December 14, 2009 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

December 14, 2009
8:00 p.m.

Commissioner President Michael Acierno , Commissioner Robert Heritage , Commissioner Katherine Farquhar, Town Clerk Cate McDonald, Academy Manager Andrea Scanlon. Treasurer Susan Johnson was not in attendance. Present during all or portions of the meeting was Gazette Reporter Terri Hogan

Minutes: The November 2009 Commissioners Meeting Minutes were approved.

Financial: The November financial report was not available.

Anticipate Debt:   The Town has no debt and Commissioner President Acierno ask that the information form be send to the State stating that fact.

Office of the Governor: Josh Russin, Intergovernmental Affairs & Zone Coordinator for the Governor, has scheduled a meeting with the Town Commissioners for Tuesday, Jan 5th. The anticipated topic of discussion will be the Legislative Session and the State budget. Commissioner President Acierno plans to discuss possible cuts in the Town’s portion of municipal income tax.

Academy Update: No new maintenance issues, no new rentals and few rental inquiries. The networking group, Leads2Share, will hold a trail meeting at the Academy Jan. 19th.

Schoolhouse: Davenport Insulation verbally offered the lowest quote for gutters. Town Clerk is waiting on written contract to confirm price before committing.

Holiday Party: All went well at the December 5th Holiday Party and there was a good turnout, even with the snow.

Campaign Donation: Request for the Town to donate to the new County Council President Nancy Floreen campaign. The Town is not eligible to donate money as an entity.

Greenskeepers: The Town received a 2 year renewal contract from Greenskeepers. The Town Commissioners opted not to renew and will solicit bids from other landscaping contractors.

309 & 311 Market St: the next hearing is scheduled for the afternoon of February 11, 2010. By that date, owner is supposed to have siding and a roof on 309 Market. The Commissioners will try and schedule a meeting with Bill Calloway of Code Enforcement and the County Attorney prior to the hearing and give their recommendation to the Court which is to have 309 Market recovered. Current state of the property is a public safety hazard. The Commissioners need to determine what powers, between the Town and the County, are there to settle this issue. Commissioner Robert Heritage will call Bill Calloway and schedule a meeting for the end of January.

Master Plan: The Commissioners will discuss the Comprehensive Plan prior to the January 11th Commissioners Meeting and will pass along their comments to the Brookeville Planning Commission (BPC) afterwards.

MML: Commissioner President Acierno attended the MML Montgomery County Chapter Holiday Party December 10th. The big topic of discussion was the upcoming Maryland Legislative Session and potential cuts in the State Budget.

Open Discussion: the stop sign at Market & High Sts is deemed a safety hazard. The “traffic from the left does not stop” portion of the sign is hanging too low and people are bumping their heads on the sign. Request for Town Clerk to call SHA to review sign placement.

Weather Alerts sent to Town Residents are appreciated by all who receive them.

Question in regards to snow removal: the Town’s policy is no plowing begins until an accumulation of 4 inches of snow has fallen on the streets.

Right of Way: discussion about if there is an easement with the property at 104 Water to provide access to the houses along the western Market St.

The meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

Cate McDonald
Town Clerk