount as last year.
• Donation to Sandy Spring Museum Strawberry Festival: no donation this year but the Town will buy a membership.
• The Treasurer will pay Mark Ennes by work order for lawn mowing the Academy’s ground.

Public Works (sidewalks, streets, lights)
CPH: Commissioner Bartley will have an update at the May Commissioners meeting

Other Business:
Next SHA meeting is April 13 – all 3 Commissioners will attend
Next BPC meeting – Tuesday May 3
Next Commissioners Meeting – May 9
Town Election – May 10
Annual Town Meeting – May 16

Schoolhouse: A discussion that the Town needs to spend previously budgeted funds on the Schoolhouse. Academy Manager is waiting for approval / no approve decision about Sandy Heiler’s plan before significant work is done.
Question on if the schoolhouse can / should be rented.
There needs to be more discussion about Sandy’s proposal to BPC.
There was a discussion about the Town’s entrance signs and if the BPC signed the sign permits and where the permit is in the HAWP process.
Commissioner Bartley wants to get quotes for what is wrong with the schoolhouse. If there is a mold issue, we need to fix the mold issue. Commissioner agree that the building needs to be repaired sufficiently to prevent further deterioration. Need to address the rot in the north side of the building.
Academy Manager will ask Miche Booz and Jorge Chacon to take a look and get their opinion of what needs to be done with the ceiling to stop the mold.

Permit: fence permit for 2 High was reviewed and signed.

Valley House: there was flooding at the Valley House in early April. The homeowner contacted MoCo about keeping the culvert cleaned to help mitigate flooding and MoCo responded by clearing the culvert. The Valley House is in a 100 year flood plain.

Capital One is government account and is changing to Mellon Bank. They will be sending a form that needs to be signed by the Commissioners.

The Commissioners and Treasurer need to determine a meeting date to prepare the budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

The meeting adjourned at 9:40p.m.
Cate McDonald
Town Clerk