February 8, 2008 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

February 11, 2008

Present:  Commissioner Michael Acierno, Commissioner Robert Heritage, Commissioner Katherine Farquhar, Treasurer Susan Johnson, Gazette Reporter Terri Hogan

Minutes:   The January 2008 Commissioners’ Meeting minutes were approved.

Financial Report:  The December financial report was reviewed.  The Commissioners asked the Treasurer to remove Rick Allan’s name from the checking account.

Brookeville Angel:  Commissioner Farquhar asked what do we need to do regarding the angel?  What do we need to do to get it repaired?  After a discussion she will contact the person who made the angel for advice.

Hiring of New Clerk and Academy Manager:  The Commissioners discussed the two jobs and how to get a new hire(s).  Commissioner Acierno will meet with Clerk Geib to discuss the two positions.

Heating Problem:  We have two geothermal bids and are waiting for a third.  The Commissioners discussed the current problem and whether this is an installation problem when first installed.   Commissioner Farquhar suggested we find the original paperwork and wait for the third bid.

Town Meeting:  The Commissioners will call a Town Meeting to review the options for the correction of the heating problem.  Chris Scanlon contacted Commissioner Acierno and said it would be nice if the meeting could be about the town being more “Green” in general.  Michael agreed.

Landscaping Contract:  The Greenskeeper contract is in and correct, following some discussions between the Town and the contractor.

2008 Celebration Planning:  This celebration will be on Sunday, August 24th, the closest Sunday to August 26th.  Commissioner Acierno will call the Knights of Columbus, who said that they would help with the celebration.  The Commissioners discussed several ideas:

  • Commissioner Farquhar will contact former Commissioner Clyde Ungelsbee, and residents Anne Ennes and Miche Booz to get an idea for the structure of the celebration.
  • Have the Brookeville Times announce the date and urge the residents to “Hold that Date!”
  • This will be the Town celebration of its incorporation.
  • Tentative Time will be 2:00 p.m.
  • Commissioner Heritage will contact Leonard Becraft.
  • Perhaps Sandy Spring Museum will help us.

Interpretive Signs:  The Commissioners discussed the signs that we currently have at the Angel, Mill, etc.  For our new signs we could try to get a picture of what used to be there.  We must get information on the people who did the other signs.

Tree Removal:  The two trees on Town property in front of Debbie Wagner’s house should be removed this week.

Brookeville Bypass Sign:  The bypass sign has come down and will be removed by Commissioner Heritage.  The Commissioners decided to keep it down for now.

May Election:  Treasurer Johnson will check with Margaret VanGelder to see if she wants to continue as election supervisor.  The notice inviting nominations should go out by the end of March.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Recorded by Treasurer Johnson and Respectfully Submitted by:

Clerk Paul R. Geib, Jr.