August 18, 2014 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

Commissioners Meeting Minutes

Monday August 18, 2014 

7 pm

Present: Katherine Farquhar, Sue Daley, Buck Bartley, Andrea Scanlon, Michael Acierno, Sandy Heiler, Duane Heiler, Diane Teague


Update re recent Town & Principals meetings

    • Todd Greenstone will be delivering cord wood and bales of straw and hay.  Buck will talk to him about removing it all after the events. Locations include Evans driveway and corner of South and Market Streets.
    • Katherine/Diane: will pick up 36 bags of ice for camped re-enactors on Sat morning before the roads close.  They will deliver what is needed and put the rest in freezer truck behind the church. Pick up an additional 18 bags Sunday morning.
    • There is a problem with the Quaker costumes.  Delivery is delayed.
    • There is also a problem with the reservation for a 500 gal water tank. The reservation doesn’t guarantee availability. Buck will call other suppliers possibly get two 200 gal tanks.  Will need truck to pull tank and trailer.
    • There will be two broadcasts from Madison House:  Morning Joe on August 26 and Fox Friday on August 29.  If there are any problems they may need to use the Academy.
    • Horse trailers will be parked on Brighton Dam Rd. Sat. am.
    • Send email/flyer reminder about:
      • Road closures
      • No parking on Market and High Streets
      • Making cars inconspicuous.
      • Parking passes
      • Pre-events activities like arrival of toilets, tents, hay bales and TV crews and town clean-up.
    • Newsletter announcement asking for volunteers for Olney Farmer’s Market table, golf cart drivers and town clean up.
    • Arrange for Academy to be cleaned Saturday night.  Katherine will contact her provider.

Ask cub/boy scouts to begin clean-up Sunday night.

  • Quaker Workshop Weds 7-8:30, Academy – Katherine & co.
  • Town Cleanup:  Saturday August 23, 8:30-11
    • Overhanging branches & other hazards on walkways: Buck will email Kate at SHA to determine if they can trim the branches and clean on the road shoulders where there are heavy objects that pose a hazard.
    • Andrea will get sod planted at Acierno’s where new sidewalk and grading has left exposed earth.
    • WSSC damaged stone wall by Debbie Wagner’s place: Short letter from commissioners will be sent describing damage and asking them to make repairs.  If they refuse then town will contact Mr. Eugene Williams Government Relations Manager for WSSC. (
    • Sidewalks update:  Salem underway;  Miche/Diane corner;  email sent to Renee & Warren re: reimbursement for plants
  • Aug. 30-31 Event (& SETUP ON FRIDAY 29th)
    • Parking Passes – There will be 35 resident passes for each day. Clerk is managing the process.
    • Period attired Help needed at OFM this final Sunday the 24th August.  Will put announcement in newsletter
    • Bicentennial Town Meeting Was Held  (MONDAY AUGUST 11)
    • 10-15 households came; Sandy et al reviewed scenario.
    • FAQ needs to be finalized, sent out
      • Town picnic will be held Sept. 21.



  • Review/approve July minutes
  • Monthly reports: Susan Johnson was not present.
    • Budget: Need additional information. Commission will postpone signing to next meeting
  • Approved $3000 to Salem for food materials Aug.30-31


  • Academy Rental & Maintenance: Reports were reviewed.
  • Town Maintenance Updates
  • Successful Schoolhouse Cleanup: thank you to be sent to Boy Scouts
    • Neal Leary & road maintenance contract: In process on North, South and Water Streets.
    • Landscaping on The Hill (down from Madison House)
      • Proposal from Friis Landscaper was mentioned but it was determined not to be needed.
      • Brookeville Bypass: August 5, SHA Meeting was attended by Debbie Wagner who reported the following:

The bypass construction is funded and the alignment is set. The county has agreed to maintain the “old” (present) Georgia Avenue/High St and west end of Market St through town.  There is a Memorandum of Agreement with the Maryland Historical Trust now. SHA will erect signs explaining the importance of Newlin Mill and the Oakley Cabin trail.  Probably we’ve all seen the surveyor trucks which have been here most every day. They realized that there was another stream in the Reddy Branch system (there are three that come together to make Reddy Branch as it is in town) which was close to the bypass route. This was previously known, and 1200’ was included in the Army Corps permit which expired a few years ago, so renewal of the permit with stream impact is expected.  There was discussion of the feasibility of moving the stream, or of pipe, since the alignment cannot be changed without impacting two houses and a steep slope. The stream morphology studies on the east side of the bypass have begun, and the west will be started soon.  A new attendee was from the county parks department. She reminded SHA that a park permit is required since the entire project is on park land.  There was discussion about whether a roundabout is actually needed at the south end of the bypass. Some folks thought it would be feasible to not have the roundabout, the traffic flow from Olney going onto the bypass, and a spur with a stop sign into town.

The last discussion was road surface. When the other aspects of road design and engineering are done, another new attendee does a cost analysis since the paving cost is expected to exceed $3M. Concrete is more expensive initially, but lasts longer than asphalt.


Other Business:

  • Market Street Neighbors meeting:  5-7 participants concerned about adverse effects of sidewalk work. Remedies include:
  • Stop sidewalk work for now except Acierno & Booz
  • Late Fall/Winter – consider future of Brookeville.
  • Align Commissiors Priorities and Town priorities/needs.
  • Post-Bicentennial Town Celebration:
    • Sept. 21, 4 PM
    • Have Town Directory by that date.


Open discussion


Adjourn: 9:45 pm


Respectfully submitted by: Diane Teague