January 14, 2008 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

January 14, 2008

Present:Commissioner Michael Acierno, Commissioner Robert Heritage, Commissioner Katherine Farquhar, Treasurer Susan Johnson, Clerk Paul Geib, Gazette Reporter Terri Hogan

Minutes:2007 Commissioners Meeting minutes were approved.

Financial Report:The December financial report was reviewed.

Status of Academy heating:  The Commissioners discussed the problem with the Academy’s main heating system.  The Clerk provided information that the contractor for maintaining the system, Brown’s Refrigeration, replaced the rusted burner unit in December.  Later they found that the heat exchanger is cracked.  Therefore, the system is unsafe to use for heating.  The Commissioners discussed the following issues:


  1. Replace the furnace with a new propane unit.  That would cost between $4,100 and $4,500 installed.  It would work at about 80% efficiency.  
  2.   Replace the furnace with a propane boiler (probably located on the floor of the furnace room near the lift mechanical room).  The boiler would heat water that would travel up piping to a new heat exchanger located where the present heat exchanger is now (above the present burner unit).  That would cost between $6,000 and $7,000 installed.  It would work at about 90% efficiency.
  3.   Replace the present propane system with a geothermal heating/cooling system.  The Commissioners asked Clerk Geib to contact various geothermal installers to obtain information on the costs of installing and operating a geothermal system.   He will also contact Rick Allan regarding advice from the contractor who installed a geothermal system in the Allan’s house in Delaware.

Costs (short term and long term):  Treasurer Johnson provided the Commissioners with an analysis of the cost of our propane usage.  From July 2000 to January 2008 we spent nearly $27,000 on propane purchases.   When we receive information regarding the geothermal systems, we will know the short term costs of installing the various systems and be able to project the long term costs to the Town of operating each system.

Present options /costs to residents at a Town meeting:  The Commissioners decided to present the options and costs to the residents at a Town meeting after all the bids have been received.

Bypass letters mailed:  Clerk Geib mentioned that on January 7th he mailed the originals of the letters from a number of Brookeville residents regarding the Brookeville Bypass, along with a cover letter from Commission President Acierno, to County Executive Leggett.  As the Commissioners requested he mailed a copy of the cover letter to the Montgomery County Council members and to the District 14 delegates and senator.  He sent copies of the residents’ letters along with the cover letters to Senator Kramer, and Delegates Kaiser, Montgomery and Taylor.  He sent electronic copies of the residents’ letters to the County Council.

Greenskeeper contract:  Commissioner Acierno reviewed the contract from Greenskeeper Landscaping and Lawn Management, Inc. and noted some errors and inconsistencies.  Clerk Geib will get back to Greenskeeper and request revisions.

Deborah Wagner’s tree removal request:  The Commissioners reviewed Deborah Wagner’s request regarding removing two trees that are on town property.  Clerk Geib will request bids from our two contractors, ArborCare and Greenskeeper.

Brookeville Master plan:  We received a copy of the draft undated Brookeville Master plan.  It is being retyped for publication.

Street lamp finally installed:  Clerk Geib mentioned that All Things Electric finally installed the ornamental light at 10 High Street in front of Orndorff Hall.  The contractor still must finish some work on the light at 307 Market Street that they installed last year and secure the base of the light at 308 Market Street.  He will call All Things Electric to request them to come and finish the work.

Academy rentals:  Clerk Geib reported on the status of rentals at the Academy.  Because of the heating problem, one rental had to be cancelled in January and one in February.  Because of the nature of the long term rental, it did not have to be cancelled, but can use the first and second floor hallways.  The hallways can be kept warm using space heaters.

Christmas tree recycling:  The Commissioners are interested in providing the residents the option of recycling their Christmas trees through a pickup by Waste Management.  They asked the Clerk to inquire about the costs and procedures of such a service.

Route 97 “Brookeville” sign replaced:  The group discussed the replacement of the sign south of Town with the Town’s name finally spelled correctly.

Articles for Newsletter:  The group discussed various articles for the Brookeville Times, one of which will relate to the sign replacement.   

Meeting Adjourned at 9:27 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted by:

Paul R. Geib, Jr.