September 13, 2010 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

September 13, 2010
8:00 pm

Commissioner President Michael Acierno, Commissioner Robert Heritage, Commissioner Katherine Farquhar, Town Clerk Cate McDonald, Treasurer Susan Johnson,  Academy Manager Andrea Scanlon.   Present during all or portions of the meeting were Town Residents Buck Bartley, Steff Kerr, Fred Teal, LGIT Executive Director Tim Ailsworth, and Gazette Reporter Terri Hogan

LGIT:  Tim Ailsworth, Executive Director for LGIT, presented the Town an award for recognition of our 20 year anniversary as a member-partner with the Trust.

310 Market:  Buck Bartley, representing Salem United Methodist Church, and Steff Kerr, owner of 310 Market St., came to request help from the Town.  SHA met with Commissioner President Acierno, Mr. Bartley and Mr. Kerr back in July and per the SHA report, MD97 is responsible for only a small percentage of the volume of water flowing to the rear of 310 Market. The main source is from the SUMC parking lot and the existing earthen berm.  Mr. Bartley feels that the SHA is partly responsible as they took out a curb along MD97 several years ago that exacerbated  the storm water runoff and the SUMC has taken measures over the years to mitigate the problem.  Mr. Bartley, owner of Bartley Construction, had his company come out and survey the problem area and is willing to donate labor but the materials needed to build a swale through 310 Market would cost $6300.  SUMC can pay 1/3 of the materials cost, 310 Market will pay 1/3, and Mr. Bartley and Mr. Kerr are requesting the Town pay the remaining 1/3.  Mr. Kerr spoke of his yard being unsafe due to the rivets cut through his yard, how his wife sprained her ankle when she walked into a rivet, concern for the safety of his 3 young children and showed a video of the torrential rain storm that took place this past August and the flow of water from SUMC parking lot, via his property, onto MD97.  Mr. Kerr stated that he and his wife are teachers at a private, not-for-profit school and cannot afford to pay for a swale to be built and generously thanked Mr. Bartley for the donation of labor to bring down the cost of this project and that he realizes as the homeowner he is ultimately responsible for the cost and his only course of action is to sue SUMC but wants to be a good neighbor and requests that the Town pay 1/3 of the cost or any amount the Town is willing to contribute.   Also, Mr. Kerr stated that he is not happy to have to give up 7 feet of his property to build a channel to move water through his east property (next to 308 Market).

Mr. Teal wanted to know if an underground pipe had been considered and what the cost would be; Mr. Bartley said an underground pipe would be too costly.

Mr. Kerr stated he contacted SHA and he will not need a permit to have a swale buildt to prevent water damage to his home.

Academy Manager Scanlon asked Mr. Bartley for a list of materials needed to see if some materials could be donated; Mr. Bartley supplied a list of materials.

Commissioner President Acierno thanked Mr. Bartley and Mr. Kerr for their time and said the Commissioners will discuss this issue later.

Financial:  The August financial report was emailed to the Commissioners prior to the meeting.

The Treasurer asked if there were any changes to FY ’10-11 budget and if the budget had been signed.  Commissioner President Acierno stated that the budget had been signed and there have been no changes to the budget.

The Treasurer stated that the Town will no longer need to budget a pre-audit paperwork fee for Bell & Frech as the auditor does not need pre-audit paperwork.    The audit will be performed this Thursday, Sept. 16th and the Auditors will also install Quickbooks.

Gravel Road Maintenance:  work on the gravel roads has been completed.  During a torrential rain storm in August, there was some damage to Water & North St but LGIT will not cover any repair costs as they consider the rivets a cause of erosion.  With winter approaching and anticipated snow pushing damages, any further work on the gravel roads will wait until spring.

Academy Update:  Rental business busy in October. Of note:

  • Increase in Yoga classes from 2 classes a week to 4 classes a week.
  • Adopt-a-Social Worker fundraiser

Donna Will booked a tea in December and was given the pre-offered reduced rate;  she inquired about 2 teas on weekends in October at the reduced rate but since October weekends are busy, the regular rate will apply and Donna Will has not booked Oct.

George Chacon, 200 Market, approached the Academy Manager about an upright piano he has in storage to donate and/or sell to the Town, if we had a use for the piano.   The pros and cons of having a piano at the Academy were discussed (maintenance cost, if renters would be interested in a piano, liability issues) and it was determined that a piano was not needed at the Academy.

Taste of Olney is scheduled for Oct.  6 and Academy Manager wanted to know if the Commissioners were interested in participating.  There was no discernable business from participating there last year; Commissioner Farquhar stated the Town should participate as it was a positive experience last year.  Cost would be $75 for a ½ table and the donation of an Academy rental was approved as a raffle item.

Yard Sale will be Oct. 2nd, rain or shine outside.  Ok for residents to use the long tables from the Academy.   A question was raised about selling baked goods and the person will need to check the health regulations with MoCo prior to the yard sale.

Schoolhouse gutters:  The cleaning expense of the schoolhouse gutters was approved; the schoolhouse will be added to the Academy’s gutter contact.

Leaf collection:  The Town will repeat last year’s procedure of offering bagged leaf collection and will see if Waste Management will provide 2 bagged pickups instead of last year’s 4 collection dates.  Question was raised if the Town needed to provide bagged leaf collection as only 2 Residents used the service; Commissioner President Acierno stated he rather offer reduced level of service instead of  no service at all.

Snow Removal:  review of snow pushing from this past winter.  The Town will request a renewal contract from our current provider, Todd Greenstone, but will add a clause that the snow removal on the streets is the priority and after the roads have been cleared and made passable, the contractor may plow any residential driveway he is contacted to do.

The Academy’s snow removal is a separate contract with service provided by Mark Ennes.  This past winter, the Academy’s walkways were not always cleared within 24 hours of snow fall nor was the walkway from the street made handicap accessible.   The snow pushed in front of the Academy by SHA was not cleared.  Susan Johnson will check to see what rate the Academy is being billed for shoveled snow removal.

EPA Partner Profile:  The proposed wording for the EPA’s Green Power Partner profile was reviewed and approved.  A quote from an elected official will be added and the partner profile will be submitted to the EPA.

EPA:  Per Fred Teal, the Town will receive a total of $600 from Clean Currents’s Green Neighborhood Challenge to be used to “green” the Town.  Fred Teal would like to use part of the money to buy REC (renewable energy credits) for the streetlights and schoolhouse Pepco accounts.  These 2 Pepco accounts do not consume enough kWh for a 100% wind power contract like the Brookeville Academy.  Fred Teal estimates REC will be $36 annual total for both accounts.  The $36 is in addition to the Pepco bill.  A question was raised about the pros /cons of wind energy, especially the impact to birds.  Per Fred Teal, the benefits of wind energy far outweigh any harm that may come to birds that fly into wind turbines.  Commissioner President Acierno in favor of purchasing REC for a one year period; Commissioner Farquhar seconded.

Fred Teal stated the check from Clean Currents should be mailed to the Town the beginning of October.  Once the check is received, the Town will purchase the REC’s.    The remainder of the Clean Currents money will be spent on trees.

There is a second EPA Green Power Partner sign that needs a spot.   Town Clerk advised cannot place a sign along the Town’s western portion of Market and/or High St without SHA approval.

The Commissioners will take a walk this weekend to scope out a location for the sign.

309 & 311 Market Street:  next hearing for the Wells’s property is tomorrow, Sept. 14th in the afternoon.  Commissioner President Acierno will try to make the hearing; Commissioner Farquhar cannot make the hearing; Commissioner Heritage is unsure.

Open Discussion:

BPC has the final version of the Comprehensive Plan that will need Commissioner President Acierno’s signature.  The Comprehensive Plan is due to the State by October 1, 2010.  Commissioner President Acierno will meet with Chris Scanlon Wednesday night to review the Comprehensive Plan along with Commissioner Farquhar.

The meeting adjourned at 9:40 p.m.

Cate McDonald
Town Clerk