September 11, 2006 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

September 11, 2006

Present: Commissioner Richard Allan, Commissioner Michael Acierno, Commissioner Robert Heritage, Clerk Paul Geib, Gazette Reporter Terri Hogan

Minutes: The August minutes were accepted as presented.

Report on Academy Use and Maintenance: Clerk/Business Manager Geib provided an update on Brookeville Academy use.  There were rentals during every weekend in June and on three of four weekends in July, August and September.  The tile floors in the kitchen and bathrooms have been cleaned and waxed.  Some painting of the molding must be done.  Paul did some reorganizing with Margaret Van Gelder of Planning Commission documents and the shelves in the storage/archives room.  Two of the rentals in September are wedding receptions.  The building (including the storage room) will be cleaned before each reception.  The Clerk will call Saul Derr regarding the annual fall cleaning the Academy windows.

Financial Report: The financial report will be sent to the Commissioners by Treasurer Susan Johnson.  Commissioner Allan noted that the Treasurer was going to investigate recent CD interest values for reinvestment of Town cash reserves.

Church-Town Picnic: Clerk Geib reported that the picnic had more attendance than last year and seemed enjoyable to all who attended.  District 14 Delegates Herman Taylor and Ann Kaiser presented Buck Bartley with an award for his work on the Brookeville Schoolhouse.  They also noted brick mason Dave Yinger’s contributions.

Passing of Former Commissioner Evelyn Yinger: The Commissioners noted and remembered the dedicated and faithful contributions of Evelyn Yinger as Commissioner.  During her tenure, the commissioners would hold their meetings in her home due to her disability and the unavailability of an accessible public space.

Thomas Mill Grant: The Commissioners discussed the status of the Historic Preservation Grant for signage and cleaning of the Thomas Mill millrace.  Commissioner Allan will continue to seek assistance from the Parks Department for resources to help clean the millrace area.  He will be contacting Lynn Coleman to further discuss the matter.

Greenskeeper Contract Service: Commissioner Allan discussed the recent tour of the town with Greenskeeper staff to determine additional areas that needed attention.  He asked the Clerk to contact Greenskeeper to inquire about the status of the work to be done with the addition of some work at 301 Market Street.  Commissioner Heritage will mark some over-the-sidewalk vines at 301 Market Street to be removed by Greenskeeper.  Related to this discussion, the commissioners discussed a low-hanging wire on Market Street. PEPCO determined that it was not its wire.

Tree Removal On Water Street: The Clerk reported that he had to call Arborcare during the Labor Day weekend to remove a tree from a neighboring property that had fallen across Water Street.  The Commissioners discussed who would be responsible for the cost of such removals.

Brookeville Schoolhouse: The Commissioners discussed the progress on the Schoolhouse.  Dave Yinger has almost completed the brickwork.  There will be a wood parchment in front and new lights outside.  Commissioner Allan will talk with the Sandy Spring Museum staff regarding connecting with the School initiative.

Flag Burning Ceremony: Clerk Geib noted that there are several worn flags in the storage room.   Commissioner Allan noted that the American Legion will have a flag burning ceremony on December 7th.  The Town will put that in the next Brookeville Times so that any worn or torn flags can be burned together in the Legion’s ceremony.

FEMA Floodplain Management Requirements: Commissioner Allan reported that the Town must adopt ordinances by September 29th to be in compliance with FEMA floodplain management regulations.  There are two properties in town within the 100-year flood plain. While he believed that the Town had earlier enacted the County’s coverage requirements as part of the storm water management requirements, the issue needed to be checked. The Commissioners all agreed that whatever was required would be supported.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted by:

Paul R. Geib, Jr.