January 9, 2006 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

January 9, 2006

Present:  President of Commission Richard Allan, Commissioner Robert Heritage, Commissioner Michael Acierno, Clerk Diane Allan, Treasurer Susan Johnson, and Gazette Reporter Terri Hogan

Minutes:  The Minutes from the December meeting were accepted as written.

Financial Report:  The Treasurer reported that the most recent propane delivery statement was over $1000.00.  The commissioners revisited the feasibility of installing a tankless hot water heater that heats water only on demand in order to cut propane costs.  The existing gas-fired hot water heater is almost nine years old.

The clerk asked that her salary for managing the Brookeville Academy be reduced by $100.00 per month until such time that rental activity picks up.  The Commissioners did not object.

Announcements and Reports:  Commissioner Allan announced that the Montgomery County Historic Preservation Commission has awarded $1,400 to the Town for FY 2006 for use in signing the nineteenth century Thomas Mill and clearing and cleaning up the millrace and various mill foundation artifacts.  Allan also indicated that this initiative would involve establishing a collaboration with the WSSC, Park and Planning (the Reddy Branch Stream Valley Park) and the Town to help develop the project on the property.

Commissioner Allan reported that Commissioner Heritage and he attended the annual MML Legislative Dinner at the Golden Bull Restaurant.  The Town sponsored Sen. Rona Kramer and Del. Anne Kaiser.  Sen. Kramer was relatively hopeful that progress would be made in this year’s General Assembly regarding the Brookeville Bypass.

Commissioner Allan reported further developments regarding the Kirby subdivision on North Street.  He indicated that the document signed by the commissioners at the December meeting regarding a “meandering roadway” (North Street extended) was not sufficient for the developer’s purposes (although it was requested in that format by the developer).  As a result and to meet the concerns by the commissioners that North Street extended should be plainly shown on the record plat, another record plat will be prepared accordingly.  Commissioner Allan expressed his view that this was a good illustration about why the Commissioners should more actively monitor what goes on in subdivision developments while the Planning Commission is engaged in its deliberations.  Commissioners Heritage and Acierno concurred.

Commissioner Allan reported that the Hazard Mitigation Ordinance the commissioners enacted at the November meeting that had the effect of obliging the Town to participate in the Montgomery County Mitigation Plan might lead to ultimately justifying funds for use in alleviating flooding at Brookeville Road and Market Street (Georgia Avenue) and correcting road erosion and other damage that results.

The Commissioners again discussed the frequency and cost of maintenance needed to keep the Town’s streetlights lit. Commissioner Allan suggested that a lighting consultant might be engaged to assess the feasibility of changing the lights from sodium vapor to  incandescent or some other potentially cheaper to maintain lighting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted

Diane Burr Allan