January 9, 2012 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

Town of Brookeville Commissioners Meeting Minutes
January 9, 2012

8:00pm Commissioner President Michael Acierno, Commissioner Sue Daley, Commissioner Katherine Farquhar, Town Clerk Cate McDonald,Treasurer Susan Johnson and Academy Manager Andrea Scanlon.  Present during all or portions of the meeting were Town Resident Debbie Wagner and Gazette Reporter Terri Hogan. 

Minutes: The December Commissioners Meeting Minutes were approved.

Financial:  the Financial Report was emailed prior to the meeting.  Follow up to last month’s concerns: 1) LGIT bill amount should have been recorded as the auditor’s bill and 2) the amount of money in our checking account – Treasurer will transfer $100K into another Sandy Springs bank account to keep all accounts under the FDIC insurance limit.  

Academy Update:  A few more rentals on the books.  Yoga instructor will add a Saturday class, bringing the total to 4 classes a week.  Academy phone line finally fixed.  Academy parking sign is missing and the Commissioners authorized a new sign to be purchased.

Town Borders:  when Pepco was trimming trees by the WSSC lot, there was a concern that the Town’s municipal boundaries are not the same as MoCo, the State, and the Town Charter.  The Commissioners authorized up to $1000 for the BPC’s consultant to research the boundaries. 

MML Legislative Dinner: Commissioners Acierno and Farquhar attended and reported the focus was trying to funnel money from the State to municipalities.

Leary Contract: Leary presented the Town with a contract for gravel road work while the Town Clerk was away.  He contacted Treasurer Susan Johnson who signed the contract worth $1920.  The contract included raking North, South, and Water Sts, clearing the street gutters.   Since road work is done in the spring / summer time and not included in the budget, the Town has overspent its budgeted amount for road work.

Corporations are not People: Resident Debbie Wagner requests the Town consider a motion that “corporations are not people”.  Commissioner Farquhar suggested this is a topic to be discussed at the Annual Town Meeting to get the general consensus of Town Residents.

Commissioners agreed to set the Annual Town Meeting for May 14, 2012 at 7:30pm.

Power lines:  there are remnants of dangling power lines at the corner of North and Market Sts.  Pepco will be asked to fix the situation.

Open Discussion:There have been several complaints about dogs being lose and roaming around Town and owners not cleaning up after their pets. In the next newsletter there will be a reminder about the MoCo laws concerning pets.  If the problem still persists, the Commissioners will send a letter to the Town Residents with the problematic pets.

The Town sent our intent to apply to Heritage Montgomery for the 2012 grant cycle.

Commissioner Farquhar will be unavailable for the February 13th Commissioner Meeting.  The meeting has been rescheduled to Wednesday, February 22.

The meeting adjourned at 9:30p.m.
Cate McDonald