March 9, 2015 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

Town of Brookeville
Commissioners Meeting Minutes
Monday March 9, 2015
7 PM (edited KF; approved KF/BB/SLD 9/15)

Present: Katherine Farquhar, Sue Daley, Buck Bartley, Andrea Scanlon, Susan Johnson, Diane Teague
Approved February minutes.
• Discussion of member qualifications: Ideally members would have some knowledge or expertise in historic architecture, historic preservation or planning. However, the commission will retain some of its expertise as new members come on and get up to speed. Interest and willingness to participate in training will count towards qualifications.
• Commissioners are responsible for appointing members. BPC has -Missed the wording-responsibility to the town.
• Put announcement in the newsletter asking for volunteers for the commission.

Town Meeting to Discuss Survey: Scheduled for March 30. Send email/postcard announcements to town. Agenda will include presentation of survey results. Afterwards break up into 4 groups monitored by commissioners and planning commissioners to discuss town priorities identified in survey.

• Budget: Bicentennial events totaled $250,000 (later corrected to $325K), Town contribution was approximately $2300 beyond the $65,000 committed and spent over two fiscal years.
The town collected $6000 more in grants than anticipated in the budget and $7000 more in donations than anticipated in budget.
Urgent Capital Expenses:
E. Market St.: Old estimate from county for repair was approximately $150,000.00. Estimate did not include replacing concrete sub-structure. Town will ask the county to do another estimate for repair from Water St. to Brighton Dam. Contact Craig Zucker for help. Buck will call Chris Casey with Montgomery County.
School House: Estimates are not all in and don’t include fixing the rot in the front.
Mold remediation: $7060.00
Electrician: $555.00 outlet installation
Gutters: waiting for estimates
Roofing repairs: $1000.00 stop leaks
$1600.00 paint roof
$980.00 clean/remove/reinstall gutters
Grading: $2,000.00
Total Estimate: $11,000.00-$13,000.00 Complete this FY. Funds from line 6147 Misc. Maintenance
Sidewalk: $7000.00 Complete this FY.
Roof Andrea will get estimate for both metal and shingle
Handicap door: No cost information yet. Complete this FY
Sign: $1500.00

Fire Alarm System: complete this FY
Siemens $15,000.00 Replace panel, upgrade devices
Bogan $9,000.00 “ “
Light Pole: Bogan ~$2,000.00 Options: Refurbish old, replace with
new, replace with new alternate
• Tax Rate Change: Commissioners are considering raising the town’s tax rate from $0.15/$100 of property tax valuation to $0.20/$100. Current budget cannot cover all of the Urgent Capital Expenses needed. Tax rate increase would provide the town with an additional $12,000 per year. Would increase the average resident tax burden by ~$250. Commissioners will vote at the next Commissioner’s meeting on April 13. Email/mail notices will be sent to residents.
• Academy Rental & Maintenance update:
o Possible new regular renter, support group Golden Habits. Interested in weekly possibly biweekly booking. Decision on long term will wait until after trial event. First rental $150, looking for lower rate for regular rental.
o Academy Roof: Buck learned from ??? that the original roof was wood shingle but that there was a metal roof on the building at one time.
o Fire Alarm System Monitoring: Currently ASG does monitoring and Siemens does maintenance and inspections. Bogan is providing estimate for maintenance, inspection and monitoring. Andrea recommends getting bids for the monitoring. Need to check with insurance carrier to find out liability issues.
• Town Maintenance: Street lights. Denis Bogan is waiting for town’s choice of the test lights he has installed. Light by Montgomery’s is too bright.
• Open Discussion:
o Academy parking problem during snow storm. Academy guests parked on both sides of High St. outside of the white lines and in the roadway.
o Change Heritage Day participation to Sunday from 1-4 instead of Saturday. School House will not be suitable for visitors so Academy will be open instead. Andrea will block the date. Diane will contact Romala.
o Scout troop would like to do Spring clean-up. Andrea will schedule them for April 18 from 8:30-11:30 pm.
o Schedule Town Clean-up. Buck will call SHA about plows dumping snow on the sidewalks.

Adjourn: 9:26

Respectfully Submitted by: Diane Teague