December 11, 2006 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

December 11, 2006

Present: Commissioner Richard Allan, Commissioner Michael Acierno, Commissioner Robert Heritage, Clerk Paul Geib, Gazette Reporter Terri Hogan

Minutes: The November minutes were approved as written

Financial Report: The financial report was not available. The Commissioners requested a status report from the Treasurer on the establishment of CDs for managing unbudgeted funds.

Announcements and Reports:

· MML Annual Legislative Dinner – All three Commissioners attended and hosted District 14 Senator Rona Kramer and Delegate Anne Kaiser. The primary purpose of the dinner was to present the MML’s legislative priorities for the upcoming session of the General Assembly.

· American Legion Flag Burning Ceremony – This was a successful event in which the Commissioners had invited the Norman Price Post #68 back to Brookeville Academy grounds to restore what used to be an annual event. Clerk Geib reported that the Legion Post was grateful for the opportunity to stage this patriotic event on Pearl Harbor Day. The ceremony was attended by numerous Legionnaires, Brookeville residents, and the general public. About 300 flags were “retired.” Everyone was amazed at the amount of flags. A number of people mentioned their gratitude at having an opportunity to properly retire their flags. The prior article in the Gazette helped generate a lot of interest. A Gazette photographer was at the ceremony.

· Annual Town Holiday Party – Everyone agreed that the 2006 Holiday Party was a great success and fun for all.

· Leaf Pick Up – The leaf pick up went according to schedule. Everyone recognized piles of leaves that Greenskeeper picked up during the second session (big piles were outside the Academy since Liberty Lawns gathered them the day before).

· Annual Financial Audit – The Commissioners were quite satisfied with the audit and the positive financial position the Town has maintained. They noted that the Treasurer should ensure that Town funds in excess of $100,000 need to be maintained in more than one account.

· Newsletter – The November Brookeville Times was distributed between Thanksgiving and the Flag Burning. Clerk Geib hopes to have the December issue distributed the week before Christmas.

· Thermostats and HVAC Updates – The Academy Manager (Geib) provided information on repairs and maintenance regarding the Academy’s heating system. Brown’s Refrigeration installed a new thermocouple and gas line tubing in the furnace. The pilot light now runs stronger and is more reliable than previously – it had been going out sporadically. Brown’s also installed a new damper motor under the dining room floor and new digital thermostats. The new thermostats allow us to keep the temperature at a permanent hold of 55 degrees when the building is not occupied and provided for a maximum winter temperature of 70 degrees during rentals and a minimum of 70 degrees in the summer. These values can be adjusted. They should result in significant energy efficiencies.

· Tankless Water Heater and Mechanical Room Floor Treatment – Commissioner Allan reported on progress in obtaining a tankless water heater from Home Depot to replace the less efficient standard water heater. Clerk Geib also reported that Monty Brown mentioned that a number of the metal fittings and machinery parts in the Mechanical Room are rusting due to moisture coming up through the cement floor. He recommended painting the floor with a rubberized sealant paint. The Commissioners discussed dealing with both issues as soon as possible.

· Academy Rentals Update – The Academy Manager reported that the Academy, after a slow month in October, was rented every week except Thanksgiving week in November and every week except Christmas week in December. The week after the Holiday Party (December 10 -17) has three rentals and we have already two confirmed rentals in January.

· Bypass Sign – Change Names – Commissioner Allan noted that the recent elections require the revision of the names on the “Build the Brookeville Bypass” sign. The Commissioners agreed to have the names of Governor O’Malley and County Executive Leggett over the old names.

· Maintenance on Water and South Streets – Gravel maintenance was performed on Water and South Streets while maintenance on North Street was suspended temporarily while WSSC excavation and construction take place over the next few weeks.

· Fire Extinguishers/exterior water pipe stand maintenance — Clerk Geib reported that Maryland Fire Equipment Company inspected the fire extinguishers in the Academy and the Schoolhouse. Tom Musgrove replaced a missing cap on the standpipe intake outside the academy.

· County Executive Inauguration – Commissioner Allan mentioned that he represented the Town at Ike Leggett’s inauguration as County Executive and the swearing in of the County Council.

Resolutions Discussed and Adopted:

· Verizon Cable Franchise – President Allan introduced a resolution and the Commissioner’s adopted it to authorize the Verizon Cable Franchise in Montgomery County and to concur with the Verizon-County agreement as well. Following drafting of the resolution and authorizing agreement, the Clerk was instructed to mail the appropriate number of copies to the County.

· Town of Brookeville Donation of $1,500 to Olney Police Satellite Station – President Allan introduced a resolution to authorize the donation of $1,500 to the Olney Chamber of Commerce fund toward the Olney Police Satellite Station project. The resolution states, “This close-by facility provides important security and protection and overall significantly enhances the quality of life for Town of Brookeville residents. This donation provides evidence of our community’s support for the police and this vital local facility. We hope it might encourage other organizations – public and private, to make timely donations.” The Commissioners passed the resolution and the Treasurer was instructed to prepare a $1,500 check and send it to the Chamber.

· Resolution to Reappoint/Appoint Members of Planning Commission – The Commissioners adopted the following resolution introduced by President Allan following a brief discussion:,

“ This resolution would advise the Chairperson and members of the Brookeville Planning Commission that in order to clarify terms of current Planning Commissioners and to ensure both continuity and to allow for opportunities for new appointments, all terms will terminate December 31, 2006. Planning Commissioners who wish to continue as Planning Commissioners or choose otherwise would advise the Town Commissioners accordingly by January 10, 2007. The Town Commissioners will then make the appropriate appointments. In the interim, the current Planning Commission will continue to operate.”

Commissioner Allan will prepare a letter (email) to the Chairperson and members of the planning commission regarding the resolution.

Water Street Trash Can “Shielding” Proposal – The Commissioner discussed the idea of planting evergreens to shield the Water Street trash cans rather than building a fence or similar shield. Feedback from Water Street residents will be solicited.

Cemetery Trees – The Commissioners discussed planting using Willow Oaks along the Salem Methodist Church Cemetery wall.

Falling-Down Fence – The Commissioners discussed removing the deteriorated post and rail fence at Brookville Road and Georgia Avenue. Commissioner Heritage will inspect the location and recommend appropriate action.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted by:

Paul R. Geib, Jr.