September 10, 2007 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

September 10, 2007

Present: Commissioner Michael Acierno, Commissioner Robert Heritage, Commissioner Katherine Farquhar, Clerk Paul Geib, Gazette Reporter Terri Hogan.

Minutes: The August 2007 Commissioners Meeting minutes were approved.

Financial Report: The financial report was reviewed.

Bounced Check – What to do?  The Commissioners discussed the status of the returned check from one of the recent Academy renters.  The Clerk mentioned that he had talked several times to the signer of the check, but the funds were not sent.  He mentioned that he talked to the signer’s step-daughter and was waiting to hear from her.

Review Proposals for Academy Sidewalk Repair: The Commissioners received three bids for the repair of the Academy Sidewalk.  Following careful study of the bids, the Commissioners voted to go with the lowest bidder, The Bartley Corporation.

Status of Market Street letter to John Porcari, Sec’y of Transportation:  Commissioner Ancierno mentioned that he is preparing a letter to the State Secretary of Transportation regarding the condition of East Market Street.  The letter would be from the Commissioners requesting that the SHA take over rebuilding that section of the street.  Copies of the letter would go to our Annapolis Delegation.

Letter to SHA – cancel sidewalk project on west side of High Street: The Commissioners reviewed and approved a letter to the SHA District 3 Highway Engineer recommending cancellation of the High Street sidewalk project.  The letter discusses the possibility of placing the sidewalks on the east side of High Street to connect with some sidewalks and pathways already in existence.  The Clerk will finalize the letter for the President’s signature.

Status Water Street “No Outlet” Street Sign:  Clerk Geib mentioned that he marked a spot on Water Street for the “NO OUTLET” sign.  He has been in contact with Shannon-Baum Sign Company and they will schedule installation within the next two weeks.

Town Holiday Party:  The Commissioner selected the date of Saturday December 8th for the annual holiday party.     

Schedule large trash pick-up:  The Commissioners decided to contract with Waste Management to place a large dumpster on Water Street for Residents to dispose of large unwanted items.  The Clerk will contact Waste Management to schedule the time.        

Gravel piles on North St. Need to be moved away from Ferris’s yard entrances for contractor work access:  Commissioner Ancierno mentioned that he was contacted by the Ferris’ about the need to move the gravel piles from in front of the gates to their yard within the next two weeks.  He was able to move the smaller of the two piles, but we will need a piece of heavy equipment to move the other.  Commissioner Heritage suggested Todd Greenstone, one of our road maintenance contractors.  The Clerk will contact him or Leary Trucking, who handled the delivery of gravel for our streets in the past.

Planning for 200th anniversary:  The Commissioners decided to invite Joe Feakes (301.774.0137) of the Knights of Columbus to their October meeting in order to discuss the plans for the 200th anniversary of our town.  They decided that the anniversary celebration should be on August 26th.  We will start the meeting at 7:30 p.m. in order to have a dialog with Mr. Feakes and his colleagues.

Schoolhouse water problem – water in crawl space:  Walter Blank, the contractor for the Old Brookeville Schoolhouse renovation, noticed water in the crawl space under the schoolhouse floor.  It is ruining the insulation.  Miche Booz is investigating the problem and will report back to the Commissioners.

Schoolhouse Availability for Educational Purposes:  The Commissioners discussed opening the Old Brookeville Schoolhouse for educational purposes.  All agreed it would be an excellent idea.   Use would be rent-free. It could be used for special educational events or other special occasions.  Commissioner Heritage mentioned getting mounting boards for the desks so that the legs will not scar the floor.  Commissioner Farquhar and Clerk Geib would be available to schedule the events and open the school.  Commissioner Heritage will get a copy of the schoolhouse key made for Commissioner Farquhar.  The Commissioners will check with residents regarding potential attendance at sponsored events in the building.  We will put information on the website and in the Brookeville Times.

Grants application status:  The Clerk mentioned that he submitted the Heritage Tourism Grant application to the Heritage Tourism Alliance before the deadline.

Request to find out how to place Water Street on google/mapquest:  The Commissioners received a request from a Water Street resident to determine how to get Water Street on the various internet mapping services.  Commissioner Ancierno investigated and submitted a request to to make the addition.  The Clerk will pass that information on to the resident. 

Town Directory and Letter to the County Executive:   The Commissioners discussed and approved a letter drafted by the Clerk regarding the proposed town directory and the letter initiative regarding the Brookeville Bypass.  The letter states that Commissioner Farquhar will visit each house in town on Sunday, September 16th.  She will attempt to gather information for inclusion in the town directory and invite those families who have not completed their letter to complete it and give her a copy.  She will follow-up the following week with those families who were not home on the 16th.

Status of 309 Market Street:  The Commissioners discussed the condition of 309 Market Street.  This was the home extensively damaged by fire earlier in the year.  It appeared to them that little repair work was being done.  They are concerned about the unsafe nature of the property.  Commissioner Acierno will contact the Chair of the Planning Commission regarding sending a letter to the owner expressing the concerns.

Incoming Correspondence:  Clerk Geib presented some correspondence that the town received over the last month.  The Commissioners made determinations regarding the need to act on the correspondence and took some under consideration.

Meeting Adjourned at  9:30 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted by:

Paul R. Geib, Jr.