Commissioners Meeting Minutes – April 3, 2017

Town of Brookeville
Commissioners Meeting Minutes
April 3, 2017

Present:  Buck Bartley, Sue Daley
Absent:  Jeff Johnson
Quorum present? Yes

present during all or portions of the meeting:
Town Clerk Cate McDonald, Property Manager Andrea Scanlon, and Events Manager Brooke Curley
Town Residents: none
Others: Terri Hogan, Greater Olney News

 Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Commissioner Sue Daley

Open Discussion:

  • Dennis Bogin has a Scout that wants to perform an Eagle Project in Brookeville.   One of the options would be working on the Mill Rack and mapping a circular walking path around Town.  The Property Manager will give this option to Dennis Bogin.
  • Program Open Space: submit ion deadline for proposals for development projects and/or acquisitions for the FY18 Annual Program by Friday, May 26, 2017.   Each project requires at least a 25% local match to State POS funds.  The match may consist of dollars, services, land or other contributions.   The Property Manager will review the program and see the grant can be applied to trails.
  • Welcome to Brooke Curley, the new Events / Marketing Manager for the Town.  Her email address will be
  • The Town Commissioner met with Suellen Ferguson of Council Baradel to retain her services as Town Lawyer.  She is an experienced municipal lawyer.  Her proposed contract was reviewed.  Commissioner Barley will sign the contract when the original is received in the mail


Minutes: The approval of the March meeting minutes was deferred.


  • CPH has sent the proposed designed for North Street.  The roadway will be regraded near 209 Market Street.  Commissioner Bartley will walk the area with Chris Scanlon and Miche Booz before the design is finalized and RFP is sent out.   Commissioner Bartley will discuss the proposed roadwork with the nearby neighbors.
  • Commissioner Bartley will get a quote from Maxxon to fill potholes on the gravel roads.  The work will not commence until next FY – summer or early fall.

Financial:  The budget reports were emailed prior to the meeting.

The Treasurer was not available and the Commissioner will follow-up with her about the FY ’17-’18 budget submission deadline.

The Commissioners want to focus on the changes to be made to the Academy,

There has been no word from MHT about the regrading of the Academy lawn.

Bulk Trash:  the Commissioners decided against a door-to-door bulk trash collection.  A dumpster was approved for the late April / early May timeframe – estimated cost $500.    The Town Clerk will check with B&B about bagged leaf pickup for this fall vs. leaf vacuum.


  • Heritage Day:  all paperwork has been submitted to Heritage Montgomery.  Sandy Heiler will be running the same program as last year.


Academy Update:
Roof:  still in the bidding process

Interior:  Property Manager will review the kitchen redesign with the Events Manager

Schoolhouse Update:   

  • The Property Manager and Commissioner Bartley walked the Schoolhouse lot with the Arborist.  He will revise his proposal to allow for 2 tree removals.  The current proposed contract is $1600; with the additional tree work, the estimated cost is $2500.
  • 2 proposals for the carpentry work have been received; a 3rd proposal is expected to be submitted.  One all proposal are received, the work will be awarded.
  • Streetlights:  the ballast are hard to get from the manufacturer; the electrician is working on obtaining ballasts before any work commences.
  • The Property Manager will contact HPC to see if a permit is needed to move the streetlight near the schoolhouse. 

ByPass:  the next partners meeting is Tuesday, April 11 in Baltimore

Other Business

  • The Town Election is May 9th.  Commissioner Bartley will follow up with Suzy Moreau about assisting with the election and ask Barbara Ray to be an election judge to assist the Supervisor of Elections.
  • Party for Katherine Farquhar:  it was discussed what the Town would pay for the party.  It was decided that the Town will pay for the beer and wine.
  • Flags:  Commissioner Bartley would like to buy all new flag poles.  The poles need to be longer, so the flags do not wrap around the poles.  He will get a price quote for all new poles.
  • There was a discussion about the status of Local Income Tax Overpayments – Local Reserve Account Repayment – Forgiveness
  • MML 2017 Summer Conference:  Commissioner Daley cannot attend; Commissioner Bartley is undecided.

The meeting adjourned at 8:27p.m.
Cate McDonald
Town Clerk