June 9, 2014 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

Town of Brookeville

Commissioners Meeting Minutes

June 9, 2014

8:00 pm


Present: Michael Acierno, Katherine Farquhar, Sue Daley, Buck Bartley, Susan Johnson, Andrea Scanlon, Debbie Wagner, Barbara Rey, Diane Teague, Terri Hogan


Commission Administration: Michael Acierno administers the oath of office to Buck Bartley. The new commission elects Katherine Farquhar to be Commission President.  The Commission moves to appoint Michael Acierno Brookeville as Commission President Emeritus.  The appointment serves to continue his responsibility and authority on behalf of the town as special assistant to the Bicentennial Commission.


Commission, staff and attendees express thanks and appreciation to Michael for 10 years of exemplary service. Six years were spent as Commission President.  Michael was commended for being dedicated, committed, honest, reliable and collegial.  There was much appreciation expressed for his follow through, diplomacy and professionalism in all of his dealings as commissioner.


May minutes: Approved


Budget: The budget for the current fiscal year is $90,000.00 Income tax revenues thus far are $72,000.00.  Another payment due at the end of June will bring revenues up to projections.  Most 1812 Celebration expenses are coming from grants

Additional expenses for FY 14:

  • August Events:
    • $2000.00 for clearing and mowing field behind Madison House for August events.
    • $4,800.00 for traffic engineers
    • As yet unknown costs for crossing guards during August events
  • Landscaping and maintenance for hill in front of Madison House.
  • School House Clean Up: cost for 30 bags of mulch



Academy Rental Report:

  • Academy is being used a lot for non-paying events. (Bicentennial events and Census training)
  • Annual revenues from rentals down $10,000.00 due to loss of music lessons.
  • Proposal to increases rental rates: Approved
    • o Increase single room rental to $300
    • o Increase double room rental to $550
    • o Fee for clients who rent chair/tents etc.
    • o Put minimum value on weddings.  Create wedding package.



  • Church: Bartley Corporation will perform the repairs and installation to sidewalks in front of Salem UMC.
  • Market Street:
    • Bartley Corporation is preparing bid.
    • No response from other bidders contacted. Diane will follow up.



Speed limit signs for Water Street: Signs have been ordered. Diane is waiting for response from Shannon and Baum about status. Need to determine placement.


Road maintenance contract: Neal will begin immediately.  Buck will talk to Neal about drainage problem by Cate McDonald’s house.  After August events drainage problem by Montgomery’s house will be addressed.


Landscaping: Landscaping and maintenance of hill in front of Madison House is needed. Repair and clean up should be done immediately and long term plan for continued maintenance should be put in place.


WSSC update: Karen Montgomery and Michael Acierno met with WSSC Department Director and two engineers. The open hole on Market St. near Water St. was repaired immediately.  They have agreed to raise the manhole covered standing pipes to manage flood waters that cause the sewer overflows.  Officials also confirmed that the pumping station is under capacity and capable of handling much more volume than it currently experiences.  The problem is the pressure feed pipe. Straps were improperly installed requiring the entire pipe to be replaced.  This will be done eventually. In the meantime proposed flood mitigation measure should prevent future overflows once they are implemented.  Proposal was made to request a written description of all the proposed measures planned with details.


Brookeville Bypass monthly meeting: Michael will attend the June 10 partnering meeting at 10am in Baltimore and report back.


Authority to sell beer and wine at August event: Michael Yeshenko has identified two vendors willing to sell beer and hard cider at the August events.  They are Distillery Lane Ciderworks and Heavy Seas. They are requesting a letter confirming that they are authorized to sell alcohol from the town.  Katherine will compose and send letter.


Trash contract for August event: Lowest bid for trash and sanitary services contract is $4450.  Contract includes 3 handicapped accessible toilets and 7 standard toilets. Vendor will be asked to provide sketch of proposed locations.


Open discussion:

  • Old ballots don’t need to be saved but voter register should be filed in the Academy office.
  • Schedule another Town Meeting to discuss August events: Schedule for Monday August 11, 7:00 pm.
  • Schedule Post Bicentennial Celebration: Sunday Sept. 21 at 4:00 pm.  Used Town picnic format.
  • Door to door outreach to contact each resident about August events.  Get written information together so it can be delivered with visits. Make sure all residents are visited and asked about their concerns.  Information is needed to prepare resident packet: shuttle and parking, road closures and detours, toilet locations, map.  Schedule of events and locations.


Adjourn: 9:47 pm


Respectfully Submitted by:

Diane Teague