October 3, 2011 Commissioners Meeting Minutes

October 3, 2011

Commissioner President Michael Acierno, Commissioner Sue Daley, Town Clerk Cate McDonald, Treasurer Susan Johnson, and Academy Manager Andrea Scanlon. Commissioner Katherine Farquhar was away. Present during all or portions of the meeting were Sandy Heiler and Peggy Erickson.

Heritage Montgomery:  Peggy Erickson, Executive Director of Heritage Montgomery, discussed grant opportunities for the 2014 events.  She advised that Heritage Montgomery will add the Brookeville Academy and the Schoolhouse to the SHA signs coming from the ICC since they are part of the Quaker Cluster. The State has a $15M grant pot (both Capital and non-Capital) with deadline for submissions approaching. Commissioner President Acierno advised the Town is working on a grant proposal and will submit it prior to the deadline in November.  Ms. Erickson advised grants from Heritage Montgomery need to be tourism related.

Minutes: The September Commissioners Meeting Minutes were approved.

Financial:  the Financial Report was emailed prior to the meeting.  Susan Johnson advised that the Town’s CD is up for renewal at Sandy Spring bank but thinks we should move to another financial institution instead of rolling it over.

Academy Update:   Academy Manager advised that the best location for the underground propane tank is downhill and that she will contact Maryland Historic Trust to see if a permit is needed since there is an historic easement.

She is working on quotes for the Academy MEA grant.

Brookeville Bypass Smart Growth Meeting:  Commissioners Acierno and Daley attended the Sept. meeting in Baltimore and all went well.   Commissioner Farquhar plans on attending the meeting on Oct. 12th.

309 & 311 Market: Commissioner President Acierno will attend the next hearing.

Eastern Market St:  repairs have been completed.

EPA award:  Commissioner President Acierno will contact the EPA and see if they can attend the Nov meeting to present the award for the EPA Green Power Community with the highest participation rate in the nation.

Open Discussion:  none

The meeting adjourned at 9:20p.m.

Cate McDonald