October 9, 2006 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

October 9, 2006

Present: President of Commissioners Richard Allan, Commissioner Michael Acierno, Commissioner Robert Heritage, Clerk Paul Geib, Gazette Reporter Terri Hogan, Residents Deejon Bradby, Barbara Ray, and Rebecca Yount

Minutes: The September minutes were approved with minor corrections.

Financial Report: The financial report was reviewed. There were no questions.

Brookeville Schoolhouse: Commissioner Heritage reported that the blackboard he had located for the schoolhouse was actually a “green board” and thus not appropriate. He will continue searching for a blackboard appropriate to the period in which the schoolhouse was in operation.

Discussion of Water Street Issues: The Commissioners discussed the Town’s fifty-foot right-of-way on Water Street (set by the Brookeville Planning Commission when Water Street was developed) in the context of recent Town maintenance that was performed on the street. Resident Rebecca Yount noted that there are “mature” trees within the right-of-way space and she was concerned that the Town landscape contractor would possibly damage them. The Commissioners assured her that the Town had no intention of removing or damaging any healthy trees but have directed its contractor to mulch twice a year around the trees planted by the developer and keep them weed free. Ms. Yount mentioned that several new residents on Water Street had planted a number of trees on their properties. Commissioner Allan reiterated that the Commissioners established a rebate program for residents who plant qualifying trees to encourage a “greener” Brookeville. The Commissioners discussed the apparent misunderstanding regarding the contractor’s work on Water Street and expressed interest in obtaining input from street residents on Water Street beautification ideas, particularly aesthetic improvements to the north end of the street and some type of screening for the trash cans at the south end of the street.

Discussion of Work of Contractors: In conjunction with the discussion of the Water Street issues, the Commissioners responded to Ms. Yount’s recommendation that residents be notified when contractors are in town to do specific work. Clerk Geib read several task requirements assigned to the landscaping contractor, Greenskeeper. The Commissioners all agreed that it would be impossible to inform the residents precisely when one of its contractors would be working in the Town. They mentioned that Greenskeeper would be working once a month at cleaning up leaves and debris in the gutters along the curbs of the Town streets. They assured that residents that the contractors would only be working on Town property and on the various street rights-of-way and do not go on private property without permission. The Commissioners agreed to provide some general explanation regarding the timing of the contractor’s work in the next Town newsletter.

Discussion of Sidewalks on High Street: Resident Barbara Ray reported that she got a letter from the Maryland SHA regarding surveying along High Street in preparation for installing sidewalks. She requested clarification regarding her property in that she understood there was an agreement not to place a sidewalk in front of her house. The Commissioners assured her that the plan for the sidewalks was for a sidewalk from 8 High Street to Longwood Recreation Center.

Town of Brookeville Website: Commissioner Acierno mentioned improvements coming to the Town’s website. Everyone agreed that the site was outstanding.

Issues: the Academy: Clerk Geib mentioned that the Academy was scheduled to be rented most of the weekends in November and December. The Commissioners discussed compact fluorescent spotlights for the outside of the academy for use as security lights and a new tankless, more efficient, water heater for the building. There was a false fire alarm at the Academy on October 8th, early Sunday morning. Clerk Geib contacted the Town’s security/alarm contractor to correct the problem.

Town Insurance Policy: Clerk Geib reported that Treasurer Johnson received that new insurance policy from Local Government Insurance Trust (LGIT). Further, he mentioned that he talked with LGIT staff regarding Town liability should a contractor employee be injured on the job while working on a Town project. It was noted that the Commissioners require all contractors to have such insurance. LGIT staff said that usually this was a workman’s compensation issue for the contractor.

Cemetery Trees: The Commissioners discussed planting two trees along High Street adjacent to the Salem United Methodist Church Cemetery to replace the diseased ones removed by the SHA. Clerk Geib was asked to talk with the Cemetery Board regarding any preferences it may have with regard to planting new trees. Commissioner Heritage recommended that the Town plant two trees roughly in the middle area of each side of the main entrance gate.

Market Street Repairs: The Commissioners will purchase 30 bags of asphalt to patch road erosion and potholes on Market Street.

Meeting Adjourned at 10:00 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted by:

Paul R. Geib, Jr.