November 14, 2005 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

 November 14, 2005

Present:  President Richard Allan, Commissioner Robert Heritage, Commissioner Michael Acierno, Clerk Diane Allan, Terri Hogan, Gazette Newspaper

Minutes:  Following a review of the October Minutes, the Minutes were accepted as presented.

Financial Report:  Commissioner Allan reported that he had completed his section of the Management Discussion and Analysis portion of the Fiscal Year Financial Report.  He had previously met with Joe McCathren of Linton, Shafer, Warfield & Garrett, P.A., the Town’s auditor, to clarify a number of questions prior to completing the MDA.

Reports and Updates:  
Schoolhouse:  Commissioner Allan reported on the progress of finalizing the front sign for the Brookeville Schoolhouse.  Signs by Tomorrow suggested it be made of a heavier grade of aluminum than the previous one that was temporary.  Commissioner Allan noted that the Town should try to find a metalworker to repair the decorative iron frame for the sign before the new sign could be re-erected.  Commissioner Heritage suggested a firm on Rt. 144 that he was familiar with.  He will look into it.  Commissioner Heritage also asked whether a blackboard should be acquired for the school.  Commissioner Allan indicated that a blackboard would be a good addition to the schoolhouse and also reported that the light fixture given to the Town by contractor Walter Blank could not be used in the schoolhouse; but Jaffe Electric had installed all the other fixtures the Town had procured.  Commissioner Allan noted that there is dampness underneath the schoolhouse flooring that will need to be dealt with.  Mr. Blank has suggested a foundation drainage system using perforated pipe along the North St. side of the building.  Commissioner Heritage suggested sloping the land away from the schoolhouse as well and that perhaps Buck Bartley would do that job.  Commissioner Heritage made the point that since vehicular traffic is cutting the corner at the schoolhouse very closely, perhaps a pole or bollard could be installed at the corner.  Commissioner Heritage asked what the slope was on the west side of the property.  Commissioners Allan and Acierno believed that the slope was relatively flat but also should be looked at and reshaped as necessary away from the foundation.

Church/Town Water Runoff:  The Executive Director of the Low Impact Development Institute who was brought in by Citergy LLC as a consultant to assess the storm water runoff problem from the church property that has been affecting the Steph and Hannah Kerr residence concluded that the development of a single rain garden would not be sufficient to take care of all the runoff. He said that there was far too much water involved.  He suggested the possible redesign of the church parking lot with pervious pavers, rain gardens and landscaping; in addition, the possible regrading of existing berms might mitigate the problem.  Citergy LLC, a consulting company, is providing pro bono assistance to the town on this matter.

Website:  Commissioner Allan noted that the wrong date for President Madison’s visit to Brookeville during the War of 1812 is on the website and needs to be corrected.  The correct date is August 26 and not the 24th.  Other changes were recommended to make the website more interesting and user friendly.

BA Painting:  Commissioner Allan reported that Marco Regulado of Colors Inc. has finished the painting of the Academy’s exterior trim and has corrected the mildew problem on the new addition.  He also cleaned the gutters of leaves.    The Treasurer was directed to provide a check for the final amount due on the contract to the company.

Street Lights:  Commissioner Allan reported that he had contacted the Brookeville Planning Commission about the Commissioners’ preference for using the street light types currently used by the Town of New Market for the North Street subdivision.  The BPC suggested that copper be placed on the top of the proposed lights rather than the current glass to reduce upward light “pollution.”   The Town Commissioners took no exception to that recommendation and will so notify the BPC Chair.

Snow Removal:  The Town has received a proposal from Todd Greenstone about snow plowing for the Town of Brookeville for the coming winter season.  Commissioner Allan noted that Greenstone specified in the contract plowing when the snowfall accumulated at 2 inches.  The Commissioners all agreed that plowing should take place when 4 inches of snow has fallen rather than 2 inches.  They also wanted it noted in the contract that special care should be taken by the contractor on North, South, and Water Streets to avoid too aggressive plowing that removes too much gravel.

Action on Proposed Resolution Regarding the Montgomery County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan:  Commissioner Allan reported that the County has requested that the Town consider adopting a resolution agreeing to adopt the County’s proposal for disaster mitigation during emergencies, terrorist attacks, etc..  Municipalities with planning and land use authority must adopt the County’s plan.  Commissioner Allan asked for a motion to adopt the proposed resolution..  The County had also requested notification by the Town of any critical infrastructure like roads or bridges that sometimes flood.  The commissioners agreed that the Brookeville Road/Reddy Branch/Rt. 97 intersection should be reported as well as the mention of the proposed Brookeville Bypass as critical infrastructure that is needed to mitigate traffic bottlenecks during any Rt. 97 evacuations.   Resolution #1-11.14.05 was enacted following Commissioner Acierno’s motion to accept and Commissioner Heritage’s second.  Commissioner Allan noted to the Clerk that the Forest Conservation Ordinance needed a correct designation.

Community Bulletin Board:  The Clerk suggested erecting a community bulletin or message board to post notices and updates for residents.  The Commissioners agreed that this was a good idea and wanted to evaluate options as to types of boards and possible placement for the next meeting.

Historic Preservation Grant Application:  A new round of Historic Preservation Commission grants has been opened up for the 2006 cycle.  This resulted when the HPC decided that there were an insufficient number of approvable applicants in the first round.  Commissioner Allan indicated he would submit a grant application for a plan to “restore” the Richard Thomas Mill grounds on the east side of town.  Such a project would include identifying foundations, cleaning up the existing millrace, erecting an interpretive sign, etc. Commissioner Allan thought that the proposal should include developing a working collaboration with WSSC and the County Park program and the Reddy Branch Stream Valley Park in particular.

Wells/Rotter Properties:  Commissioner Allan will explore with the MML staff best practices for mitigating nuisances on private property.  Commissioner Heritage has been taking pictures to document the problem of abandoned vehicles and debris at the Wells property.  At the Rotter property, one or more of old storage sheds appears to be in danger of collapsing.  Commissioners Acierno and Heritage suggested that obtaining an agreement from Mr. Rotter and then perhaps contracting to have the structures and the junk inside removed might be the best approach.  Commissioner Heritage suggested a Demolition by Neglect Order might be considered.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by

Diane Burr Allan