June 9, 2003 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

June 9, 2003

ATTENDING: President Richard Allan, Commissioner Robert Heritage, Clerk-Treasurer Susan Johnson, and resident Debbie Grippaudo were in attendance. The meeting began at 8:00 p.m. at the Brookeville Academy.

MINUTES: The minutes for May were read and accepted as submitted.

FINANCIAL REPORT: The financial report was reviewed and accepted.


1. Election. Commissioner Heritage ran unopposed. He was reelected with 22 votes. President Allan swore him in as Commissioner for a two-year term.

2. Operations and Maintenance:
Public Maintenance. Ms. Johnson ordered a Maryland flag for the flagpole outside the Academy. Orbe Painting returned to fix the down spouts that had not been reattached when Orbe painted the Academy last year. Ms. Johnson expressed concern over the health of the large ash tree in front of the academy. There are several dead branches that overhang High St. that could be a hazard should they break off. She will contact several tree companies to get a price on pruning. She will also ask them for an assessment of other trees in the Town’s right-of-ways.

3. Bypass. No new development was reported.

4. Academy. Resident Debbie Grippaudo, who lives at 3 High St. located next to the Academy, attended the meeting to express concerns about a recent party event at the Academy. She complained about several very loud parties that have been late in the night. She also stated that during some events, people are parking in her driveway as well as the parking lot of Bell & Frech. President Allan expressed regret that she and other residents had been bothered by the party and he went on to explain a number of Academy usage policies that direct renters to park at the Church parking lot and that impose penalties if events go beyond specified curfew times. He also indicated that the Academy’s business manager is very careful to review those policies with renters and vets renters as carefully as possible. He indicated that in the recent case he called the police when the excessive noise drew resident complaints and the organizers could not reduce the noise. That said, he thanked Ms. Grippaudo for her comments and indicated that the Commissioners would carefully consider adjusting policies or taking other actions to help reduce the likelihood of future problems. The Commissioners then discussed adding addenda to the rental contract to specify that parking on private property as well as excessive noise could result in forfeiture of the security deposit. They also suggested that the Town obtain an appropriate no parking sign for Ms. Grippaudo’s driveway and for Bell & Frech.

5. Budget. The 2003-2004 budget was presented at the annual meeting on May 22, 2003. There were no objections or comments from those attending the meeting. Commissioner Heritage made a motion to adopt the draft budget. It was seconded by President Allan and passed unanimously. The commissioners discussed paying down the mortgage with some of the reserve funds that have accumulated. Ms. Johnson suggested that such a pay down be deferred until the current note is up for renegotiation. She will also obtain information on refinancing the note at an earlier date through Sandy Spring Bank.

6. Schoolhouse. Due to the excessive number of rain days, the roof has not yet been installed. Otherwise, interior and exterior carpentry has continued. The windows are being reconstructed as well.


There was no new business.

The meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m. The next meeting is on July 14, 2003 at 8:00 p.m. at the Brookeville Academy.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan L. Johnson