October 13, 2014 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

Town of Brookeville

Commissioners Meeting Minutes

Monday October 13, 2014   

7 PM


Present: Katherine Farquhar, Sue Daley, Buck Bartley, Diane Teague, Barbara Ray


  • Accounting underway – we will know by November meeting what Town paid
  • $3000 has been paid to Salem for food service, use of facilities, etc.
  • Thank you certificates: Certificates are being prepared for SUMC and the Inn at Brookeville Farms. The one for Royer needs to be redone. Certificate for Our House is ready to be delivered.
  • Sandy is filing final grant reports
  • On October 11 a reception was given for the volunteers and supporters at the Heiler’s in appreciation for their efforts during the bicentennial celebrations.
  • Disposition of Bicentennial Coins: The decision of how to dispose of the coins will be left up to the Bicentennial Commission.


  • September minutes approved with corrections. Copies of original and corrected minutes to be on file in the town office.
  • Budget: K. Farquhar will ask Susan for printouts before hand. The budget is balanced with $50,000 carry over from previous year.  Reserves were $511,000 on June 1 2013 and $397,000 on October 13, 2014.  Estimated revenues from sales during events are $175,000.  An additional $60,000 is expected in grant payments.  All bills for events haven’t been received.
  • KWF working on the MDA report: Official cover required by state that covers annual budget.
  • Town Properties:
    • Academy Rental & Maintenance:
      • Revenues and Expenses:
        • The Academy costs approximately $10,000 annually to operate and maintain.
        • Upcoming capital expenses: $25,000 for new roof
        • Revenues aren’t sufficient to cover expenses.
        • Review Academy’s purposes and marketability.
          • Upgrades needed for modern purposes
        • Academy Exterior Light: Dennis Bogan contacted.
        • New propane tank installed. Old one will be removed when it is empty.
        • Inquiry about pesticides/herbicides used on grounds will be done at a later date.  No pesticides will be applied until Spring.
      • School House:
        • There aren’t any revenues. Site issues are creating water and moisture problems that are causing damage. There are no vents and the floor is buckling.
        • Buck will get estimate for re-grading from Todd Greenstone.
        • Need new glass door knob with lock with 1920’s appearance.
        • Relocation:
          • It may be possible to move the building to the Academy grounds banked to include a basement.
          • Grant money may be available for the relocation.
  • Town Maintenance:
    • Leaf removal:
      • Buck will call Todd Greenstone for estimate.
      • Academy: get separate estimate for blowing leaves from yard.
      • The town will arrange for leaf pick up once on the weekend before Thanksgiving, Nov 22-23.
      • Bartley Construction contract: Contract has been amended and will be sent.
      • Light across from Wagner’s at the end of Scanlon property: request it to be taken out. Creates hazard when its dark pedestrians can’t see headlights.  Report sent to Pepco. Waiting for reply.
      • North St. street light. Pepco outage report sent.  Repair made.
      • Dennis Bogan Associates contacted to fix town lights that are out.
  • Town Picnic: Event was a success.  Date for next picnic is September 13. 2015.
    • o Holiday Party 2014:  December 6th: prelims: plans & publicity
    • o Gifts/Recognition for Sandy Heiler and Michael Acierno:
      • Contact Katherine Lavoie about appropriate gift for Sandy: $300-500
      • Plaque for Michael: years of service. Revisit at next meeting.


  • Update from 9/16 meeting:  Cancelled.
    • Next Meeting October 21, 10 am Rm. 147 SHA Headquarters. Sue will try attend
  • November SHA Meeting date:  No Date Yet


BROOKEVILLE FUTURE: Two be discussed at a Town Meeting for Kick-off: November 10 at 7:30 pm.

  • Brookeville Next Steps: After the Ribbon-Cutting
    • Set up task force to provide citizen leadership.
    • Members: Get 8 volunteers from the four quadrants of town with a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds with one commissioner and one planning commissioner as ex officio resources.
    • Commitment:
      • Monthly meetings Nov-Jan.
      • Develop and guide one or more learning activities for task force and interested residents such as field trips to similar towns and sites, museums, interviews, seminars etc.
  • Town Conversation held Sept. 22 – agenda & notes: Twenty-five Residents attended; The successful Bicentennial Commemoration was reviewed; implications for Town going forward were considered.  Samples of discussion included:  division of town by busy Rt. 97 was illustrated and talked about;   the impact of “living” in 1814 for two days was felt by all – a simpler, more neighborhood-oriented life; the opportunities and challenges for Brookeville beyond the ByPass were discussed.
  • Need for Follow-up process & steps: Ask Andrea for copies of Brookeville 2000 Comprehensive Plan (1994).
  • INN AT B-VILLE FARMS:   Commissioners & BPC met with Inn @ Brookeville Farms Oct. 6th.  Attorney Michele Rosenfeld and Owner Bob Sheehan there.  They briefed on zoning amendment plans and said they would keep us informed as this moves through approval process.

Other Business:

  • Hearing Resident concerns/ideas – at start of meeting – need for time boundary, advance notice by Resident when feasible.   All are welcome.  Meet in the 2nd floor hall has been recommended and was endorsed.
  • The Matter of the Dirt Bikes: Discussion addressed the fact that this was seen as an issue for local discussion and not at the level to involve law enforcement.  Recommendation to deal with this by discussion with families.
  • Brookeville Times:  Any contributions/needs:

Holiday Party

Town Meeting

2015 town picnic




Open discussion, Good of the Order

Adjourn: 8:54