May 13, 2009 Annual Town Meeting Minutes

May 13, 2009
8:00 p.m.

Commissioner President Michael Acierno, Commissioner Robert Heritage, Commissioner Katherine Farquhar, Town Clerk Cate McDonald. Treasurer Susan Johnson and Academy Manager Andrea Scanlon were away.

Present during all or portions of the meeting were Town Residents Harry and Karen Montgomery, Jeff Issoskson, Maggie Kay, Andrea Barr, Andrew and Mary Kay Spagnola, Deborah Wagner, Dwayne Heiler, Fred Teal, Teresa Meeks, and Gazette Reporter Terri Hogan

Clyde Unglesbee: Moment of silence to honor long time resident and former commissioner, Clyde Unglesbee, who recently passed away after a brief illness. Commissioners would like to honor Clyde and his service to the Town at an appropriate time and ask residents for thoughts and ideas.

Election results: Commissioners Farquhar and Heritage won re-election yesterday for the 2 commissioner’s seats.

Summary of the past 12 months:

  • Brookeville Academy: New energy efficient, stainless steel HVAC installed along with duct work; new propane supplier, interior has been painted, and WiFi installed. Planned for the upcoming year are a tankless hot water heater installation, exterior stucco repair and painting, and replacement of the vinyl flooring and carpet.
  • Trees: the Town consulted with a Master Arborist and upon her recommendation several trees on Town property or in the Town right-of-way were taken down. The Town will replace the trees with native species via Tree-Mendous Maryland program.
  • Sidewalks: work on the sidewalk in front of 3 High Street is in progress.
  • Speed cameras: while the speed cameras were not installed on Town property, they are a nice safety enhancement.
  • Road maintenance: The gravel roads had periodic maintenance Jan ’09; the SHA funds the Town receives does not afford for repaving of the eastern portion of Market St. The Town was able to replace curbing and have pot holes repaired this past year for eastern Market St.
  • 309 & 311 Market St: MoCo has sued the owner of 309 Market St regarding the condition of his property. As of today, no BPC permits have been issued or requested. A resident has observed the owner doing work at 311 Market without permits, as well as work on 309 Market. Both properties are owned by the same person. The Commissioners will continue to monitor the status of these properties to ensure the permitting process in regards to historic properties is followed.

Brookeville Bypass: Positive progress this year when County Council appropriated $10M for design and land acquisition for the Brookeville Bypass, which will take place beginning in FY2011–FY2014. No Stimulus funds for the Bypass as MoCo received very little Stimulus monies. Commissioners are trying to educate the County Council of the 40 year plus history of the Bypass so they have a sense of continuity. Commissioners would like to see the Bypass completed by 2014, when Brookeville will be prominently displayed in Maryland’s War of 1812 celebration.

FY ’09-’10 Budget: a draft of the upcoming budget was presented and reviewed. BPC allotted monies was increased for legal counsel and consultants for the comprehensive plan.

Renewable Energy Contract: Contract signed with Clean Current for a 1 year, June ‘09 to June ‘10 at $ .10127/kWh, 100% wind for the Brookeville Academy. The cost per kWh is lower than Pepco’s current rates and will save the Town money while reducing its carbon footprint.

Schoolhouse: Repairs are needed to maintain the schoolhouse: the roof is leaking and gutters are needed.

Annual Picnic: the Town’s Annual Picnic will be Sunday, August 23rd.

Open Discussion: request to add hoods to the Pepco street lights; as this request will require the Town to pay for the hoods, the Commissioners will look into hooding the street lights.

The meeting adjourned at 9:50 p.m.

Cate McDonald
Town Clerk