August 9, 2004 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

August 9, 2004

ATTENDING: President Richard Allan, Commissioners Robert Heritage and Michael Acierno, and Clerk-Treasurer Susan Johnson. The meeting began at 8:00 p.m. at the Brookeville Academy.

MINUTES: The minutes for June were approved.

FINANCIAL REPORT: The financial report was reviewed and accepted.


1. Operations and Maintenance – Public Spaces. President Allan commented on the fact that the developer- installed decorative town light on Water Street (the first one) is surrounded by small trees and scrub brush. He indicated at the same time that there was significant overgrowth from this light along and in the Town right-of-way back toward Market Street along the Rotter property. President Allan suggested that it would be appropriate and desirable to have this area cleaned up and asked that the commissioners walk the area to determine the right-of-way and to further review the situation. Ms. Johnson would then be able to meet with the town landscaper contractor to get a cost proposal. Ms. Johnson pointed out that Arbor Care would be coming at the end of the month to remove the trees/branches by schoolhouse as well as the limbs behind the Academy. There was also discussion of an ongoing problem with a resident that has been maintaining building supplies and general debris on his property that has resulted in several complaints. President Allan will write a letter requesting that the resident clean up his property.
Sidewalks. President Allan reported that the State Highway Administration was completing its survey activity regarding the proposed sidewalks on the west side of High Street (Rt. 97) from Church Street to the Longwood ball fields.
Signs – The Town has received draft designs for the signs for the Brookeville Angel, millstone and schoolhouse. President Allan and town resident Miche Booz are reviewing and preparing comments on the signs.

2. Schoolhouse Restoration – The electrical work has been completed. We are currently waiting for the insulation to go in and then carpenter Walter Blank will install the interior walls followed by drywall ceilings.

3. Future Development – The Sheahin property has been sold. The new developer has met with the Planning Commission and wants to put up four Ryan Classic homes with some modifications to meet Town and Historic Preservation Commission building and design guidelines. He plans to meet with the HPC for preliminary consultation. President Allan attended the Planning Commission meeting as well.

4. Miscellaneous Management Improvement Issues – President Allan suggested that the Town Commissioners might benefit from the use of some sort of task management software. This would replace the use of manual lists of tasks and would enable everyone to have a clear idea of what Town priorities and goals and objectives are at any given time, including current status, whose responsible for action items, and completion dates. He stated that such a system would provide much greater efficiency and improve communication among the commissioners and the Clerk-Treasurer. Commissioner Acierno stated that he has a program that he uses for work that may be suitable for a Windows system. He will check into it and determine if it would be appropriate for the town. Commissioner Acierno also installed a new external hard drive on the Town computer to ensure that there is a back up capability.

5. Insurance – President Allan reported that LGIT will be reducing the Town insurance premium to reflect cancellation of the LGIT health insurance program plan and resultant cost savings to all LGIT clients.

6. Possible Traffic Signal – President Allan reported that the SHA has completed performing the survey work preliminary to the possible installation of a traffic control device at the Market/High Streets intersection. All the commissioners expressed concern that the SHA had not been especially forthcoming on this project. It was felt that a traffic light could improve safety at what has always been a dangerous intersection, particularly with the growth of commuter traffic in all directions. The commissioners, however, are concerned that the light might be configured to allow for continuous north-south traffic flow that could present significant problems for town residents and faster and more dangerous traffic flow.

7. Newsletter – President Allan suggested that the newsletter needed a new look and a new name. It was decided to go back to calling it the Brookeville Times. Commissioner Acierno said he would work on some draft proposals for a new masthead and format for review by the commissioners.


President Allan introduced a LGIT annual mandatory participation amendment for adoption. Commissioner Acierno made a motion to adopt the amendment and Commissioner Heritage seconded it. The motion passed unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 10:00 p.m. The next meeting is scheduled for September 13, 2004 at 8:00 p.m. at the Brookeville Academy.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Johnson