April 14, 2014 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

Town of Brookeville

Commissioners Meeting Minutes

April 14, 2014


Present: Michael Acierno, Katherine Farquhar, Sue Daley, Susan Johnson, Andrea Scanlon, Diane Teague, Sandy Heiler, Terri Hogan



March Minutes: approved


Review Budget:

  • Snow expenses were 25% more than the amount budgeted however expenses were lower than expected given the excess of snow.
  • Received grant disbursement of $73,000.00 from the MD War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission.


Academy Rental report:


  • Both music instructors have found new space for their lessons and are giving up their leases for the Academy. This amounts to an approximate $10,000.00 per year loss.
  • Two scheduled rentals cancelled but others were scheduled so there was no net change.
  • Census Bureau is using the academy for recruiting and training for no fee.
  • Fire alarm system problem has resolved itself for the present but may need replacement if faulty part cannot be replaced.


Water Street speed limit signs: County will not provide speed limit signs so they will be supplied and installed by Shannon and Baum. Clerk is waiting for estimate.


Historic Homes Tour May 3: Preparations are on schedule. Preregistrations are below what was expected. Many same day registrations are expected based on the Symposium.


Election May 13 and transition:

  • Two candidates are running for President Acierno’s seat.
  • Election supervisor will:
    • make absentee ballots available next week
    • o print ballots
    • o register qualified voters at the election
    • o phone candidates with result after votes are counted that evening.
  • Clerk will send reminders about the election.
    • o Check with board of elections about voter registration rolls.
    • o Send email to residents when results are in.


Budget FY2014-2015: Commissioners and treasurer will meet to discuss next year’s budget on May 5, at 7:00 pm.


Annual Town Meeting: Scheduled for May 19 at 7:00 pm.

  • Commissioners will meet at 6:30 pm.
  • Swearing in of new commissioner will take place at the June Commissioners Meeting.
  • Announcement of road closure followed by mailed announcement.
  • Michael Acierno will be given an honorary position enabling him to continue serving until bicentennial events are over.


2014 Commemoration Update:

  • Symposium was a success. SSFS did not charge for lunch.
  • Road closure approved for Saturday from 9 am – 7 pm and Sunday from 11 am – 6pm.
  • New grants manager has applied for new grant for logistical support such as toilets and clean-up. Previous estimates were insufficient. Costs associated with horses are more than expected.
  • Ceremony for opening of Historic Trail on Jun 5 from 11-12. Beginning at the Anacostia Waterfront Park in Bladensburg. Brookeville is one of six stops.
  • May 7: There will be a walk-through of the town by participants needing space for camps, horses, vehicles etc.
  • Police will be stationed in both parking lots. Police are not charging for their services. Town will make donation to Police and Fire Departments.
  • Donations will also be made to Days in Farm and American Pony Club for their contributions to events.
  • Civic Organizations Contributing:
    • Olney Lions Club will be passing out free bottles of water
    • Knights of Columbus will be providing BBQ. They will take care of all arrangements and licenses.
    • Boys Scouts will be hanging the flags.
    • Olney Baptist Church and Sharp Street UMC will be organizing children’s activities.
  • Children’s Production:
    • Will be run by the White House Historical Society and take place at the Decatur House.
    • Academy Manager will be setting two dates for screening the production in Brookeville before the August events.
    • Linking video to town website will be investigated.
    • Misc.
      • Arrangements for wagons are being made.
      • Organizers may sell one or two raffle tickets for places in one of the wagons as “refugees”.
      • Police will be carding visitors who buy alcohol.
      • People are signing up to be re-enactors on the website.


Brick Sidewalks: Academy Manager has written a scope of work suitable for bidding for sidewalk repairs. The Heilers have requested that no work be done on the walk in front of the Madison House. Work methods to be determined between restoration and repair/replace where necessary.


Open discussion:

  • Olney Chamber would like Brookeville to recommit to $250 donation to their scholarship fund. Commissioners approved and treasurer will send.
  • Bell and Frech have permits and will go ahead with installing their signs once commissioners approve. Neither HPC or the BPC needed a full review and granted approval.
  • Town has signed up for Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).
  • Neal Leary is repairing the potholes and has submitted a contract for annual road work to be done in August.
  • Vendor Payments: The Treasurer is concerned that vendors associated with the 1814 commemoration are not allowing a reasonable amount of time for payments to be made. Contract payment terms will be checked. Commissioners approved telling vendors that a reasonable amount of time for a municipality to turn around a payment request is net 30 days with a shorter time interval possible.
  • Heritage Days:
    • The School House and sign need to be cleaned beforehand.
    • Docent/volunteer needed.
    • Children’s Production video will be running during visiting hours


Adjourn: 9:30



Respectfully Submitted by: Diane Teague