June 11, 2007 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

June 11, 2007

Present:  Commissioner Michael Acierno, Commissioner Robert Heritage, Commissioner Katherine Farquhar, Clerk Paul Geib, Gazette Reporter Terri Hogan.

Minutes:   The April and May 2007 Commissioners Meeting minutes and the May 2007 Town Meeting minutes were approved.

Financial Report:  The financial report was reviewed

Welcome to New Commissioner Farquhar: Commissioners Acierno and Heritage welcomed Commissioner Farquhar to the body.  Commissioner Acierno asked the Clerk to provide Commissioner Farquhar with keys to the Academy and fire protection information, including putting her name on the Accutech call list.  Clerk Geib scheduled a time to brief Commissioner Farquhar on the town building’s features and contracts.  Commissioner Acierno asked the Treasurer to update credit card, checking account and other banking information.

Review of SHA Sidewalk Proposal:  The Commissioners reviewed the State Highway Administration High Street Design proposal.

Meeting With Town Residents:  The Commissioner suspended other business temporarily to meet with interested Town residents regarding the SHA sideway design proposal.  The Commissioners briefed the residents in attendance. A number of High Street residents had concerns regarding the design and the Commissioner stated that they would take SHA’s offer to meet with each individual resident potentially impacted by the project.  Commissioner Acierno stated that he would call the SHA project engineer to request dates to hold the meetings.

Following the meeting with the residents, the Commissioners reconvened in the Town office to conduct the remaining business on the agenda.

Greenskeeper Contract:  The Commissioners discussed the need to examine the scope of the Greenskeeper Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance, Inc. contract with the Town, in view that certain parts of the requirement have changed.  East Coast Lawns, Inc., for instance has taken over the grass cutting on Water Street and on East Market Street from the WSSC property to the entrance sign.  It was decided to walk the Town and examine the requirements of the Town in relation to the contract to determine what needs and specifications have changed and whether the contract budget should be adjusted.  Greenskeeper is our major contractor.

Town Directory:  The Commissioners discussed the need for a Town Directory and decided having one was a good idea.  Commissioner Farquhar offered to take the lead on developing one and will work with Clerk Geib in gathering the data.

Montgomery County Program Open Space:  Commissioner Acierno stated that the Town still has $8412 available from the Open Space account.  He suggested applying to the program for use of the funds to pay part of the Powers Woods Project phase one.  The Commissioners voted to apply for the use of the funds in that manner.

FY 2007-2008 Budget: The Commissioners asked Treasurer Johnson to finalize the FY 2007- 2008 income and expenses to have the budget ready for signatures by June 30, 2007.

Academy Rentals:  Brookeville Academy Manager Geib provided the Commissioners with a list of Academy rentals for the last quarter of the year.  The Academy was rented three times over two weekends in May and two weekends in June following a slow April.  One long-term weekday rental is pending.

Academy Fire Alarm System Upgrades:  The Academy Manager mentioned that the three photo electric smoke detectors in the downstairs hallway and back stairwell were replaced by ionization detectors.  This was done in consultation with the Siemens Fire Technologies technician following another false alarm.  They thought that the photoelectric detectors may be too sensitive to dust particles that might accumulate during long periods of inactivity in the building.  The Commissioners reviewed  the Siemens proposal to totally upgrade the system and decided not to take any action on the proposal at this time.  They asked the Clerk to inform Siemens of this action.

Records of the Town of Brookeville:  The Clerk informed that Commissioners that he was contacted by a Veterinarian in Collinsville, Virginia, who has a number of boxes regarding the Town.  The Vet is a nephew of Mr. Boswell, a former Brookeville Postmaster.  Collinsville is near Clerk Geib’s house in Virginia and he will retrieve the records about the Fourth of July week.

Meeting Adjourned at 10:00p.m.

Respectfully Submitted by:

Paul R. Geib, Jr.