June 11, 2012 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

Commissioner President Michael Acierno, Commissioner Sue Daley, Commissioner Katherine Farquhar (via Skype), Town Clerk Cate McDonald, Academy Manager Andrea Scanlon and Treasurer Susan Johnson.  Present during all or portions of the meeting were Gazette Reporter Terri Hogan and Bob Sheehan.

Selection of President of Commissioners:  Michael Acierno was unanimously voted in as President of the Commissioners.   

Minutes: The May Commissioners Meeting Minutes and Annual Meeting Minutes were approved.

Financial:  the Financial Report was emailed.  The Town Budget will be signed at the July Commissioners Meeting.

Inn at Brookeville:  Bob Sheehan, owner of the Inn at Brookeville Farms, came to the Commissioners to see seek preliminary interest / input regarding a hotel he would like to build on his 5 acre property that is located within the Town’s boundaries.  He envisions a “boutique” inn, similar to the Inn at Perry Cabin and about 20-30 rooms.  Mr. Sheehan stated he loses wedding business because there are no hotels in the immediate area.  Also, he stated the Town could benefit from a hotel by passing a hotel tax.  Commissioner President Acierno said the Town Commissioners have no immediate objections but plans would need to be submitted to the BPC and HPC and he would need to inquire if development would need a waiver from MoCo regarding the Bypass.   Mr. Sheehan said he was still in the preliminary phase and needed a more detailed business plan and design and he has talked to HPC and they seemed to like the project.

Academy Report:  the Academy had its annual fire alarm inspection and will need to replace a few sprinkler gauges.    Karen will not hold any yoga classes this summer but plans to be back this fall.

Commissioner Farquhar said  the American Legion is interested in holding their meetings again at the Brookeville Academy and ask the Academy Manager to contact them to work out the details.

Email via Town listserv: the Town’s email listserv to Town Residents will be used only for important announcements (ie – weather updates, newsletter, etc).  All other request for information to be distributed to Residents will be included in the next issue of the Brookeville Times.

SUMC:  The Church planted 3 Red Bud Trees on May 15th.   The Commissioners approved a Thank You letter to be sent.

Pepco and tree:  Commissioner President Acierno walked with the BPC to select locations for the 33 trees that Pepco will take down, which are along the WSSC property line and along North St.  According to Commissioner President Acierno and the Academy Manager, all of the trees that are to be taken down are from Town property and not from any private property.

Landscaping:  Treasurer Susan Johnson hired a landscaper to do some work on Town property that fronts the Scanlon’s and Heiler’s property.  The landscaper is asking for more money than was agreed to clean, mulch the hill and the area that curves around towards the Scanlon’s property.    The price was $140 to clean and mulch the hill and $40 a month to maintain the area until the end of the season.  He now wants $340 for the rest of cleaning.  The landscaper is Susan Johnson’s friend’s son.

Tree Removal at North and Market:   a tree that is on Town property at 209 Market needs to be removed with a permit being submitted to HPC.

Website:  Commissioner President requested that the Town e-mail be added to the front page of the website

Van Gelder permit:  Commissioner Daley signed the Town permit for the garage that the Van Gelders will be rebuilding.

FEMA:  Commissioner President Acierno is working on the forms that will allow the Town to seek reimbursement from FEMA in case there is a need.

Open Discussion: Commissioner Farquhar will be out of Town for the July 9th Commissioners Meeting.  The time of the meeting was changed to 6:00pm to allow Commissioner Farquhar to Skype.

The meeting adjourned at 9:30p.m.

Cate McDonald