March 12, 2007 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

March 12, 2007

Present:  President of Commissioners Richard Allan, Commissioner Michael Acierno, Commissioner Robert Heritage, Treasurer Susan Johnson, Clerk Paul Geib, Gazette Reporter Terri Hogan, Planning Commission Members Chris Scanlon, Bruce Evans, and Paul Geib, and Richard Kirby, developer of the Powers’ Woods subdivision..

Presentation by Slater Associates, Inc.: The meeting began as a joint meeting with the Town of Brookeville Planning Commission to hear and consider a presentation from Slater Associates, the Town’s contractor, regarding a site concept for the Powers’ Woods Park.  After the presentation, the group discussed the plan.  Following the discussion and questions from Town Commissioners and Planning Commissioners, authorization was given to Slater by the Town Commissioners to develop a formal design proposal and planting and signage recommendations and trail and paths network, especially the links to the Thomas mill race.  The Town Commissioners also decided to go ahead with site work on the “amphitheater area” given the availability of large stones and boulders from the water and sewer lines installation and the heavy equipment necessary to move them, trail alignments, and selection of trees and scrubs.  The Commissioners agreed that the work would be funded in several phases.  Commissioner Allan indicated he would submit a grant proposal to the Maryland Historical Trust through the Heritage Tourism Alliance with the hope of obtaining some funds to help pay for the project.

Following the presentation by Slater Associates, the Commissioners and staff moved to the Town office for the remainder of the regular business meeting.

Minutes:   The February 2007 minutes were accepted as read.

Financial Report:  The financial report was reviewed.  The Town spent $1,182 for snow removal during the March snowstorm.  It was agreed that the Town’s financial condition remained healthy and would provide a basis for moving forward with new curbs and road surface restoration on east Market Street, including speed bumps.

Brookeville Academy Landscaping Improvements:  The Commissioners approved a proposal by Bradley Site Design to enhance the Brookeville Academy grounds with new plantings, hardscaping, including around the Angel, and appropriate benches and related items.  Sharon Bradley’s proposal involved four phases:  Site Analysis, Concept Development, Design Development, and Detailed Plan Development.  Both the Bradley work and the Slater work will be coordinated and complimentary.

Sidewalk Status:  SHA continues to work on a final design for sidewalk on the west side of High Street from the Church to Longwood Recreation Center.  A key part of the project is to mitigate storm water runoff issues that have long been a problem to residents along High and on west Market Street.  Design work is on schedule and should be completed within a month.  SHA will meet with the Town before any final decisions are made.

Thomas Mill Project:  Commissioner Allan reported that the Montgomery County Conservation Corps has completed clearing the Thomas Mill race from the WSSC pumping station to Georgia Avenue, except for a few large trees.   The Town paid the Town’s contractor Greeenskeeper to chip the debris and spread it at the site.

Using State Infrastructure Financing Program for Market Street Work:  The Commissioners agreed to pursue financing through the State Infrastructure Program to repair and restore east Market Street.

Brookeville Times:  The attendees discussed articles for the March issue of the Brookeville Times, including work on Powers’ Woods Park, the sidewalk project., the Thomas Mill project, and improvements to the Academy grounds, information on the accident in Town, and Town of Brookeville snow removal policy.

Town Election:  Clerk Geib will send out election notices to Town residents regarding the May 8th election for two Commissioners.

Meeting with State Legislative Delegation and County Council:  The Commissioners discussed attending a meeting on Thursday, March 15 with the State Legislative Delegation and the County Council.  Commissioners Allan and Acierno will attend the dinner meeting with the County at the monthly Maryland Municipal League Montgomery County Chapter meeting.

Meeting Adjourned at 10:08 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted by:

Paul R. Geib, Jr.