December 12, 2005 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

December 12, 2005

Present:  President Richard Allan, Commissioner Robert Heritage, Commissioner Michael Acierno, Clerk Diane Allan, Treasurer Susan Johnson, Richard Kirby, Terri Hogan, Gazette Newspaper

Minutes:  The minutes from the November meeting were approved as written.

Financial Reports:  The Treasurer will be using a new format for presenting financial reports.  The new format will reflect expenses and revenues contrasted with annual budget numbers by each account so that the commissioners can track financial developments more closely.  The financial report was accepted as presented and is attached to the minutes.

Reports and Updates:  In the November minutes there was a discussion about a water runoff problem at the Brookeville Schoolhouse.  President Allan had indicated that there were indications that there was moisture in the crawl space and that grading around the schoolhouse needed to be finished to minimize or eliminate the problem.  Commissioner Heritage recommended that resident Buck Bartley be asked to consult and provide recommendations to the commissioners as to how to correct the problem.  It was agreed that Commissioner Allan will approach Mr. Bartley and ask him to advise the commissioners accordingly.

Powers’ Woods Subdivision:  Developer Richard Kirby made a presentation regarding the need for the Town to formally establish legal ingress, egress for prospective buyers of the two new lots established as part of the approved subdivision.  The Brookeville Planning Commission apparently did not specifically show a dedicated right-of-way that would constitute North Street extended in the final subdivision plat submitted and approved.   Mr. Kirby is in the process of refinancing the property in order to proceed with construction and development and he indicated that he required a statement by the Town that there was a formally approved ingress and egress for prospective owners.  He asked that the Town sign a statement that he provided to that effect. The commissioners agreed that they would provide such a statement and that the Planning Commission should have shown the dedicated extension of North Street servicing the new residences.  The commissioners agreed to advise the Planning Commission to review the recorded plat and take whatever action is legally appropriate to rectify the situation and to show the existence of the extension of North Street.  The Planning Commission will also be asked to coordinate this action with Mr. Kirby.

Farquhar Addition:  The HPC and Planning Commission have approved the preliminary plans for the addition to the Farquhar house and the related Town Building Permit.  The commissioners indicated they concurred with the plans and approved the signing of the building permit.  It was indicated by Treasurer Johnson that there may be a small refund in the permit fee due to Ms. Farquhar.

Excel Tree Experts:  There are four trees in various degrees of decay and presenting some danger that need to be removed on BA property abutting the Murphy residence near the Brookeville Angel.   Excel, which has been working at the east end of town, was asked to provide an estimate for this tree work.  The estimate presented was for $1800.00.  While one of the four trees was apparently inadvertently excluded from the estimate, the commissioners agreed that the estimate appeared to be an acceptable one even should there be some additional cost for another tree.  The proposal was approved with the acknowledgement that it would be amended upward.

MML Contest:  Commissioner Allan reported that this year’s Maryland Municipal League’s Annual  “If I Were Mayor” Contest offered for 4th grade students in Maryland was beginning.  He asked the Gazette if they would be interested in giving the contest some local publicity.  He also indicated he would follow up with some local elementary schools.

Wells/Rotter Properties:  Commissioner Heritage presented a collection of pictures of the Wells property showing debris, glass laying around, and three abandoned and non-registered vehicles.  It was noted all were visible from the public street (Market Street).  Commissioner Allan will write another letter asking that these materials be removed immediately in accordance with the Town Code.  Commissioner Heritage also displayed pictures of another abandoned vehicle on the Rotter property in the public right-of-way as well as pictures of sheds that appeared to be in danger of falling in and representing a nuisance and potential danger.  The commissioners agreed that there needed to be resolution to these issues.

MML Legislative Dinner:  Commissioner Allan announced that the Maryland Municipal League Montgomery County Chapter Annual Legislative Dinner will be held on January 4, 2006 at the Golden Bull Restaurant.  The Town will be sponsoring Senator Rona Kramer and Delegate Anne Kaiser for the dinner. All commissioners will attend.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by

Diane Burr Allan