August 14, 2006 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

August 14 , 2006

Present:  Commissioner Richard Allan, Commissioner Michael Acierno, Commissioner Robert Heritage, Treasurer Susan Johnson, Clerk Paul Geib, Gazette Reporter Terri Hogan

Minutes: &nbsp The June minutes were accepted following two minor corrections.

Financial Report: The financial report was reviewed The Treasurer will look into short term CDs into which to deposit part of the surplus in the checking account (over $60,000.00). The group discussed the line item utility costs for the Town’s decorative street lights. It is an estimated $325 per year based on Pepco billings. Commissioner Allan reported that Dave Yinger has not yet billed the Town for the schoolhouse brickwork but that he would be encouraged to do so. Glenn Murphy will send us a bill for work on repairing the roof vent on the rear Academy roof.

Old Brookeville Schoolhouse: Work on the schoolhouse is almost done. We will need to add more top soil and the stone steps in front need to be completed. The two doors both require weather stripping and threshold seals. Two replacement lights for the exterior will be scheduled and Commissioner Heritage has contacted someone who may be able to supply us with a traditional blackboard. There is still money in the Heritage Tourism grant account for an information brochure about the school. The Commissioners will discuss an “opening event” for Town residents at the September meeting. Commissioner Allan will also discuss possible partnering with the Sandy Spring Museum regarding an educational program involving local schools and the schoolhouse.

Market and High Street Intersection: The Commissioners discussed the bumpy condition of the Market and High Streets intersection. Commissioner Allan noted that he would discuss the situation with SHA personnel at the August 17 meeting.

Trees at 198 Market Street: The Commissioners discussed the request by the owner of 198 Market Street for a determination as to whether the Town was responsible for the removal of two trees on or near the subject property. The owner was unable to supply a survey plat of the property. The Commissioners agreed that they would inspect the property and review property and parcel maps in order to determine if the trees were in Town right-of-way. If they are, a subsequent determination would have to be made to assess the condition of the trees before any further action would be taken. If the trees are on private property, the owner would have to follow the Historic Area Work Permit process before any tree removal was authorized.

New Path Between North and Water Streets: The Commissioners were pleased with the way in which the new path between North and Water Streets was constructed by developer Richard Kirby. They may consider putting a bench and or some plantings at the end of Water Street where the path begins. Some spraying of weeds may have to be done in that area as well.

Greenskeeper Contract: The Commissioners noted that the trees on Water Street were not properly mulched or kept weed free. Commissioner Allan asked the clerk to check the contract and set up a meeting with the landscaping contractor to ensure that the subject work was being performed properly.

Asphalt for Paving: The Commissioners discussed and agreed to order 30 bags of patching asphalt to be delivered to 5 High Street for temporary repair work on Market Street.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:44 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted by:

Paul R. Geib, Jr.
Town Clerk