March 8, 2004 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

March 8, 2004

ATTENDING: President Richard Allan, Commissioners Robert Heritage and Les Unglesbee, and Clerk-Treasurer Susan Johnson were in attendance. The meeting began at 8:00 p.m. at the Brookeville Academy.

MINUTES: The minutes for January were accepted as amended.

FINANCIAL REPORT: The financial report was reviewed and accepted.


1. Operations and Maintenance:
Public Maintenance. Ms. Johnson and Diane Allan met with a representative from Hawkins Floors to discuss refinishing the wood floors in the Brookeville Academy. They are currently waiting on an estimate. Leary Trucking is resurfacing North and South St. The Town has set up a maintenance schedule with Leary that provides for resurfacing these streets in the spring with a review process in the fall to examine their condition and maintain accordingly. A bulk item trash pick up has been scheduled for April 24. Notices will be sent to all residents. Ms. Johnson has received a landscape maintenance bid from Greenskeeper Landscapes. She is awaiting another bid. President Allan asked Mrs. Johnson to get bids on cleaning/painting all of the town lampposts. Commissioner Heritage said he would give her the number of posts in town. Mrs. Johnson will also be getting bids to paint the first floor interior and the original building exterior of the Brookeville Academy.

President Allan is meeting with a State Highway Administration hydraulic engineer on March 12th to discuss the water drainage problems on High Street (Georgia Avenue). SHA has informed President Allan that they will be replacing the current curb/gutter and culvert in front of the Yinger’s house on Georgia Avenue. They are referring the issue of crosswalks to the traffic division. Finally, they will be contacting Maryland Historical Trust to discuss recurbing and new sidewalks from Bell & Frech Accountants past the Brookeville Academy and further south.

2. Schoolhouse Restoration Most of the exterior work has been completed. The exterior painting of the siding is scheduled for this month. The town is hoping to have this complete by March 31st in time for meeting application requirements for the Montgomery Preservation, Inc. preservation awards competition.

3. Water Street- President Allan suggested that we speak to Mr. Rotter about helping clear out his outbuilding for the special trash pick up. Mr. Crane has reinstalled the brick sidewalk on both sides of the street as he completes the subdivision development on Water Street.

4.Election – Letters will be going out to all residents notifying them of the election on May 11. The deadline for submitting nominations is April 21. Commissioner Unglesbee’s term expires this year.

5. Budget – The Commissioners and Clerk-Treasurer met with Joe McCathran from Linton, Shafer and Company, the Town’s accounting firm to discuss implementing GASB #34 for the next fiscal budget. Mr. McCathran reviewed what is required from smaller towns. He will be sending President Allan some examples from other towns’ financial reports.


No new business

The meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m. The next meeting is on April 12, 2004 at 8:00 p.m. at the Brookeville Academy.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan L. Johnson