February 8, 2010 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

February 8, 2010
8:00 p.m.

Commissioner President Michael Acierno , Commissioner Robert Heritage, Town Clerk Cate McDonald, Academy Manager Andrea Scanlon, Treasurer Susan Johnson. Commissioner Katherine Farquhar was not in attendance. Present during all or portions of the meeting was Harry Montgomery.

Minutes: The January Commissioners Meeting Minutes were approved.

Open Discussion: Harry Montgomery, 211 Market Street, requests that the Commissioners appoint a member to the Brookeville Planning Commission (BPC) from elsewhere in Town to even the representation on the BPC. Currently, only residents living on the eastside of Town are on the BPC.

Commissioner President Acierno advised Mr. Montgomery that is good to have a geo distribution but it is hard to get people to volunteer for positions. He advised he will solicit interest from Town Residents as there is an open spot on the BPC.

Mr. Montgomery asked what the term is for a Planning Commissioner; Commissioner President Acierno advised that Planning Commissioners serve at the discretion of the Town Commissioners.

Mr. Montgomery asked if the Town Commissioners will advertise in the newsletter of the opening on the BPC. Commissioner President Acierno advised that several members on the BPC have served for several years and may want to resign and that there is currently a spot on the BPC and will solicit interest from Town Residents; ask Mr. Montgomery if there were any other concerns. Mr. Montgomery would like to see more information about proposed improvements / renovations in Town and to have more input from Town Residents. Commissioner President Acierno will advise Town Residents on the how the BPC works and the approval process as there has been some confusion / frustration about communication with the Town. The public hearing tomorrow night may be an opportunity to discuss the procedures of the BPC; the public hearing scheduled for February 9th may be delayed due to weather.

Mr. Montgomery feels that Town Residents do not realize that they can volunteer to serve on the BPC; that once someone is appointed to the BPC that person serves in perpetuity and feels that the BPC needs to be more open with the whole process. Commissioner President Acierno will communicate that anyone is welcome to volunteer.

Mr. Montgomery feels that more polarizing issues need to be advertised more; Commissioner President Acierno will work on better communication.

Mr. Montgomery requests, as a goal, to have 3 Town residents from varying areas in Town would better serve the Town then 6 residents from the same area of Town. He has a vision of the Town as a small village and would like the gravel roads to be narrower, like lanes.

Comprehensive Plan: Commissioner President Acierno advised that the Public Meeting schedule for February 9th will be moved to February 16th due to the pending blizzard. He requested the Town Clerk to advise Town Residents via e-mail. BPC’s admin will call all Town residents without e-mail.

Financial: The January financial report was emailed to the Commissioners prior to the meeting; all was ok.

Academy Update: The networking group, Leads2Share, signed a contract to hold their meetings at the Academy until the end of June; prepaid $40 a meeting. Google calendar is ok to link to the Town’s website.

Academy Marketing: how to increase more rentals? Academy Manager looking at Google Ads; will try an ad in The Gazette. Advised there may be more interest in April with graduation season.

Schoolhouse: Davenport Insulation has partially installed gutters; they will return and switch the downspout location and finish installation but will be delayed due to snow cover.

Landscaping: The Town most likely will not commit to any landscaping contracts due to snow removal cost, HUR cuts, and anticipated road repairs this spring.

Snow Removal: Current snow removal costs are approximately $2100 over budget. The monies to pay for the snow removal overruns will come from the Town’s reserve funds. The Town will need to find ways to reduce its current operating budget.

Legislative Night: Commissioner President Acierno and Commissioner Farquhar attended the Annual Legislative Night on February 1. The main topics of conversations were the anticipated budget challenges faced by the State and that municipalities should expect more budget cuts.

LGIT: LGIT would like to present the Town with an award in recognition of our 20 year anniversary as a member-partner with the Trust. Tim Ailsworth, Executive Director of LGIT, will attend April’s Commissioners Meeting to present the award and has extended an invitation for dinner prior to the meeting.

309 & 311 Market St: the next hearing is scheduled for the afternoon of February 11, 2010; may be delayed due to impending winter weather. Commissioner Robert Heritage will try and attend the hearing.

The meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

Cate McDonald
Town Clerk