September 10, 2013 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

Commissioners Meeting September 10, 2013

8:00 pm


Present:  Michael Acierno, Katherine Farquhar, Sue Daley, Susan Johnson, Chris Scanlon, Diane Teague, Terri Hogan

Approve July 2013 Minutes

Budget: Michael will convert excel spreadsheet to word document.  Only changes are lowering of deficit due to 50K to reflect amount set aside to cover grants in case they don’t come in.  Grants are coming in so there is a surplus. Susan will send revised budget for Michael to convert.

Sidewalks: Chris Scanlon representing Brookeville Planning Commission came to voice the Planning Commissioners’ unanimous support for the sidewalk proposal. He emphasized the need to take advantage of the window of opportunity presented by the SHA.  Once the bypass is complete and ownership changes the town won’t be eligible for SHA funding. The PC advises that the Commissioners commit to the sidewalk project and address the concerns of residents. The PC is willing to broker the planning process and act as liaison between the Commissioners, town residents and the SHA. They will help address residents’ concerns about SWM, impact to properties, snow removal etc.

Discussion: Michael Acierno received a letter from Debbie Wagner supporting the sidewalk proposal and believes Debbie’s viewpoint is representative of the majority of town residents. The new plan is considered to be a big improvement over the last one. It minimizes the impact on property owners; replaces trees and shrubs; addresses aesthetics and storm water management issues.  Based on the meeting with SHA representatives it is understood that SHA is willing to go through another round of conceptual design based on feedback before they would expect a commitment. The town is willing to consider providing snow removal from all sidewalks in town. The Commissioners unanimously agree that sidewalks and improvements that make the community safer and more walkable are a long-term benefit to the town and its residents. After the bypass is built the town will have the opportunity to extend the sidewalks all the way through town and introduce further traffic calming measures such as narrowing the road. 

Action items:

•        •Chris will look at the Master Plan’s recommendations for   improving pedestrian access.

•        •Commissioners will draft letter to SHA and commit to move forward with the next phase of the design process then inform residents through email.

•        •Task the PC to address the concerns of residents and property owners in the affected area and make recommendation to Commissioners and SHA.  Commissioners reserve the right to make the final decision if PC has addressed the concerns.

•        •PC will hold workshops as the plans mature to solicit input from residents.



Town Picnic: Good turn out, good food.

Town Maintenance: Postpone road maintenance until spring. Snow, rain and snow removal ruin the work. By winter establish contracts for landscaping and sidewalk repair. 

Landscaping: Schedule regular landscaping maintenance through August 2014.

Sidewalk repair: Schedule for spring. Check with Sandy to see if March is early enough for planned activities.  Get bid from Buck Bartley for concrete and find three contractors to bid on pavers. No leaf pick up this year.

Action items:

•        •          Diane and Andrea will walk sidewalks to establish scope of repair for concrete curbs, and pavers.

•        •          Call Adirondack about sidewalk damage from tree removal.

Academy: Get approval for underground propane tank from Montgomery County instead of swapping out rental. This will happen around end of Oct. Donate academy rental for Our House Gala auction. Phone in academy is dead. Boy Scouts want to do a service project in return for free use of the building. Suggest letting them do the Olney Help donation drive.

Holiday Party: Date – Dec 7th.

Large Item Trash Pick-up: Get pricing for container, bagster, and individual pick-up.

Madison Supper: Town will sponsor a table for $1000.  Michael and Katherine will sponsor a Commissioner’s table.  Town will donate an Academy rental for the auction.

Open Discussion:

Can town paypal account be used for academy rentals? Susan will check.  Concern raised by a resident. The issue is of one resident disparaging the character of another.  Should article in times be used to discourage gossip?  It is determined that the town newsletter isn’t place to tell people what to say or do.  The newsletter can be used to highlight positive contributions made by residents.  Susan had problems with new account opened when funds had to be moved after exceeding $250,000.00. Town shouldn’t be subject to $250,000.00 limit.  Grant money expenditures: Contract for event planners will be signed soon.  Waiting for corrections to contract.


Adjourn: 9:25 pm


Respectfully submitted by:

Diane Teague