December 10, 2012 – Commissioner Meeting Minutes

Town of Brookeville Commissioners Meeting Minutes
November 12, 2012

Commissioner President Michael Acierno, Commissioners Sue Daley and Katherine Farquhar, Academy Manager Andrea Scanlon and Treasurer Susan Johnson were present. Present during the meeting was Gazette Reporter Terri Hogan

Minutes: November minutes were approved after amendments. They will be posted to the website.

Financial: Reports were reviewed. Michael put all back audits and financial statements on the website so we are currently up to date.

Academy Report: The Plein Air paintings that were done around town were on display at the Sandy Spring Museum and are now at the Inn at Brookeville Farms. Roberta Staat wanted to know if the town could have the paintings on display at the Academy or Schoolhouse. Andrea does not think it will work well with the rentals that use the academy. She thought that we might be able to display them at the Schoolhouse for a specified weekend, if the Plein Air group agrees to help out. They could also be displayed during the bicentennial celebrations.

Plein Air Olney will be having another evening the spring of 2013 and would like to use the academy for an after party. Andrea stated she was fine with that.

Roberta Staat would like to rent the schoolhouse again beginning Jan or Feb 1, 2013. Andrea will discuss the deposit to cover heating costs and other final details with her once she knows when she wants to start.

The rentals are down until March 2013 and we have not had very many full price rentals over the past year. We have not been doing any advertising lately and may need to start in the Spring.

Planning Commission: The commissioners signed a permit for tree removal. It is not to be given to the resident until the permit fee has been paid.

Town Clerk Vacancy: The town has received two applications. Michael will be in touch with both applicants to set up interviews within a week.

War of 1812: Teleconference with Bill Penecek to discuss details of $20,000 grant with Sandy Heiler, Michael Yesenko and Michael Acierno. Michael Yesenko is our grant manager.

Town Comments: Katherine noted that a resident mentioned to her that the town was starting to look a bit trashy with leaves in gutters and needed some clean up. See next item for response

Town Maintenance: Leary Trucking is finishing up gravel work on North, South and Water Sts. After that job is complete, he will present a new contract to clean the gutters, move large rocks by fire pit, etc.

Tax Rates: The town’s tax rates have remained the same for at least the last 10 years. Susan will try and find when the last increase occurred.

Legislative dinner: Will be held on Dec 13. Brookeville was unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts.

Large Item Pick up: Postponed till spring.

Open Discussion: Andrea stated that she hoped to have the new town directory printed and distributed in May, but will need assistance verifying the rest of the listings that were mot updated at the Holiday Party..

The meeting adjourned at 9:00p.m.

Susan Johnson, Treasurer