March 12, 2012 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

Town of Brookeville Commissioners Meeting Minutes
March 12, 2012

Commissioner President Michael Acierno, Commissioner Sue Daley, Commissioner Katherine Farquhar, Town Clerk Cate McDonald, Academy Manager Andrea Scanlon and Treasurer Susan Johnson.  Present during all or portions of the meeting was Gazette Reporter Terri Hogan. 

Minutes: The February Commissioners Meeting Minutes were approved.

Financial:  the Financial Report was emailed prior to the meeting.  

Academy Update:  rentals doing well.  Received request for donation from Olney Chamber of Commerce for their scholarship program to high school seniors in the greater Olney area – Commissioners authorize a $250 donation.  Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts want to do a Service Project in exchange for using the Academy free of charge.   The Commissioners decide that cleaning up and mulching around the Schoolhouse would be an appropriate project.   The Town will order 30 bags of mulch and plan on Clean Up Day April 21.  One of the service projects proposed was having the Cub Scouts hang the Town’s flag but it is too risky to have young children along High and Market Sts.   The Commissioners will ask for a Town volunteer to hang the flags and the Treasurer will order commemorative War of 1812 flags. MEA grant:  received 2 bids out of 17 companies contacted; both bids are similar in price.  Academy Manager will proceed with the project and then submit the paperwork to the MEA for reimbursement.  The work will be done the end of April – early May.

Schoolhouse:  the Schoolhouse needs to be painted.  Commissioners authorized to get bid and to have the work completed before Heritage Days.

Heritage Days:  the Town plans on having the Schoolhouse open on Saturday, June 23rd.   Waiting for Donna Will to confirm her appearance as Marm.

Parking:  The Commissioners reviewed and signed a letter to be mailed to the Market St. Resident who park along Water Street.

Amphitheatre and Fire:  Commissioner President Acierno went back and reviewed the Town’s original intent for the amphitheater on North Street and concluded at no time was there to be a fire pit; the area was to be used as an outdoor amphitheater to compliment the Schoolhouse.    The Commissioners enacted an ordinance to ban all recreational fires in that area.  A sign will be ordered and installed.

There was discussion of a new parking sign for the Academy that would be more permanent to be installed at the corner of Church and High Sts.  Commissioner Daley will bring this up at the next SUMC Trustee meeting.

Commissioner Farquhar stated a post with chains needs to be installed at the Schoolhouse parking lot to keep wayward drivers from driving over the edge.

North St. – Water St. walking path:  another car drove from North St to Water St.  The Town Clerk contacted Neil Leary about erecting a natural stone barrier to prevent cars from driving along the path.  Neil Leary said it could easily be done but would be more cost effective waiting until the heavy machinery was doing the gravel road maintenance.

LGIT Hazard Evaluation Survey:  The Commissioners reviewed the recent hazard evaluations.

Open Discussion:
1814 update:  Sandy Heiler has a meeting with State Senator Rich Madaleno this week.

Angel:  Pogo has not picked up the Angel yet for refurbishment.  Town Clerk will call and get an estimated date.

The meeting adjourned at 9:20p.m.
Cate McDonald