July 13, 2009 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

July 13, 2009
8:00 p.m.

Commissioner Robert Heritage, Commissioner Katherine Farquhar, Town Clerk Cate McDonald. Present during all or portions of the meeting were Academy Manager Andrea Scanlon, Treasurer Susan Johnson, Rev. Sue Shorb-Sterling, Gazette Reporter Terri Hogan, Jack Giacalone, Donna Will, Amy Fasting. Commissioner President Michael Acierno was away

Minutes: The June 2009 Commissioners Meeting Minutes were approved.

Knights of Columbus: Jack Giacalone, Navigator for the Assembly, would like to do Flag Ceremony for the Aug 23rd picnic. Commissioners thanked him for offering to perform the Flag Ceremony but since the Town picnic will be a low key affair this year with no Bicentennials to celebrate, the Town would not like to have the Flag Ceremony this year.

Donna Will: gave report on Heritage Days at the Schoolhouse: about 80 people came to the Schoolhouse, had lots of people doing various outside activities (whittling, rolling hoops, yoke and basket). Mrs. Will wants a contract for teas at the Academy but cannot afford the offered rate of $125 per tea when she does not make a lot of money on the teas and especially when Woodlawn Manor is offering her $12.50 per hour but she would like to be at the Academy for her teas. She wants to rent the Schoolhouse for her school program but would need a port a potty as a minimum facility. The Commissioners decided to hold an Executive Session regarding contracts for Donna Will.

MDCASE: Amy Fusting, a lobbyist for Maryland Citizens Against State Executions, came to alert us that Senator Rona Kramer (D-14) voted against the repel of the death penalty in Maryland. Ms. Fusting is visiting all local governments in Sen. Kramer’s district so all citizen are aware of her voting record.

Academy Update: Rentals up this month mostly by residents. Fewer inquiries from groups/organizations then there were last year.

No new maintenance planned.

Various ideas about ways to attract new business discussed: theknow.com; HOA meetings; hosting Olney Chamber of Commerce BizBuzz; have a table at October Community Night at Longwood showcasing the Academy.

Clyde Unglesbee Memorial: SUMC still discussing various ways to honor Clyde, but memorial tree plaques is currently not being considered. Commissioner will discuss ways to honor Clyde with Anna.

Schoolhouse: Richard Brand of the Maryland Historic Trust opinion of the Schoolhouse is the building needs galvanized aluminum half round gutters and full round downspouts sized for the roof. After the gutters are installed and the walls are dry, loose paint would need to be scraped off to bare wood, treated with a preservative sealant and then recoat with primer and paint.

Will try and get funding from Project Open Space grant.

August Picnic: August 23rd picnic will be a low key affair compared to last year’s Bicentennial Celebration Picnic. Picnic will be 4:00p.m. – 7:00p.m. with music from 4:00p.m. – 6:00p.m. The Town will budget for hot dogs, watermelon, water, music, tables and tent. Town Residents will be asked to bring a side dish to share.

309 & 311 Market St: Commissioners Acierno, Heritage, and Farquhar will not attend tomorrow’s scheduled hearing on the status of 309 Market St.

National Night Out: The Town will donate a rental at the Brookeville Academy for the August 4th raffle benefiting National Night Out (evening of police awareness and crime prevention in the Olney Town Center)

August Commissioners Meeting: The August 10th Commissioner Meeting has been canceled; next scheduled meeting will be September 14th.

Financial: The June financial report was discussed but not reviewed.

The meeting adjourned at 9:45 p.m.

Cate McDonald
Town Clerk