Commissioners Meeting Minutes – March 13, 2017

Town of Brookeville
Commissioners Meeting Minutes
March 13, 2017

Present:  Buck Bartley, Sue Daley, and Jeff Johnson
Absent:  none
Quorum present? Yes

Present during all or portions of the meeting:
Town Clerk Cate McDonald, Academy Manager Andrea Scanlon, and Treasurer Susan Johnson.
Town Residents: none
Others: Terri Hogan, Greater Olney News

 Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Commissioner Sue Daley

Open Discussion:

  • Town Resident Suzy Moreau wants to host a party Katherine Farquhar to thank her for her many years of public service to the Town.  She wants to hold the event at her house on Market St.   There was a discussion about parking and how people will walk to her house.  It was unanimously agreed to support this event


  • Upcoming Town Election is May 9th.  There needs to be another Election Supervisor appointed.   Commissioner Bartley will ask Suzy Moreau to volunteer as an Election Supervisor.



CPH: CPH is working on a revision to the North Street plans.  The proposed cut in the road to remove a hump was not acceptable.

A North Street Resident complained about the condition of North Street.  North Street is in pretty good shape compared to prior years.  Commissioner Bartley will review the gravel road conditions later in the spring.




Minutes: February 12, 2017, Commissioners Meeting Minutes were approved.


Financial:  The budget reports were emailed prior to the meeting.

Local Income Tax revenue is down – the Treasurer thinks is should be approximate $75K in revenue before the end of this FY.

31% of the FY 16-17 budget has been spent.   There are still several capital projects that will be starting and paid for before the end of this FY.

The Treasurer will contact the State to inquire why the Town’s Local Income Tax revenue is less than expected.  The Commissioners want her to pull the amount the Town has received for the past 10 years in Local Income Tax for a comparison.




Schoolhouse Update:   

Interior and exterior carpentry and drywall repair are in the bidding process.  After that, the floors will need to be refinished.  Once this work is complete, Maxxon will reinstall the brick ramp way.  Then the Schoolhouse can be painted.

Commissioner Bartley and Property Manager will meet with the Arborist to discussion the proposed tree work at the Schoolhouse lot.

Commissioner Bartley does not want to delay any work to the Schoolhouse but some items, such as tree work, can be delayed until grant money is confirmed.


Academy Update:

2016 was a good year for Academy Rentals

Donna Will – revenue this FY is $3K and could be as high as $4K before the end of the FY.



Municipal Lawyer:  The Town of Laytonsville recommended their longtime lawyer, who is working p/t and about to retire.    A lawyer is needed to review and update the Town Charter and Ordinances.


BPC:  Met with the new owner of the Inn at Brookeville last week and working on updating the Comprehensive Plan.


Event/Marketing position:  the Town Commissioners are interviewing Town Resident Brooke Curly after the meeting for this position.


Heritage Days:  Town Clerk submitted the paperwork for Sunday, June 25th.  Sandy Heiler will conduct the same program as last year at the Academy.


Town Property

Academy Roof:  Academy Manager is soliciting 2 new bids


Academy Lawn:  No word from MHT if they will allow the land to be landscaped.  MHT might require an archaeology survey to be done prior to any work being performed.   If needed, the archaeology survey will be scheduled for October.


Academy Interior:  no updates.  Next on the list is kitchen upgrades, exit lights, and interior painting.


Chairs: will order plaques for the chairs.  The old armchairs have been donated to Our House.  There is a surplus of harmless blue chairs:  some have been given to Town Residents, and there are about 20 more to sell / give away.    There is no need for new round tables; new round tablecloths would improve the look when in use.  Academy Manager will replace some of the old, well-worn rectangle tables.


Streetlights:    Bogan has ordered parts for the lights, but they are back ordered.

Estimate to move the street light by the Schoolhouse: $3,655.  That work can be performed after the grants are approved.



  • Arborist:  the formal report and bill have not been received.
  • The MOU with Heritage Montgomery was signed last month; it still needs to be signed by Heritage Montgomery.   The signed form is missing, and a new copy will be signed.



ByPass:  no new notices regarding the next meeting date.   The anticipated start date is April 24th.


Other Business

  • Perhaps apply for a Heritage Montgomery grant to publish a resource guide to educate Residents about historic preservation.
  • Dennis Bogan, Troop 264, would like to know if the Town has any tasks for Eagle Scout projects.
  • Treasurer will start working on FY 2017-2018 mid- to end of April.  The preliminary budget needs to be ready before the May 22nd Annual Town Meeting.
  • The next Commissioners Meeting is Monday, April 3 – the first Monday of the month.
  • Commissioner Johnson contacted MoCo Dept. of Housing about 309 / 311 Market.   He is trying to contact the inspector in charge of the case.
  • Local Income Tax Overpayments – Local Reserve Account Repayment – Forgiveness was passed by the Senate and has moved into the House, which needs to pass the bill
  •  There have been several complaints about property upkeep within the Town.   Once MoCo comes out for inspection, the Commissioner will determine a strategy about property upkeep.
  • Spring Clean-up:  The Commissioners would like to get the dumpster back but have no date in mind.  The dumpster is estimated to be $500.  The Town Clerk will get rates for door to door pickup.


The meeting adjourned at 8:08 p.m.

Cate McDonald

Town Clerk