February 9, 2015 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

Town of Brookeville

Commissioners Meeting Minutes

Monday February 9, 2015     

7 PM


Present:  Katherine Farquhar, Sue Daley, Buck Bartley, Andrea Scanlon, Diane Teague

Approve January minutes.

Brookeville Planning Commission Recommendations: 

  • Rewrite membership criteria, mission
  • Recommendations:
    • A five member Commission that reports to the Commissioners.
    • 3 year terms that are renewable once without a break.
    • Seek a balanced commission that includes residents with expertise in architecture, architectural history, contracting, etc. and represents four quadrants of the town.
    • All members must be legal residents of the town.
    • Staggered terms beginning June1 of each year. Start with 2 current commissioners will serve one year and 3 new commissioners will come on board.  For the first term the current serving commissioners can be appointed for a second 2 year term.
    • Contact HPC for information:
      • Certifying the BPC as formal Advisory Committee.
      • What enforcement measures are available for non-compliance?
    • Work with BPC to create method/policy for communicating HPC requirements for work in historic district.

BYPASS: Next SHA meeting February 24. Environmental studies done in 2002 need to be done again.


  • Budget: Get overall reconciliation of 1814 events from Susan
  • Academy Rental & Maintenance update:
    • Rentals going well
    • Parking sign: Andrea to get design for SUMC to approve. Commissioners approve $1,500.00.
      • Academy Roof: Shake vs. Cedar.
      • Ask Miche and/or Hank Handler about original roof.
      • Andrea will get estimates for both
        • Ask Miche about light pole.
        • HAWP for Academy sidewalk approved (not received)
        • Sidewalk: Estimated cost $6-7,000. No funds designated yet.
      • Possibilities:
        • Budget line item 6227: Public Area Maintenance $15,000.00
        • Budget line item 6225: Leaf removal $2,000.00
        • Budget line item         :Town Maintenance: $38,000.00
        • Can use $7000 from Public Area Maintenance
    • Fire Alarm System: Decision is pending whether to upgrade system or buy new. If new whether to look at different vendor than made previous recommendation. Need to research. Safety is priority.
      • Things to consider:
        • Current system has false alarm problem.
        • The actual use of the building is sporadic.
        • Siemens is both contractor and manufacturer.
        • Andrea will look at different vendors and ask Denis Bogan for recommendation
    • Electric Door Opener: Ask Miche about code compliance issues.
    • Closets: All are full, need to get guidance on document retention and destruction. Contact MML. Important things can be donated to the Sandy Spring Museum.
  • Town Maintenance:
    • Street lights: North St. LED get details from Denis Bogan. Black town lights: change all to LED. Pick type, determine how many lights and get bid.
    • Routine:
      • Our House Maintenance agreement:  $20/man hour
      • Punch List:
        • Angel base removal
    • School House: High Priority.
      • Issues: mold throughout, rotting siding
      • Emergency Measures: Need mold remediation, new roof, dehumidifier, grading, gutters: Bids: $7-8,000
      • Get estimates just for stabilization.
      • Door knob is fixed.
      • Make sure electrical feed is sufficient for dehumidifier.
    • Ash Trees: Emerald ash borer not here yet. Consult tree report from 12/3/2008. Barbara Neal
    • Pavers broken in front of Acierno’s house.
  • Open Discussion:
    • Karen Montgomery has asked that a representative from the town be present at GOCA meetings


Adjourn: 9:45


Respectfully Submitted by: Diane Teague