Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

Town of Brookeville
Planning Commission Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, September 1, 2015
7:30 PM

Planning Commission Members:
Present: Chris Scanlon, Miche Booz, Bruce Evans, Debbie Wagner, and Fred Teal
Absent: none
Quorum present? Yes

Others Present:
Town Commissioner President Katherine Farquhar, incoming BPC member Andy Spagnolo
Others: Chris Haris, Leszek Syski

· Meeting called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Chair, Chris Scanlon

Town Charter was reviewed

Permits: 2 Permits for review

1. Pepco Tree Removal: Pepco submitted a permit to remove 28 tress across 8 properties. Pepco contacted the private home owners directly. Tress for removal are marked with pink tape. Discussion about what criteria Pepco uses to decided what trees to take down.
Permits were approved pending receipt of the permit fee
2. 4 North Street Garage: homeowner submitted plans for a garage; HPC approval was granted. There was some discussion about the tight turning radius for accessing the garage. Brookeville has no zoning requirement for turning radius as some municipalities do.
Permit was approved as submitted.

BPC Update
BPC members Debbie Wagner and Bruce Evans terms will end December 31, 2015.
Andy Spagnolo will join the BPC starting Jan. 1, 2016 for a 3 year term: Jan 2016 – Jan 2019. Commissioner President Katherine Farquhar administers the Oath of Office to Andy Spagnolo.
Commissioner President Katherine Farquhar reports that the Town Commissioners are not in favor of a 9 person BPC. They want a Planning Commission made up of no more than 7 members and no fewer than 5 members. Quorum will be one more than half the BPC for a binding vote.
Debbie Wagner’s term cannot be extended because she is a member of 2 commissions and per the Town Charter she can be a member of only one commission. The Town Commissioners are working on appointing a 5th town resident to the BPC.

The Town Commissioners will work with BPC Chair Chris Scanlon on a more formal charter for the BPC. Chris Scanlon will report to the Commissioners on the BPC duties.
Commissioner President Farquhar wants the BPC to work in an advisory role for Town Residents for the permitting process: let them know the HAWP procedures, advice on the procedures to apply for a permit, when a permit is needed. She would like the BPC to make the information available in the upcoming Town Directory that will be published in December. Also, provide the information to all new Town Residents.
Commissioner President Farquhar would like the BPC to get together one day to go through all the files. The filing cabinet is over flowing with paper. The BPC would have a sense of what needs to be saved and what can be trashed

Other business: Chair Chris Scanlon asks the guest present if they have any items / issues for the BPC before the discussions continues. None at this time.

Discussion about the various options the SHA and Park & Planning are considering for the Brookeville ByPass. Commissioner President Farquhar wants at least 75 people to attend the SHA’s informational meeting a Longwood September 29th. October 22 is the Mandatory Referral meeting. The Town’s attorney, Jody Kline will attend this meeting. There will be a closed door strategy meeting before next week’s Commissioner meeting with Jody Kline and Commissioner President Farquhar extended an invitation to the BPC to attend. The meeting will start at 6:30pm.

Town Roads
Commissioner President Farquhar reports:
The road in front of 204 Market was patched today.
There has been discussion about the width of the gravel roads and how the gravel roads are now higher.
The Town Commissioners are talking to engineering firms about the roads and drainage and refreshing Market Street – pothole and speed bump repair – to make it safer.
Commissioner Bartley talking with MoCo about reducing the speed limits to slow the approach into Town at each end of the Town.
Recent road maintenance projects caused a lot of distress with residents. Seems more gravel was added this year than in years past. She requested that the BPC come up with a standard for the Town’s gravel roads.
The Town Commissioners are focusing on engineering, hydrological study, and storm water management.
Questions for the BPC to consider: what is in the character for our Town – rural, natural? Are there other alternatives for gravel, for example tar & chip? The Commissioners will advise the BPC about any changes to the roads.

Open Discussion
Fred Teal reports that he is working on a solar co-op with Debbie Wagner and Jeff Johnson. They will need 1-2 acres and hope more people from Brookeville will sign up for solar power. Estimated 10K-30K investment for the panels and 7 ½ years breakeven point.

Chris Haris advised he has gotten financing for his barn. He want to make sure he knows what he needs for the Brookeville permits. He has an HAWP, which does not expire. Chairman Scanlon gave Chris Haris the specifics he need to apply for a Brookeville permit and the forms are available on the Town’s website.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00p.m.
Minutes submitted by Cate McDonald, Town Clerk